Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Happy Weekend.

These are my favorite little things from this week.


Favorite Product

Buxom Haute Pink Lip Deluxe Sample Set

I picked this as my free sample on a recent Sephora online order and wasn’t dying over it but figured that 3 almost full sized products for free was better than a one time use face cleanser in a annoying paper packet. This set came with 1 full bodied lip polish in Haute Pink Nicole, one full lip gloss in Sweet Thing  and a juicy lipstick in Mistress. I am ride or die for a matte lipstick so gloss just isn’t my thing – until I tried these. I used the lipstick as a base and layered on the lip gloss for a pillow lip effect. I wasn’t stumbling all over town for it but as the day went on I noticed that my lips had transformed to like, almost 3 times their natural size. Okay, twice. Twice their natural size. I didn’t realize until I started getting compliments on my lip plumping surgery. I now understand the allure of a good lip gloss. I went with just the gloss a few times afterwards and again, like the look for a more natural, my lips woke up like this appearance. This set definitely awoke a lip gloss wielding beast inside of me. Great.


Favorite Look


I’m really into adding a bit of detail to an otherwise monotone normcore outfit. Lace up sandals are the best possible way in my opinion. I purchased these sapphire coloured gems a few weeks ago from Zara and although they pinch a little in the back – I’m in love. So Sergio Rossi.


Favorite Purchase

Mess with the bull…

I’m a Taurus so it’s only appropriate that I festoon my surroundings with bull horns. The best part – horns and antlers are practically a staple in room décor. I was out looking for a bar cart a couple weeks ago and came across this masterpiece. For $14! What?! I was looking for the missing 0 let me tell you. I snatched that b*tch up quick. I love how it adds a little rugged, yet modern flourish to my table. The dimension is crazy.


Favorite Photo

Wildfox’s Gypsy Sprint 2015 Lookbook

I’m trying so hard to not make clothing purchases until the end of March, but this collection is making it beyond troublesome. The gypsy charm, combined with an innate girliess (like all things Wildfox) is killing me right now. And the lookbook is bonkers. You can check it out on Kim Gordon’s personal inspo site here.


Favorite Scent

Diptyque Amber

This scent is the newest addition to my Diptyque collection. I have a thing for a warmer, spicier scent and this was just that, but as usual had a nice little twist that I can’t quite place. Part of the Woody collection (I honestly believe that’s a typo on their site – as Woodsy is a little more appropriate here – we are speaking in terms of candles you know) – it’s counterparts are Feu de Bois and Cypres (which I have yet to purchase). It’s a warm combination of patchouli and vetiver, with hints of Tonka bean, citrus, aniseed and “mysterious incense.” I like how it invokes feelings of cozy winters and reminds me of woodsy cologne. I also like that I can close all the drapes and pretend it’s December 24th outside.


Favorite Look

Shrimps London

Oh. Yass. A designer line that that highlights faux fur. Shrimps London is the baby of Hannah Weiland who is a new London based designer with a background in art and textile design. Her inspo is modern art, and a mix of patterns and texture. The best part? Her lack of animal cruelty. The brightest faux you ever will see transposed onto clutches, her insanely popular coats, and outerwear. You can check out the collection here I can’t wait to get my hands on that rose and baby pink clutch bag.



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