Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Happy Weekend 


Favorite Product

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner 


Before I go and purchase Benefit’s They’re Real liquid liner and rave/rant, I wanted to pledge my allegiance to this one here. I swear by it. Simply the best, easiest to use, fool proof liquid liner I have ever used. No crusty drying, no smudging, no feathering. None of that irritating nonsense. It practically glides on with one stroke and lasts until you decide to remove it on your own terms. Absolutely love. It’s a prize winner for a reason.

Favorite Purchase


If you go back a few posts you’ll read about my love/hate relationship with Aritzia. It’s now blossomed into full on love – and it’s not just because their annual sale is on. The last 10 wardrobe additions I’ve made have been greedily plucked from there. I actually can’t choose what’s been my favorite find so far but if it came down to it – the Wilfred silk shorts have to be it. I got them in a rosy red and black and white super feminine poka dot. They’re nice and light, insanely easy to style, and are perfect when you want to dress up your summer lounge style. Huge success.

IMG_7728 IMG_7942

Favorite Scent

LaVanilla Coconut & Vanilla


I was browsing in a drug store to kill some time before an appointment and came across this doozy. Lavanilla Coconut & Vanilla fragrance. I had to shake myself out of the reverie I had fallen into because honestly – it took me poolside with a daiquiri in hand. The combo of coconut with vanilla is one of my favorites. There are a ton of vanilla scented lotions and perfumes that I can’t stand, and I know there are a bunch of vanilla haters out there. There are definitely appropriate times for vanilla scented goods. I delegate them to Christmas-time when you can disguise your layers of fat with layers of clothes. Anyway, I love this stuff. I just purchased the roller-ball because I didn’t think I’d need a full bottle, considering the scent is insanely strong – a little goes a long way. It’s also easy to get queasy from if you shower in it, Axe style. I advise to use it sparingly, because the visions of you poolisde with a delicious blended drink can switch to visions of you making out with a toilet seat faster pretty quick.

Favorite Treat

Cartems Donuts


I’d like to reiterate that I only indulge on cheat day. I feel that the amount of dessert photos I post on Instagram are giving off the idea that I am borderline bulimic. I assure you – this is not the case. I just starve all week and then indulge on a Saturday. With that being said, my indulgences are obviously held with the highest regard. Behold – Cartems Donuts.

Can I first say that a carefully chosen Instagram filter will make any piece of shit food look good. No name noodles? You’re about to be Photoshopped into a 5 star delicacy.  Anyway, don’t let the looks fool you, not all of them were worth drooling over. Well, all but one. You see that maple walnutty looking thing? Yeah. That piece of work should be ashamed to be called a gourmet donut. That is a concoction fit for a hipster, not a real person with real needs, real feelings, and real problems. A real problem, for example, is travelling a significant distance for a donut, only to be met with a sub par selection of which you have to choose 6 extremely crucial donut flavors. It’s cheat day. Caloric, fat and sugar configurations simply cannot be wasted on inedible garbage. This so called maple walnut donut tasted like someone had tried to choke me death with firewood. In a woodland setting. In the middle of Winter. I had to stuff an entire donut into my mouth to rid the repugnant taste. I mean, I was going to do that either way, but still. I like to savor my desserts. Just the act of re-living that horrific moment is loathsome.

The rest were amazing?

Favorite Photo

Mojito Sno Cones


Light mixed drinks, cool down treats and sunny days are pretty much here for the next couple months. Nothing explains summer better. A mojito infused sno cone probably does.

Favorite Outfit

Plaid & Denim


I love a good plaid button down. Paired with denim is probably my favorite way to wear it too. Chambray and a skirt. Plaid and cutoffs. A crisp white one with denim…As long as it’s not stiff and starched I’ll wear it. This look here is on the list for one of my most repeated outfits. It’s always on trend and it’s easy to throw on for pretty much any outing. Dressing it down is probably a little easier than dressing it up, but a pair of simplistic ankle strap heels are all you need to take it from chill to chic.

Favorite Look

Kylie Jenner


I am truly in love with my face, but it’s always nice to see what others have going on. And by others I obviously mean the Kardashians. Kylie Jenner is giving me a bit of a green undertone these days, and it’s mostly because of what she’s wearing on her lips. Whether they’re hers or not is up for debate. The creamy nude-y, taupe-y, almost chola chic color is turning on the entire makeup blogger universe right now. There’s been ramblings that she’s either wearing Yash or Brave from MAC, paired with a darker liner like Whirl.  Either way, I love the shade. I don’t care if it’s on a Kardashian, a passerby, or a donkey. It’s gorgeous.


Beauty 101: Ms. Fix It

My biggest pet peeve is painstakingly doing your makeup like a pro artist and then having it run, smudge, get stuck to your hair, or come off when you accidentally smack yourself with your own hand. Accidentally.

This little compilation of face saving tips might come in handy.

You’re welcome.

1. Quick Dry Polish


After you’ve applied your nail polish and it’s at that emotional stage where it’s prone to an accidental mishap – dunk your hands in cold water. Not the same as running them under the sink. I’ve tried. I’m lazy. This is old news. Instead fill up a bowl with cold water and submerge for a minute or so. Any subsequent misfortune is because you’re an asshole.

2. Messy Polish


Coat your cuticles with oil before applying polish. It avoids finger graffiti. And by cuticles, I mean around your nails. Not on them. The fact that I had to explain that though…

3. Steaming


Not that this will ever happen, because obviously, I don’t cook. Apparently holding your nails over steam for a few seconds (seconds not minutes!) will transform your mani into a matte finish. Whaaaat. Reminds me of the time I used to iron my hair. Literally.

4. Glitter Off


Not like you should ever be without a little bit of glitter but if you feel the need, instead of removing glitter polish the peasant way (with a cotton ball) – use a square of felt. Kind of works like a Brillo pad. Why am I picturing Solange?

5. Not what you mean by Streaking


A nice trick to keep your concealer, well, concealed, is to first dab your finger into an eye balm/cream. Take the same finger and swipe it over a solid concealer and then dab it on as usual. It makes it easier to blend and those unecessary streaks don’t show up in any fine lines.

6. Chilled


If your eye and/or lip pencils are too smudgy and soft, throw them in the fridge an hour before application. The harder they are the less you waste and the sharper line you have.

7. Swirl


Swirling your brush when applying blush gives it a more natural, airbrushed effect. If you’re a clown, please skip this tip.

8. Remove makeup with coconut oil


Really. That sh*t is good for everything. In this case, it breaks up the makeup for easier removal. I’d go ahead and add a bit to your regular makeup remover for the best effect.

9. Blushing Lips


Adding a bit of blush or eye shadow on top of your lipstick plausibly increases it’s wear and gives it a nice matte finish. If you’re a fan of matte, which I am a super fan. I mean, it should undoubtedly match your lip shade. Again, the fact that I had to explain that saddens me…

10. Beachy Waves


One of my fav hairstyles. One of the best way to create beachy waves, aside from a hair wand is to fashion yourself a little braid action before bed. To ensure it comes out with perfection, wash it beforehand, add a small amount of light mousse and then braid it. California girls everywhere will applaud you.

11. Throw in the Towel


Instead of using (and rubbing) your hair with a towel when drying, opt for one of your old, soft, worn in t shirts and pat your hair dry. Never rub. Prime grounds for breakage and frizzing. Unless you’re going for that look, then I say do you, you freakishly odd little individual, do. you.

12. De Puff


I feel like this little tid bit could be categorized as common sense, but hey, you never know. Upon waking the the AM, splash cold water on your face and eyes to freshen and de puff your eyes. If you’re doing this hungover, then you’re going to want to replace aforementioned routine with a slap in the face, some Advil, and a long hard look at your life.


Try Me: Get Knotty

If you feel that you can forgive my cornball sense of hilarity, then please scroll through in hopes of learning how to work a top knot into your go-to hairstyles…

If you’re anything like me, (please, you imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery) – then you understand how infuraiting and uncomfortable it can be to catch a stray strand of hair brush against your face from time to time. This actually happens to be one of my most substantial pet peeves. I cannot stand anything touching my face. Other than the pound of makeup I apply every morning. Hyuck hyuck. Guffaw guffaw.

The top knot, or high bun is one of the most chic, and actually pretty straighforward ways to keep this from happening. It’s also ideal for days when you’d rather sleep in for an extra 30 mins than try and curl/straighten/wave your hair without groggily burning your facial appendages off.



Dianna Agron – for fringe that’s too short to be pulled back.


Kate Bosworth –  Flat and circular with  some pieces framing the face.


Rooney Mara – pomade and hair wax is your best bet to get a slicked back sleek bun like this one.


Katherine McPhee – a nice platform to show off two toned ombre’ hair.


Sophia Bush – a flattened top knot with blunt bangs. Hard to pull off on some people, but the bangs really make this look stand out.


Nina Dobrev – Take note of her placement – right above the crown. More of a natural look if you ask me.


Olivia Culpo – adding a little extra around your sock bun gives it a more natural look – and hides visible elastics and pins.


Kristin Wiig – a more elaborate top knot.


Kerry Washington – a more elegant style, it’s actually a strategically placed bow – style.


Nichole Scherzinger – instead of wrapping her hair around the elastic base of the bun, she opted for a braid. Really easy to do too.


Jennifer Lawrence – a fresher, just got out of the shower knot – easier to do with thinner hair.


Cher Lloyd – a more cylindrical look – think horizontal wrapping like a little sushi roll.


Jenny Lo – a very twisted and twirled pristine top knot.


Bella Thorne – a messy bun with parted bangs. This look would have to be one of my favs as it gives off a more effortless vibe.


Vanessa Hudgens – a fairly easy top knot glammed up with earrings and a red lip.


Emma Roberts – an early 90’s look with a slicked to the side bang.


Ciara – a high bun without any fringe. Elegant but also creates hazards for those behind you.


Jesssica Lowndes – A more natural looking dressed up bun. This is one of my faves – the face framing tendrils are perfect for a more effortless look.


  A lot of these styles look harder than they are to actually style. I end up wrapping my hair up with a couple elastics and the end result is what it is. Try not to put too much thought into it, the more you try and focus on perfecting a top knot or bun, the more overdone and unnatural it ends up looking. You can always hit up the sock bun or the foam bum for a more polished look but the messy updo is always a no brainer.

Oh and bigger isn’t always better….

Somewhere Kim K has on her ugly crying face.


Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

I know, I know.

I should really just change the title….

Favorite Purchase

Paradise Mine Low Rise Denim in Potassium Wash.

I was so head over Valentinos with the dark version that I had to have the lighter wash as well. The fit is perfect in every which way, the denim is soft yet skintight, and the washes are perfect to pair with anything. Oh, and because the smallest part of me happens to be my shins, it’s difficult to find denim, even denim claiming to be “skinny.” I mean, my demands that my circulation be cut off are a little farfetched – I get that but don’t claim to be a skinny jean unless you’re actually skinny. I believe that this pair is pretty close to what I’m looking for…J Brands are probably the best for choking your shins, but these are a close second.


Favorite Beauty Product

YSL Rouge Volupte SPF Lipstick in Opera Rose.

I was trolloping around in Sephora last weekend and started browsing for lipsticks I didn’t need. Fortunately I came across one that I felt I couldn’t go even 10 seconds without. The shade is so pretty, the texture is unlike any other I’ve ever tried, it’s almost juicy? The shine is incredible and I actually can’t believe I made a purchase on a lipstick that isn’t matte (my go to). Heaven. Definitely worth the higher price.


Favorite Scent

Elizabeth & James Nirvana – White.

I’m fairly picky when it comes to perfume, I don’t like anything that smells too generic. Philosophy everything, certain Jo Malone concoctions, and Diptyque are definitely among my favorites but I’m really liking this one right here. I believe it came out a few months ago, in both Black & White. The white version has peony, muget, and musk for a nice modern but soft blend. The Black version is a warmer scent, with violet, sandlewood and vanilla. Sephora has the White rollerball for it’s 100 pt reward right now, which is how I’m trying it out. I really like it, but would probably purchase the Black because I love a darker scent. White is nice and fresh for the summer months though…make sure you take a sniff.


Favorite Look

Relaxed blazer/Denim shorts.

Denim is my everything right now. I like it on anything. Which leads me to wonder why no one has yet thought of denim pajamas…I mean, until now that is. Anyway, here’s the ideal way to style “boyfriend” denim. Actually, scratch that. I’m not calling it “boyfriend” denim anymore. Do I wear men’s pants? No. Am I so desperate for clothing that I have to borrow a dude’s? No. Do I even have a boyfriend? No. From now on they’re called baggy denim. Which is what they f*cking are. For chrissake. If you have a disputed point then please do bring it up, and show me one female who actually wears her boyfriends jeans. Sit down. Right, so, a blazer nicely streamlines any type of baggier denim, whether it’s a skirt, cutoffs, or jeans. And it’s a perfect topper for short-alls too. Heels or flats. You have options. Rant. Over.


Favorite Decor


I love lillies and hydrangeas, but peonies are honestly one of my favorite flowers. Aside from the fact that they last as long as Kim’s last wedding (oh god, I couldn’t help it), they’re still the perfect flower to add some class to any space.


Favorite Face

Natural Classic.

I love a “I woke up like this” look from time to time. One that took approximately 45 minutes to style I mean. The hair, the natural eyes and the creamsicle cheek color is perfect for Summer.


Happy Weekend


Wear Me: Orange Is The New Black

Hyuck hyuck.

I had to.


Honestly though, aside from my unattractive adoration for all black everything, I don’t mind stirring things up with a pop of color in my otherwise neutral wardrobe. I find that lately I’ve been adding one item, like a pair of shoes, or an insanely bright and eyecatching statement piece, to my outfits. Could be because it’s summer, could be because I have too many people mistaking me for Wednesday Adams. Not sure.

Anyway, orange is the “it” shade this season. Actually, I shouldn’t say this season, I should say right now. At this moment. Either way, it’s always nice to have a little bit of color in your wardrobe, whether its a pair of electric blue pumps, a neon pink clutch, a tangerine statement necklace, or a orange V neck tee. Pretty much anything goes as long as you don’t over do it. But that’s the fundamental rule for pretty much any style. Oh, and I know that many girls who aren’t perma-tanned or blessed with a olive skin tone usually stay away from shades like yellow and orange but a little pop isn’t going to make you look like a traffic cone. Earthier and peachy tones are definitely colors you can work with. And with those darker skinned, golden toned, faux tanned ladies – neons and brighter tones really accentuate your skin color. And you know, a prison jumpsuit could be cute too. Just depends on how you style it…

Here’s what I mean…













Now that you have a little bit of style inspo, here are my picks…

Velvet Earlene Slinky Dress/$125/


Dolce Vita Prospero Dress/$110/


Yves Saint Laurent Bleus Lumiere Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick/$35/


Soludos Dali Flat Espadrilles/$36/


J Crew Perfect fit V Neck Tee/$25/


Vista International Duck Umbrella/$19/


Tibi Anouk Leather Heels/$184 (on sale)/


Aritzia Babaton Jarvis Blouse/$55 (on sale)/


Stella & Jamie Xenon Skort in Neon Orange/$148/


Lovers & Friends Be By My Side Blazer/$189/


Bella Luxx Vintage Jersey Tulip Mini/$78/


Finders Keepers Strange Fire Dress/$150/


M.A.C. We’re Back Lipstick/$19/


Bauble Bar Peacock Cluster Frontal Necklace/$54/