Friday Favourites: Weekend Edition

Since I haven’t posted a “favourites” post in over a month, you should grab a glass of wine, your credit card, and a cozy blanket. This is a humdinger.

Favourite Hair Product

Lush Solid Shampoo in Karma Komba 


I’ve been using Lush shampoo bars for the last 6 months now and don’t plan on switching it up anytime soon. They last forever, require a small rub for the biggest lather, and they smell amazing in the tin and on your hair. This one contains patchouli oil, pine and lemongrass oil (among others) and the Karma fragrance is heavenly. All their shampoo bars leave my hair feeling really clean and soft so unless you hate clean and fragrant hair you have no excuse because they come in like, 20 different scents.

Favourite Skincare Product

L’Occitane Weekend en Provence Almond Discovery Set 


I got this little set in my stocking for Christmas and was thrilled because my almond supple skin oil was half empty (half empty is enough to give me anxiety). The set contains Almond Shower Oil (which is heavenly in the shower), Almond Milk Concentrate (body lotion for post shower), and Almond Delicious Hands (perfect for a luxurious travel lotion). The smell is divine, definitely something to try if you’re looking for a trial pampering session.

Favourite Scent

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom 


I know I’ve mentioned it before but honest to sh*t this smell is one of the softest, elegant, musky and sweet scents I’ve ever worn. Mimosa, spiced cardamom, tonka and sandalwood, powdery heliotrope (which is so intense with each spray) and Damask rose. I cannot emphasize how cozy and dignified this particular scent is. Jo Malone is a scientist. I was gifted it for Christmas and a day hasn’t gone by since I’ve worn it.

Favorite Gift 

Diptyque Holiday Coloured Glass Trio


I not so subtly hinted to my sister all November long that I would drop to the floor in a dramatic and hugely fraudulent fainting spell if I didn’t welcome this set into my life. She shut me up. This limited edition Diptyque candle trio gives Diptyque cult followers life. Me. It gives me life. The set includes Sapin (pine tree scent with mingling notes of mandarin orange), Liquidamber (amber from a tree with red leaves, mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg and muscovado sugar – which I honestly know nothing about but love), Oliban (woodsy and sweet). I’ll be melting these (I have a handy little candle warmer because there’s no way I’m even remotely comfortable burning 80 dollar candles) all year long. I usually save my muskier and woodsier candles for rainy and overcast days when I’m settled indoors with my pyjamas. The rest are for warmer sunnier days when I’m settled indoors with my pyjamas. (Just keeping it real).

Favourite Wardrobe Item

Wildfox Let’s Stay Home Sweater 


I was eyeing this cozy sweater since the day it was introduced but it fell off the radar somehow (the shame). How thrilled was I to find it under the tree this year? Thrilled AF. (Sorry) It’s deliciously cozy, easy to style with a pair of jeans or a skirt and can be thrown over pretty much any set of pyjamas for the utmost at-home comfort. And the saying speaks for itself. If people came with a tagline, this would be mine.

Favourite Wishlist Purchase

Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals


The Christmas sprites picked me this season and it’s not because I’m their most vocal spokesperson – it’s because I’ve been long-thirsting for these heels right here. I would search my favourite online haunts and never make it to “purchase” because my size was almost always disappointingly sold out. Until now bitches. That last size 37.5 is mine. All mine. Bless you Forward by Elyse Walker. May you always be blessed with abundant stock. The open toe suede fringe, the delicate straps, the 4″ yet comfortable heel. Nothing short of perfection. I’ve never been so pleased with giving away my money. (PS: They’re in limited stock at most online boutiques right now – you’re welcome).

Favorite Pastime



I’m fully aware that this is a so-called trend these days but I’m been going HAM with colouring since 83. Fine, I just recently picked it up again but it’s always been within me yearning to come out and show ya’ll what fine tipped markers were made for. I picked this gem up at Chapters Indigo (along with The Time Chamber by Daria Song). I try and sneak in some colouring time during my hours allocated to TV each evening, also I find that when I colour during the Hawks games I’m less likely to jump up from the couch threatening bodily harm to the opposing team when something goes awry.

Favorite Makeup Product

Anastasia Illuminator in Starlight


I kept forgetting that Macy’s carried Anastasia’s full makeup line (most of the time) so this time there was no way I was going to walk past without stopping in to check for her insanely popular highlighters. I chose this shade (an iridescent white gold) because, let’s be honest – I have pretty much every other shade possible. This was a little brighter than the rest, a little more YouTube guru, and a lot more Khloe Kardashian – AKA – this glow is not from within (even though the site boasts that it’s meant to give off that result). I’m going to do a full review but I will say for now that this shade is nice for adding a real sheen, like full on glamazon glow. You can be heavy handed (like me without natural light during application) or go easy with a fan brush (to add a bit of radiance). 

Favourite Treat

Soft Peaks Ice Cream


I know it’s the dead of Winter but I rarely get a chance to indulge in Soft Peaks ice cream. Although, I can hardly call it indulging since it’s organic, all natural, low in fat and calories, with just a tiny little smudge of sweetness. When I dive face first into their churning tub – that’s when we can call it indulging.

Happy Weekend



Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Favorite Purchase

Along with the rest of the fashion obsessed world – I’m in love with the mini bag. The nano. The tiny tote. Whatever. I want to pinch it’s leathery cheeks and kiss it’s little handles. I recently added to this collection of little midget bags with a Balenciaga Giant 12 Red Mini City bag. Or Lil Red, as I like to call it. Hand stitched handles, a removable strap, top zip closure with gold metal hardware. This is my favorite style Balenciaga handbag – the leather is durable and insanely soft but it still retains its shape because of the firm outer frame. And it’s red. I didn’t match it to the season whatsoever.


Favorite Product

I recently went browsing for a good leave – in conditioner type styling product. Sideways rain, misty rain, fat droplets of rain…neither are welcome but they invite themselves up anyway. The girls @ Obadiah Salon in Bellevue have instilled in me, a love for Oribe’. This leave-in conditioner is luxe (for the price and the brand – I’d expect nothing less). It’s light and moisturizing yet dissolves quickly – almost like a serum. I find that creams feel a little heavier but this stuff is airy and smooth. It really tamed my dry curls and although I’m a little stingy on the application, a little is all you need to make it happen. The added heat protection, and glossy shine is awesome so I can now justify the price. I went with the smaller tube as a trial but will definitely upgrade to a larger size now that I know the benefits are legit.


Favorite Scent

Jo Malone’s Mimosa & Cardamom is a little cloud of mimosa, spicy, warm cardamom, sandalwood, and Damask rose. Really, there’s not one Jo Malone fragrance that I have turned away from, so I’m not surprised at my love affair with this new scent. It actually reminds me of talcum powder, it’s a soft scent – perfect for the winter months.


Favorite Read

The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson – this book actually left me perplexed but it didn’t keep me from putting it down. It follows the parallel life of a young Denver woman in 1960’s who co-owns a bookshop with her girlfriend. While she’s a simple, single, independent girl in one life, she’s a glam housewife in the other – caring for her husband and triplets. It goes back and forth between each world until she comes to a realization as to which world she actually inhabits. It infiltrated my sleep so it will yours.


Favorite Photo

Anyone who has a relationship with their bed linens can appreciate this photo by Alyssa Monks. Paintings to be exact. The perfect rumple, the creases in fresh linen, silly sheets and a light, fluffy down duvet. zzzzz.


Favorite Look

My style muse Maja Wyh is yet to fail me. Even the most ridiculous looking pieces look perfectly paired on this little sprite. Full fauxs, layers, and a Kate Moss/Jagger edge.

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Here are the links to the products/purchases:



Jo Malone

Happy Weekend


Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

I’ve been good lately but I had to share my weak moments, it’s a step by step process that I don’t see me accomplishing in the near future – but at least I can admit it.

I’ve compiled my favourites from the past few weeks…

Favourite Beauty Purchase

Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlighter 


I was finally able to secure this lusted after highlighter. You’d think it was sealed into it’s pan with Channing Tatum’s saliva or something. I mean, I’m not going to act coy – this sh*t seriously lives up to the boy band level hype. Ahhh Jaclyn I’d die for you! OMG Touch my hand! I’m working on a full review in the meantime but I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down. The soft white gold is bright enough to highlight and the pearlized pinkish undertone is flattering for pretty much every skin tone. It’s a limited edition exclusive so it tends to sell out – make sure you secure one before it’s gone again.

Get it here

Favourite Wardrobe Purchase

Nasty Gal Trench 


Behind every selfie is 3570 others that didn’t quite make the cut right? In this case they were all pretty fyne so naturally – this was going to happen. Anyway – showcasing my new Nasty Gal lightweight trench. I was hounding around for one that wasn’t so structured or heavy and I came across this one. I’ve worn it twice in one week and I’m such a jerk I don’t recycle wardrobe items for months. It’s the perfect topper, or 3rd piece, plus it keeps you warm when your skirt is the size of a crop top.

Favourite Treat

Soft Peaks Soft Serve


Weekends are my favorite. This soft serve is the creamiest, most organic, most hipster, most fat free, most sugarless soft serve you  will ever taste. But it’s delicious and doesn’t make you feel like a cow afterwards. If you ever get a chance to try it – do, all jokes aside it’s so yummy and it makes for an Instapic curated to perfection.

Check them out here.

Favourite Scent

Wildfox Fragrance


My absolute favorite brand of comfy, effortless, airy clothing has come out with a fragrance in case you weren’t aware. I lost my shit when I found out it was being conjured. It’s like finding out wine is coming out with a eau de toilette. How can you not? It’s made with equal parts warm summer nights, clean sheets, girlie nights and candlelit rainy days. Honest. There’s a concoction of apricot, absinthe, jasmine, honey, musk, ambrox, incense, white camellia, and honeysuckle dew that transposes onto the skin in the most intoxicating scent. You’ll have to try it for yourself but it’s warm and musky yet fresh at the same time. Perfect for the upcoming Fall/Winter months…

Get it here

Favourite Skin Care Product

Lush’s Cup O Coffee Mask


I like my coffee strong, dark and dirty and I’ve found the equivalent in a face mask. If there’s anything you purchase this month make sure it’s this Lush face/body mask. It’s now a key part of my morning makeup routine because I can’t wake up without it. It’s the caffeine addiction that’s taken hold of me in the form of a beauty product. I can’t. It’s akin to slapping a cup of cold coffee onto your face – invigorating, freshening, cleansing – but instead of leaving behind a sense of shock and confusion, it leaves soft skin free of dryness and sleep deprivation. I honestly don’t want to start my day without it – colour me a victim but I feel like I can decrease my morning coffee intake from 7303 to 2 cups nowadays.

Get it here

Favourite Photo

The cusp of Autumn 


Took this on a recent girls night at dusk and the arrangement of fallen leaves was too good an Instapic to pass up. Fall and Winter are my favorite times of year – the basics go nuts for pumpkin, the air is crisp, the decor is rustic and cozy and Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are ready to suit up and assault your senses. Can’t wait.

Favourite Decorative Piece

Mirrored Side Table


I have a penchant for acquiring a ton of furniture that I don’t really need but seem to think I can’t live without. This mirrored side table is a prime example. I thought $180 was obscene but I just couldn’t leave it behind – it adds so much to this corner of my bedroom that I felt needed something to fill it. It’s the piece de resistance for the area and I love it. I lengthened it by adding a taller vase and a pedestal for my endless Diptyque candles. The mirror behind it was purchased during the same trip and I love the contrast between the darker frame and mirrored dresser. Pleased. I got them both from Homesense – treasure trove for gems like these – it’d hard not to lose your sh*t in that place – I bring home pretty much everything but the employees.

Happy Weekend


Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

A little pathetic that I’ve been pulled away from consistently blogging (I swear it’s not solely due to me binge watching Bloodline), but I have a ton of items I’ve claimed as my favourites this week.


Favorite Scent

Lush American Cream

So I’ve been trying to stay away from Lush because every time I’m in there I act like a douchey kid whose parents let him run amok in places populated by highly annoyed patrons. But when you’re shopping with someone and they need to pop in, you soldier up and pop in with her. I mean, this doesn’t necessarily apply to shops you don’t want to waste time in – just the ones that benefit you as well. Obviously. Anyway, I left with this delectable smelling American Cream conditioner. One hard whiff and I want to go back and trade it in for a bigger size. It’s like vanilla musk mixed in with a light strawberry scent. I actually can’t smell strawberry but it invokes these cozy feelings that I seem to have become obsessed with. You’re going to have to smell it for yourself to pick up what I’m putting down. The best.


Favorite Beauty Product

Laura Mercier Cavier Eye Stick Color

Just when I thought there was nothing comparable to my beloved Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop this little thing meets my eye. While it doesn’t have the same cool touch as the Twinkle Pop (I mean, not everybody can jet out to the Swiss Alps for makeup ingredients) it’s smooth and creamy and glides on just as easy. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and my favourite quality about the shade selection is that they’re so many wearable ones – day or night. 7 neutrals and like, 3 or 4 shades to really enhance the look. I’m going to need every single one. Any less is blasphemy.

Get it here


Favorite Outfit

Indio Fashion Week 

I’ve already compiled my outfits for Vegas in a couple weeks and shame on you if you think they include body con and/or sequins. I’ll be at Rock and Rio so trust me when I tell you I’m full on dressing like it’s Coachella Weekend One. A f*cking selfie stick, frayed denim, boho blouses, crochet and statement strands, with fringe splattered on everything. And I’m only slightly exaggerating. This look was one of my favourites. Stay tuned for my re-creation.


Favorite Purchase

Matiko Fringe Booties

So I pre-ordered this fringed perfection last month thinking they wouldn’t ship until the end of May. Clearly they wouldn’t cut it as my birthday shoe because of the large date discrepancy – but I had to have them in my life so I settled for them coming in a little late. Anyways, the shoe Gods clearly recognize all my support and investment throughout the years so they’ve come together with Revolve and shipped them to me early. I’ve never owned a pair of Matiko shoes so I’ll give details once I prance around in them. I’m loving the sandy grey suede and the fringed cuff.


Favorite Photo

Wildfox/Shabby Chic

Just when I thought that I had created quite the snuggly little sleeping space for myself – I come across this gilded cotton candy land masterpiece. If you scratch the pillows they smell like Strawberry Shortcake. I just know it.

You can check out the rest of the spread (in agony) here.


Favorite Food

Turned Up Rabbit Food

I want to say I’ve been on a diet for the past month but since I’m planning on adopting this lifestyle I don’t want to quite call it that. I could say that I’ve been contemplating just eating delicacies and embracing what Americans call a “curvy” body type (AKA 300+ lbs) but it’s just not in my DNA. I’ve been into health and fitness for the better part of the past 10 years and while I love an occasional treat (think churros and Menchies with a smattering of pancakes) I‘m usually eating clean. I’ve taken it to the extreme this past month for my upcoming trip (and because I like looking good in general) and because I’m seeing results like never before – I’m sticking to it. Next week has me seeing my naturopath (AKA the rude d*ck  whose going to limit pretty much all my food intake – clean or dirty) because I have some intolerances so I’ve been keenly preparing myself for it. Anyway, before this becomes a post about #fitfam #cleaneating #iposteverymealeventhoughallithasisapieceofchickenandaproteinshake I just want to shut up and share my favourite rabbit food.



Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Happy Weekend.

These are my favorite little things from this week.


Favorite Product

Buxom Haute Pink Lip Deluxe Sample Set

I picked this as my free sample on a recent Sephora online order and wasn’t dying over it but figured that 3 almost full sized products for free was better than a one time use face cleanser in a annoying paper packet. This set came with 1 full bodied lip polish in Haute Pink Nicole, one full lip gloss in Sweet Thing  and a juicy lipstick in Mistress. I am ride or die for a matte lipstick so gloss just isn’t my thing – until I tried these. I used the lipstick as a base and layered on the lip gloss for a pillow lip effect. I wasn’t stumbling all over town for it but as the day went on I noticed that my lips had transformed to like, almost 3 times their natural size. Okay, twice. Twice their natural size. I didn’t realize until I started getting compliments on my lip plumping surgery. I now understand the allure of a good lip gloss. I went with just the gloss a few times afterwards and again, like the look for a more natural, my lips woke up like this appearance. This set definitely awoke a lip gloss wielding beast inside of me. Great.


Favorite Look


I’m really into adding a bit of detail to an otherwise monotone normcore outfit. Lace up sandals are the best possible way in my opinion. I purchased these sapphire coloured gems a few weeks ago from Zara and although they pinch a little in the back – I’m in love. So Sergio Rossi.


Favorite Purchase

Mess with the bull…

I’m a Taurus so it’s only appropriate that I festoon my surroundings with bull horns. The best part – horns and antlers are practically a staple in room décor. I was out looking for a bar cart a couple weeks ago and came across this masterpiece. For $14! What?! I was looking for the missing 0 let me tell you. I snatched that b*tch up quick. I love how it adds a little rugged, yet modern flourish to my table. The dimension is crazy.


Favorite Photo

Wildfox’s Gypsy Sprint 2015 Lookbook

I’m trying so hard to not make clothing purchases until the end of March, but this collection is making it beyond troublesome. The gypsy charm, combined with an innate girliess (like all things Wildfox) is killing me right now. And the lookbook is bonkers. You can check it out on Kim Gordon’s personal inspo site here.


Favorite Scent

Diptyque Amber

This scent is the newest addition to my Diptyque collection. I have a thing for a warmer, spicier scent and this was just that, but as usual had a nice little twist that I can’t quite place. Part of the Woody collection (I honestly believe that’s a typo on their site – as Woodsy is a little more appropriate here – we are speaking in terms of candles you know) – it’s counterparts are Feu de Bois and Cypres (which I have yet to purchase). It’s a warm combination of patchouli and vetiver, with hints of Tonka bean, citrus, aniseed and “mysterious incense.” I like how it invokes feelings of cozy winters and reminds me of woodsy cologne. I also like that I can close all the drapes and pretend it’s December 24th outside.


Favorite Look

Shrimps London

Oh. Yass. A designer line that that highlights faux fur. Shrimps London is the baby of Hannah Weiland who is a new London based designer with a background in art and textile design. Her inspo is modern art, and a mix of patterns and texture. The best part? Her lack of animal cruelty. The brightest faux you ever will see transposed onto clutches, her insanely popular coats, and outerwear. You can check out the collection here I can’t wait to get my hands on that rose and baby pink clutch bag.