Try Me: Get Knotty

If you feel that you can forgive my cornball sense of hilarity, then please scroll through in hopes of learning how to work a top knot into your go-to hairstyles…

If you’re anything like me, (please, you imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery) – then you understand how infuraiting and uncomfortable it can be to catch a stray strand of hair brush against your face from time to time. This actually happens to be one of my most substantial pet peeves. I cannot stand anything touching my face. Other than the pound of makeup I apply every morning. Hyuck hyuck. Guffaw guffaw.

The top knot, or high bun is one of the most chic, and actually pretty straighforward ways to keep this from happening. It’s also ideal for days when you’d rather sleep in for an extra 30 mins than try and curl/straighten/wave your hair without groggily burning your facial appendages off.



Dianna Agron – for fringe that’s too short to be pulled back.


Kate Bosworth –  Flat and circular with  some pieces framing the face.


Rooney Mara – pomade and hair wax is your best bet to get a slicked back sleek bun like this one.


Katherine McPhee – a nice platform to show off two toned ombre’ hair.


Sophia Bush – a flattened top knot with blunt bangs. Hard to pull off on some people, but the bangs really make this look stand out.


Nina Dobrev – Take note of her placement – right above the crown. More of a natural look if you ask me.


Olivia Culpo – adding a little extra around your sock bun gives it a more natural look – and hides visible elastics and pins.


Kristin Wiig – a more elaborate top knot.


Kerry Washington – a more elegant style, it’s actually a strategically placed bow – style.


Nichole Scherzinger – instead of wrapping her hair around the elastic base of the bun, she opted for a braid. Really easy to do too.


Jennifer Lawrence – a fresher, just got out of the shower knot – easier to do with thinner hair.


Cher Lloyd – a more cylindrical look – think horizontal wrapping like a little sushi roll.


Jenny Lo – a very twisted and twirled pristine top knot.


Bella Thorne – a messy bun with parted bangs. This look would have to be one of my favs as it gives off a more effortless vibe.


Vanessa Hudgens – a fairly easy top knot glammed up with earrings and a red lip.


Emma Roberts – an early 90’s look with a slicked to the side bang.


Ciara – a high bun without any fringe. Elegant but also creates hazards for those behind you.


Jesssica Lowndes – A more natural looking dressed up bun. This is one of my faves – the face framing tendrils are perfect for a more effortless look.


  A lot of these styles look harder than they are to actually style. I end up wrapping my hair up with a couple elastics and the end result is what it is. Try not to put too much thought into it, the more you try and focus on perfecting a top knot or bun, the more overdone and unnatural it ends up looking. You can always hit up the sock bun or the foam bum for a more polished look but the messy updo is always a no brainer.

Oh and bigger isn’t always better….

Somewhere Kim K has on her ugly crying face.



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