Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Favorite Purchase

Along with the rest of the fashion obsessed world – I’m in love with the mini bag. The nano. The tiny tote. Whatever. I want to pinch it’s leathery cheeks and kiss it’s little handles. I recently added to this collection of little midget bags with a Balenciaga Giant 12 Red Mini City bag. Or Lil Red, as I like to call it. Hand stitched handles, a removable strap, top zip closure with gold metal hardware. This is my favorite style Balenciaga handbag – the leather is durable and insanely soft but it still retains its shape because of the firm outer frame. And it’s red. I didn’t match it to the season whatsoever.


Favorite Product

I recently went browsing for a good leave – in conditioner type styling product. Sideways rain, misty rain, fat droplets of rain…neither are welcome but they invite themselves up anyway. The girls @ Obadiah Salon in Bellevue have instilled in me, a love for Oribe’. This leave-in conditioner is luxe (for the price and the brand – I’d expect nothing less). It’s light and moisturizing yet dissolves quickly – almost like a serum. I find that creams feel a little heavier but this stuff is airy and smooth. It really tamed my dry curls and although I’m a little stingy on the application, a little is all you need to make it happen. The added heat protection, and glossy shine is awesome so I can now justify the price. I went with the smaller tube as a trial but will definitely upgrade to a larger size now that I know the benefits are legit.


Favorite Scent

Jo Malone’s Mimosa & Cardamom is a little cloud of mimosa, spicy, warm cardamom, sandalwood, and Damask rose. Really, there’s not one Jo Malone fragrance that I have turned away from, so I’m not surprised at my love affair with this new scent. It actually reminds me of talcum powder, it’s a soft scent – perfect for the winter months.


Favorite Read

The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson – this book actually left me perplexed but it didn’t keep me from putting it down. It follows the parallel life of a young Denver woman in 1960’s who co-owns a bookshop with her girlfriend. While she’s a simple, single, independent girl in one life, she’s a glam housewife in the other – caring for her husband and triplets. It goes back and forth between each world until she comes to a realization as to which world she actually inhabits. It infiltrated my sleep so it will yours.


Favorite Photo

Anyone who has a relationship with their bed linens can appreciate this photo by Alyssa Monks. Paintings to be exact. The perfect rumple, the creases in fresh linen, silly sheets and a light, fluffy down duvet. zzzzz.


Favorite Look

My style muse Maja Wyh is yet to fail me. Even the most ridiculous looking pieces look perfectly paired on this little sprite. Full fauxs, layers, and a Kate Moss/Jagger edge.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Here are the links to the products/purchases:



Jo Malone

Happy Weekend



Purchased & Reviewed: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick

This shadow stick game is strong. Marc Jacobs, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Nars…you can sit with them.

To me, the OG is the high falutin Twinkle Pop from Marc Jacobs but the aforementioned are right up there clawing its eyes out. This would have been a nice time for a comparison between the 3 I currently have in my collection (Marc Jacobs, Laura Mercier, and Bobbi Brown) but I like to devote the limelight to one product at a time. The rest can give side eye from the front row.

I took advantage of a sweet coupon code Bobbi Brown online had for about a week a few weeks back and thinking it was a costly mistake on their website (clearly – because how else can I score 3 shadow sticks and a mascara for $50?!) I took full advantage.

This is what I got:

There’s a few different combinations available on the site (online exclusives) and I chose the Iced Blue  trio because it had a really nice neutral golden hued shade (in most sets), a darker crease enhancer and the most amazing ice blue I’ve ever laid eyes on. Behold.

Left to Right: Ice Blue, Vanilla, Forest, Bark


Packaging: Typical sleek and pro looking as all Bobbi Brown products are. I love the minimalist look. Totally throws you off to the pops of colour inside.

Formula: Dead. The formula is a more matte cream based shadow (compared to other brands). It applied very easily with just a few strokes and lasted all damn day. I put on my face around 545am every morning and it lasted until I wiped it off. Because it was cream based I thought it would feel sticky and would be harder for me to apply my liquid liner on top – nope. No struggle. It’s also waterproof but I mean I don’t watch Grey’s with makeup on nor do I stand in the rain waiting for it to wipe my face off. The only issue you might have is when you’re blending – because it’s cream based it may be a little harder to blend if you’re not a pro, so – work quick.

Wearability: Like I mentioned, it’s an all day clinger. I didn’t experience any flaking, dryness or creases (I tried it without primer as well just to make sure it wasn’t a side effect from that). The colours range from neutrals to jewel toned shades like Forest and Violet Plum. If you like palettes like Urban Decay Basics they you’ll die for this colour spectrum.

Price: I scored this set for $62 ($52 with my 15% off code). It was worth over $100 so that really did it for me. Most of the shadow sticks in the same class are approx $30-$37 and 1 of these retails for $29 USD and $34 CAD. I find the price to be fair because they’re long lasting, the colours are gorgeous and if you’re a makeup hoarder then you’re used to the higher price point.

Verdict: Oh hells yes. You need to try at least one of these out. They’re amazing for those that don’t like spending too much time with shadow and brushes – or those that are a little uneasy with applying makeup. They’re practically foolproof. Go get you some.




You can find them here:

Bobbi Brown


Oh – and in case you’re wondering I also purchased one of my favourite lipstick formulas – Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Pink Nude. (One of the most moisturizing mattes I’ve ever used).

Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted and it’s gross because I have so many purchases to share and review and get all emotional about. Gross. I’m not going to shame myself any further so….

Favorite Outfit

Birthday Style


My Birthday was last Tuesday and I had a champagne “tea party” planned during the day so I didn’t have to turn up entirely. The TopShop skirt I’ve had sitting in my closet since last summer was the perfect accompaniment to my relaxed V neck and fresh out the box Louboutins. Easy yet polished. The pleats are everything.

V Neck – Aritzia/Midi Skirt – Topshop/Pumps – Louboutin

Favorite Purchase

Christian Louboutin Iriza D’Orsay Pumps


Duh. See above. Full details are being assembled right now so I won’t get all sweaty over it but I found these absolute gems after over 6 months of being met with continuous dismay – they were sold out all over the damn globe. I chose the Iriza because of the cut and major toe cleave, the white for the edgier take on a classic, and the pump because it’s pretty much the most essential shoe you can ever own. Plus, you could be wearing cropped sweats and a baseball cap with a pair of pumps and you’ll end up looking dignified as shit.

Favorite Beauty Product

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


How have I not been using this forever? I should be put away. Because it’s been warmer, I’ve been noticing that my shadow was fading a lot quicker than usual (I use it on both my lids and lash line) and having your pricey shadow fade halfway throughout the day is pretty emotionally taxing. A light shone down on my sister as she oh so nonchalantly asked why I don’t use primer – this one to be exact. Speechless, for one of the first times. Fast forward – I’m using it and simply refuse to wear shadow on my lids without it. The color is more vibrant, it stays where I applied it, and it doesn’t make me look like a hot sweaty mess. Must have arsenal.

Favorite Meal

Buddy V’s Ristorante



I indulged in Buddy V’s Ristorante fare when I was in Vegas. And it did not disappoint. Probably the most amazing flatbread I’ve ever had. Worth every gram of carb. I had initially asked for the most delicious looking sandwich (without the chicken because I’m vegetarian) and after the server murdered me with her eyes and flat out refused to do that to me (and the sandwich) she suggested this delectable item that would be more appropriate. I usually don’t give two tinkling turtle doves about someone else’s opinion but I went for it. She looked like she was part of the WWE federation and I wouldn’t be able to complete my #ootd’s without my legs so I obliged. So pleased I did. Perfect parts of every ingredient. And it was my first time trying a Cannoli (ha ha) and it was akin to the feeling you get after an epic Sephora purchase (but in my mouth). By the way, if you were my server and you’re reading this – everything I’ve described about you here is with the utmost respect.

Favorite Scent

Diptyque Eau Duelle


I’ve probably mentioned this fragrance before but I have to do it again because it’s one of the most unique scents my nose has ever sniffed. Musky, with Bourbon vanilla, rockrose, and ambrosian. I honestly can’t explain it but it’s the most sublime mixture of musky and fresh. I like the Eaux de Parfum (it comes as a Eaux de Toilette as well) Try it.

Favorite Look

Shabby Chic

Hands down the strategically shabby chic look is my most esteemed look. It’s easier to pull off when you have your face on otherwise it can end up as a straight up shabby look – but your hair doesn’t have to be in place either so it’s a huge break. Any more give and you’re asking for a little much. Layering can be effortless even in the Summer months and this monochromatic look is a perfect example if adding some dimension to your layering. Love everything about it.


Happy Weekend


Wear Me: Spring Shoe Game

Me saying that I have a thing for shoes is like a junkie saying they don’t mind snorting coke. Tis a blatant misrepresentation.

I feel that a good pair of shoes can instantly lend a hand to an otherwise simple outfit. And c’mon, when you’re fashioned in black, grey and white all the time, you need something to stand out. I chose shoes. I’ll wear a white tee to it’s last threads but pair it with 50 different styles of shoe. Instant revival.

When I’m watching my spending (I know – hilarious, but humour me here), I limit myself to a shoe purchase a month. I’m not talking Louboutin or Valentino, but a pair or two from Zara are what I like to call thrifty and right now, underhanded. Whatever.

Anyway, I have my eyes on these styles that are big for Spring. I’m one of those assholes that wears strappy sandals in the dead of winter so nothing is safe from my vice-like grasp. If you can get away with spending as little time as possible traipsing around outdoors then why not go HAM on an open toe? (I’m talking to you East Coast).

One of each please.

The Espadrille

The espadrille is timeless. It’s the perfect relaxed shoe to throw on with a springy dress, a pair of cutoffs or skinnies. It’s the close relative of the flat, one that resides in Southern California. I find that most are pretty comfortable too – so you don’t look like you’re enduring the highest form of torture while walking through the mall. The mall is a happy place, The two just don’t mesh well together.

Soludos Classic Leather Espadrille Sandals/65



Loeffler Randall Mara Espadrille/195



Valentino Rockstud Leather Espadrille Flats/895



The Gladiator

I feel that this style makes an appearance every year during the warmer months. You can’t go wrong. It’s feminine, trendy, and will do up the simplest of outfits. Rebecca Minkoff vamped it up last year with her runway versions and I don’t see why you can’t take that same vision to the streets…

Free People Sunever Gladiator Slip on Sandals/85

Free People


Zara Leather Gladiators/159



Stuart Weitzman Caged Up Suede Gladiator Sandal/535

Neiman Marcus


The Flatform

Calling all former lovers of Baby Spice and asian women who are known to pair them with fanny packs and sun visors. I’m only kidding. Kind of. I owned a few pairs of these in the late 90’s for sure. Now long gone, along with my smiley face jewellery and Sailor Moon memorabilia, these b*tches have found their way back from the depths of your high school wardrobe. I’ve picked the ones that I wouldn’t mind wearing. I’ve purposely left out the 5 inch sandals made of scuba material. I really didn’t think I could stand mentally transporting myself back to Grade 10.

Shoe Cult Frequency Flatform/29

Nasty Gal


Jeffrey Campbell Aurelia Flatforms/110



Stella McCartney Lindsey Wedges/368

Stella McCartney


The Slide

The slide is probably one of the easiest shoes to slip on (duh) and pair with just about anything. Grasshopper legged girls are clasping their hands with glee while ones with half the height may be a little weary with this particular type of footwear. Either way – there’s a style that’ll be easy to work with. I’ve pulled a few designs that give off a nice range…these aren’t your typical slip on sports sandals.

TopShop Pool Sliders/15



Kaanas Susu Two Band Slides/79



Vince Orion Flat Leather Slides/195



The Nude

For me, “send me nudes” refers to shoes. If I could only pick one shade of shoe to wear it would be nude. It’s flattering, natural yet chic, and goes with absolutely everything. Nude is definitely my go to when black is feeling too vampy for me. Spring 2015 agrees….

Mary Janes with Bows/39



Schutz Cadey Lee Sandals/180



Barbara Bui Fringe Suede Heels/945

Forward by Elyse Walker


The Mule

The mule came back this fall and is still on trend for the Spring/Summer months. If you don’t like teetering in a pointy toe then a mule is your match. They’re easier to walk in and versatile enough to take from day to night. It’s a nice transition shoe when you’re just getting familiar with a heel (what are you? 12?) Kidding, kidding.

Truffle Ely Peep Toe Mule/53



Michael Kors Burnett Leather Mule Slides/395

Neiman Marcus


Maison Martin Margiela Open Toe Leather Sandal/424 on sale from 865

Forward by Elyse Walker



One of my favourite styles. A lace up heel is a shoe and accessory all in one. I like pairing mine with basic wardrobe choices otherwise the whole ensemble ends up being a little too trendy and busy looking. Whether they’re in flat or heel form, these are perfect for accentuating a pair of skinnies, a flowy midi skirt or fluttery shorts ad skin tight leather leggings.

Jeffrey Campbell Shay Lace Up Flats/165

Free People


Soles x Skin SJP Heel/204

Revolve Clothing


Christian Louboutin Impera Laser Cut & PVC Lace Up Heels/1295



Detailed Flats

Flats can honestly never go out of style. There is always a requirement for a flat shoe. Ballet, menswear inspired, laced, or an intricate pointy toe. You can pair a flat with anything. Keep them clean – that’s my one pet peeve when it comes to flats. They shouldn’t be falling apart, scuffed up or flopping around your foot. A well worn, proper fit will always make you look polished whereas a sh*tty looking, banged up flat will always make you look like you robbed someone on skid row.

Kimchi Blue Elastic Cross Strap Flats/39

Urban Outfitters


Valentino Intrigate Mesh Flats/428

Forward by Elyse Walker


Isabel Marant Leo Snake effect Leather Ballet Flats/650

Net A Porter


I’m eyeing a couple of these for purchase once Spring is in full on beast mode. Use them as a guide line and your #ootd will be on point.


Purchased: Lush Loot

I’ve slowly been accumulating a nice little Lush boutique in my own washroom. Most of them are purchases I made this past December and some are gifts. Lush is one of my favourite skincare and bath lines and to really bring my point home, I don’t mind the scent saturated stand up store. I’m a fan of smelling like a 80 year old woman whose accidentally spilled half a bottle of Chanel onto her body so the somewhat overpowering scents don’t bother me. Not to mention – it’s a type of Hansel & Gretel witch – I know which path to take when I’m looking for it in the mall.


Anyway, here’s what I’m hoarding:

Vanilla Puff Powder 


This little bottle of fairy dust is nice for post showering scenting. I like using it after I’ve worked out (and bathed of course, I’m not that ratchet) in my hair and on my hairline, especially if I have’t washed my hair that particular day. It smells like baking vanilla (not perfume-y vanilla) and is really nice on the skin as well. Talc, vanilla, jasmine and tonka keep your skin soft and smooth, helping to retain moisture.

Snowman/Sweetie Pie Bath Jelly


This was something new and foreign to me, as I’ve been using shower gels for the last few years instead of more solid bar style soaps. This wobbly, wiggly jelly is an ingenious take on bar soap. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to pay for something that would just break apart and diminish slowly into the drain. My initial thoughts were clearly imprecise. They both smell amazing. Snowman is a mix of bergamot, buchu, and Sicilian lemon – think mango creamsicle and Sweetie Pie is a blend of blackcurrant  and sour cherry with a seaweed base and iridescent shimmer. Snowman is sold out (as most of the holiday goods are) but you can still grab Sweetie Pie.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub


This pink cotton candy lip scrub made my list of 2014 favourites. I love the smell, and the grains are significant enough to actually get rid of the dry skin on your lips. A God send for lipstick abusers like me. Made up of Fair Trade sugar & jojoba oil, the smell is straight up carnival cotton candy and it leaves your lips perfectly primed for your cycle of abuse in the am.

Rose Jam Shower Gel 


Just when I thought that my infatuation belonged to Snow Fairy, I meet Rose Jam. If you don’t already know (I mention it incessantly) I have a thing for anything rose scented. When they’re remixed with different notes? Lust. Case in point- this gel is a blend of vanilla pod, goji berry juice & argan oil. It’s rose but with a blend that makes it that much more different. Indulgent.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel


The Holy Grail of Lush scents. Bubblegum and sweet vanilla mixed with actual legit fairy dust. Right? Smells like candy. How can you not fall into a deep compulsion?! It’s sold out at most stores but you can still get it online. Oh, and that scrub I mentioned? I believe that’s Snow Fairy’s first born child.

Pink FUN


This is a form of Lush’s bath bomb style bubble bars. I haven’t tried it yet – but bath night will be scheduled accordingly. The smell is a mix of vanilla and tonk a for a candy scent. It was part of a bath set I got for Christmas (also containing Sweetie Pie and the Bubblegum lip scrub). More so geared towards children, but what they can have, I want 10 of. I’m an asshole in that way.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner


Oh yassss. Gimme all of that. Another heady, exhilarating form of rose fragrance in a container. Mimiced after an actual hair conditioner, this stuff is meant to be applied after shower and then rinsed off. Cocoa butter, cupuacu butter,almond oil and argan oil make up this decadent shower lotion. I’ve worn it apres shower and didn’t rinse it off because I’m a rebel and because I wanted a stronger smell. I’ll stick to the rules next time though because Lush does stand by it’s rose scented subtle after scent…

Snow Fairy Sparkle


Shocked yet? I managed to secure most of the Snow Fairy scented products Lush has to offer. I told you the infatuations as real. The massage bar is one of my favourite Lush products.They’re soft, leave your skin stupidly moisturized, last forever if stored properly and smell incredible. This particular one has a fondant filled center with shea butter & shimmery silver luster. It’s smooth and leaves your skin baby soft. Definitely a must have. PS – They sell tins for immaculate storage too.

Let me know if there’s something you think I should try…