Purchased & Reviewed: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

Honestly I felt like nothing could dismay me more than my review of the NARS retractable lip liner from months ago but I was wrong. Dead wrong! Dramatic? No. This is why.

I really f*cking like Kat Von D’s line. Her Tattoo Foundation gives me major face (and major cake in the summer but that’s when you switch in a more weightless product), her concealer pencil is sent from the heavens, her eye palettes are vivid as sh*t and I’m currently awaiting the arrival of my Shade & Light contour palette. I like it. I liked the lipstick when I tried it on too – after previous moisturizing emollients from whatever I was using to clean off samples that is. When I smeared it (sorry – tried to smear it) on I realized I had Sephora goggles on during our first run in. Like beer goggles but instead of having to make a shameful getaway – at least I can return the lipstick.



Packaging: Black on black – with studs. A typical lipstick but a heavier feel to the tube. Her insignia on the lipstick itself is impressive and keeps in line with her tattoo artist background. It’s like a seductive studded little tool for making you feel like a bad ass even though you’re wearing it to work on a Tuesday and you’re PMS-ing.

Wearability:  Awesome – if you plan to wear it for a 30 second selfie. I had to scrape it off when all attempts to salvage it had been disappointingly exhausted.

Formula: Here’s where your dreams of being able to work with a super matte like this one go to shit. It’s all in the formula. It says its infused with Vitamin A, E, & C- antioxidants which are supposed to leave your lips soft and moisturized. The Creme Brûlée’ scent is supposed to enhance the application process. It definitely lives up to the latter – because the application process is f*cking terrible. The fact that my lips smelled like Creme Brûlée after being scraped was a nice parting gift. I think Sephora needs to reconsider their online description – so much that I’m thinking of writing a scathing letter although come to think of it – they’re probably in denial like the rest of us who’ve tried it. It’s also formulated with Color Cushion Technology which is supposed to combine lasting wear, one touch application, and a velvety touch. That last one?  Have you ever rubbed velvet backwards? And sideways? And again in crazy directions all over the place? That’s how it feels. But worse.

Price: Typical and reasonable for her line. I didn’t mind paying $26 for such a vibrant, long wearing tube. After my ill fated discovery? I still think the price is right – it’s the formula I’m mad at.

Verdict: As heartbreaking as it is – don’t do it. You can exfoliate and use a winner of a balm to prep your lips but the feeling will only last so long. If you plan to use it to enhance a base color, or to use for a gradient effect then go for it but if you want a matte lipstick you can wear day to day (or night) it’ll cause you more frustration than anything else. The colours are freaking gorgeous, the hope it instills is inevitable, but the formula really doesn’t live up to the claims. I know others who have tried it and the only compliant is that it’s too dry. Dry is how you feel after showing from a workout. This lipstick isn’t dry. It’s like you’ve prepped your lips with a glue stick and then covered them in crafts paint. I know, I still can’t handle the truth.

Thoughts? Shared Experiences? Painful memories?

Let me hear it.

Sending my condolences.




Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

A little pathetic that I’ve been pulled away from consistently blogging (I swear it’s not solely due to me binge watching Bloodline), but I have a ton of items I’ve claimed as my favourites this week.


Favorite Scent

Lush American Cream

So I’ve been trying to stay away from Lush because every time I’m in there I act like a douchey kid whose parents let him run amok in places populated by highly annoyed patrons. But when you’re shopping with someone and they need to pop in, you soldier up and pop in with her. I mean, this doesn’t necessarily apply to shops you don’t want to waste time in – just the ones that benefit you as well. Obviously. Anyway, I left with this delectable smelling American Cream conditioner. One hard whiff and I want to go back and trade it in for a bigger size. It’s like vanilla musk mixed in with a light strawberry scent. I actually can’t smell strawberry but it invokes these cozy feelings that I seem to have become obsessed with. You’re going to have to smell it for yourself to pick up what I’m putting down. The best.


Favorite Beauty Product

Laura Mercier Cavier Eye Stick Color

Just when I thought there was nothing comparable to my beloved Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop this little thing meets my eye. While it doesn’t have the same cool touch as the Twinkle Pop (I mean, not everybody can jet out to the Swiss Alps for makeup ingredients) it’s smooth and creamy and glides on just as easy. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and my favourite quality about the shade selection is that they’re so many wearable ones – day or night. 7 neutrals and like, 3 or 4 shades to really enhance the look. I’m going to need every single one. Any less is blasphemy.

Get it here


Favorite Outfit

Indio Fashion Week 

I’ve already compiled my outfits for Vegas in a couple weeks and shame on you if you think they include body con and/or sequins. I’ll be at Rock and Rio so trust me when I tell you I’m full on dressing like it’s Coachella Weekend One. A f*cking selfie stick, frayed denim, boho blouses, crochet and statement strands, with fringe splattered on everything. And I’m only slightly exaggerating. This look was one of my favourites. Stay tuned for my re-creation.


Favorite Purchase

Matiko Fringe Booties

So I pre-ordered this fringed perfection last month thinking they wouldn’t ship until the end of May. Clearly they wouldn’t cut it as my birthday shoe because of the large date discrepancy – but I had to have them in my life so I settled for them coming in a little late. Anyways, the shoe Gods clearly recognize all my support and investment throughout the years so they’ve come together with Revolve and shipped them to me early. I’ve never owned a pair of Matiko shoes so I’ll give details once I prance around in them. I’m loving the sandy grey suede and the fringed cuff.


Favorite Photo

Wildfox/Shabby Chic

Just when I thought that I had created quite the snuggly little sleeping space for myself – I come across this gilded cotton candy land masterpiece. If you scratch the pillows they smell like Strawberry Shortcake. I just know it.

You can check out the rest of the spread (in agony) here.


Favorite Food

Turned Up Rabbit Food

I want to say I’ve been on a diet for the past month but since I’m planning on adopting this lifestyle I don’t want to quite call it that. I could say that I’ve been contemplating just eating delicacies and embracing what Americans call a “curvy” body type (AKA 300+ lbs) but it’s just not in my DNA. I’ve been into health and fitness for the better part of the past 10 years and while I love an occasional treat (think churros and Menchies with a smattering of pancakes) I‘m usually eating clean. I’ve taken it to the extreme this past month for my upcoming trip (and because I like looking good in general) and because I’m seeing results like never before – I’m sticking to it. Next week has me seeing my naturopath (AKA the rude d*ck  whose going to limit pretty much all my food intake – clean or dirty) because I have some intolerances so I’ve been keenly preparing myself for it. Anyway, before this becomes a post about #fitfam #cleaneating #iposteverymealeventhoughallithasisapieceofchickenandaproteinshake I just want to shut up and share my favourite rabbit food.



Wear Me: Spring Must Haves

Currently – Engulfed in the fuzziest blanket cardigan that’s still not appropriate for the monsoon happening outside. But I mean. Fashion.

Dreaming – Compiling a list of my most covetable Spring items I have to have else I’ll die. Probably literally.

If you live in California or any place that’s warmer than 60 – you’re a bitch. If you don’t – starting prepping your wardrobe with these gems…

Click on the title so you can throw it in the bag.


One Teaspoon Wilde 2020 Denim Skirt

I have been eyeing this little thing for the past couple months and think it’ll be a nice alternative to my cutoffs that I tend to live in all Summer long. It’s the perfect all year round piece.

Aquazurra Sexy Little Thing booties

I love these sand coloured booties for Spring. The soft shade with the sexy cutouts are a flawless combination. Cutoffs, sundresses, shredded denim and feminine shorts will never be the same.

Wildfox Fleur Sunglasses

I know that mirrored shades are so last year and so Coachella but for me, they don’t go out of style. If I can drive around feeling like a fighter pilot a la Maverick then I’m going to take full advantage of it.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Fringe Cross Body

Fringe is everywhere right now and this little bag is perfect for adding a little bit of trend while allowing you to keep your outfit neutral. The camel is a nice touch for Spring – keeping it light and airy. I need to add this to my M.A.C. collection.

Raga Coin Chain Necklace/Revolve Clothing

So festival season. I can see myself throwing this over a white tee any day of the week.

Aquazzura Wild Thing fringe sandals

I’ve started this tradition of gifting myself a pair of designer shoes on my birthday. This year is no exception. It’s a nice treat and although I tend to extend this tradition to pretty much every holiday possible – nothing beats spoiling yourself on your birthday. To me, from me is the best gift tag ever. I don’t need no sugar daddy.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara 

One of the newest additions to Benefit’s highly popular mascara collection- this one’s inspired by hair rollers (hayyyy Bardot style lashes). The hook n roll brush contains little hooks to catch, lengthen, lift and curl lashes. I’m definitely going to review this sassy little diva.

Free People Cascading Petal Shorts

These shorts are a must because of the girlie factor and the relaxed fit. I’d love them with a pair of flat gladiators or a pair of minimalist heels. So easy to wear in the warmer months and they transition into the Fall with a pair of tights and oversized knit too.

BlQ Basic Tank Dress

This slip on dress is foolproof for the Spring and it’s the classic material for layering with a light jacket, a denim button down or a classic knit. I like the brightness because it’s fun and I feel like wearing black in the warmer months is for enos and Daria.

Chloe Susanna Studded booties

I know, I know. So fashion blogger. But they are for a reason. They’re the all in one bootie. Ace for Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer. The gold detailing, the ideal height and the ability to pair with almost anything is what makes it so popular. I can’t decide on these or the Aquazzura sandals. They’re both so different. Such individuals. It’ll be a shame not to have them both. A damn shame.

Jen’s Pirate Booty Nitro Tunic

We’re currently in the midst of festival season. Calling all headdresses, boho blouses, flower halos and permastoners. Just because I’m hating doesn’t mean I won’t participate. Tons of retailers are displaying designs based on Coachella, for example. Jen’s Pirate Booty is one of my favourite brands for flawy, airy, “I never have to wear a bra” style clothing. This tunic dress is nice for someone who doesn’t want to get too cliche, especially if they did’t get tickets for anywhere. I’m not bitter. I’m just saying.

Foley & Corinna Framed Petite Cross Body

I love this little mini bag for the Spring. It’s easy to style, holds your most important items, and gives a polished look to an otherwise thrown together outfit.

Rebecca Minkoff Gilles Espadrille

I die for these. Valentino is giving her the side eye for being so crafty but I can care less. These will be on my feet soon. The outfit options are endless.

New Balance for J Crew 620 Sneakers

The dressed up sneaker trend isn’t going anywhere soon whether you like it or not. J Crew can attest to that. They’ve just paired up with New Balance and released a couple exclusive sneakers on their site. The colors are so fun and surprisingly easy to style. Nice for when you want to stay on trend but give your feet a break.

BareMinerals California Bronze Multi Effect Bronzing Trio

A nice subtle glow is most likely your best accessory for just about anything in the warmer months. The harsh contouring from Fall is transitioning into a softer look for when you want to get all au natural. Or at least fake it as we all do. Don’t even. I already know. Each shade is universally flattering and helps create a little dimension while giving off an “I’m tan year round haters” look.

Nila Anthony Fur Ball Bag Accessory

I just ordered mine. How can you live life without this pouf of happiness? It can come off as tacky if you don’t style it right…enhance your neutrals and use it on already simplistic bags, wallets and clutches. So Cher.

What do you think of my Wish List? More importantly, do you have my email address for money transfers?