Purchased and Reviewed: So Much Lip

If there’s one beauty product I honest to God can’t live without it’s lipstick. Like, legit lipstick. Intense, matte, pigmented like no one’s business lipstick.

I have a nice collection so far (I’m constantly falling in love with new shades and brands). Speaking of brands, I don’t discriminate, as long as they’re high quality. Sorry I’m not sorry but unless I come across a shade that really stands out, or a texture that meets my standards, drugstore brands don’t always make the cut. I know that sounds pretentious. It is.

I recently added these 3…


Each shade is so completely different from the next, that’s what really does it for me. I’m not a huge fan of wasting money on colors that are a twin match to ones I already have, unless it’s an exclusive limited edition product or one that’s out of stock. I firmly believe that lipstick can transform a look without having to chop off, add on, or switch up the style of your hair or spend hoards on a new wardrobe. If you’re looking to save money, or more realistically, save up for a pair of Valentinos and still need to satisfy your shopping craving – get lipstick. Add a white tee and a pair of skinnies, transfer $50 to my Paypal account for this enlightening little tidbit and you’re a whole new person. You’re most welcome.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Plum Rose


One of the prettiest pink shades ever. This is a newcomer to Sephora, I usually get my Bobbi Brown from Nordstrom (duh), so I was pleasantly surprised with the appropriately nicknamed “lipstick whisperer” at Nordstrom Alderwood in Lynwood, WA (shout out hayyy) suggested it. I love the texture, very smooth. Plus it has a nice lightweight finish and is so moisturizing unlike other semi – mattes.

Make Up Forever Rouge Artiste Intense in Matte Flesh


I love this brand. The most highly pigmented and long lasting shades I swear. This one’s pretty dry going on but it lasts all day and is one of the most amazing nudes I’ve ever worn. I especially like the fact that it doesn’t make my skin looked washed out or make my lips look cake-y in that drug addict type of way. (You know the look right?)  I sometimes like to add a little bit of color to the center of the lip sometimes, so an sorbet shade like NARS in Torres Del Paine (one of my favorties from the Final Cut collection) really accentuates the nude. I’ve used a couple other shades of Make Up Forever and they’re all so easy to wear, intense colors, and at $20 a tube, you can’t hate it.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Favorite


This is my first Chanel lip color. I actually came across it during an online bout of power shopping at Nordstrom and the vibrant color is what drew me in. Um, the most obscenely amazing shade. I can’t even explain. A bit of orange, a bit of red and a bit of pink. All in one lip color. Are you kidding?? I love the texture – so velvety – definitely lives up to it’s name. The color lasted all day but I did find that because it’s texture is soft and pillowy, it did get into the creases of the lips a bit. The next time I wore it, I exfoliated my lips with a scrub and added lip balm 10 minutes or so before applying – creases were practically diminished. I am in love, and can’t wait to get another one.

You can get all shades at either Sephora or Nordstrom.





Friday Favorites

Can’t comprehend. I’m actually doing a Friday Favorites post on a Friday. I, 1 – Have no life and 2 – am efficient as sh*t.




Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip MAC Clutch in Dusty Rose

This bad boy (or shall I say dainty little girl) is a week or so away from the start of our love affair. Baby pink is huge for Spring, and this MAC couldn’t have been introduced at a better time. I have the Bombe in white, the MAC in black and a few minis. You can say I’m obsessed, but I know what I like. Oh, and the 5  zip is one I don’t have in the larger size so it’s totally justified.



Tulips are the prettiest and easiest to find flower. So abundant, so thrifty, and so many shades. I picked some up this past Monday and I’m making another trip tomorrow for some Easter shades like the ones below. They only last about a week but I don’t mind switching them up for a fresh look.



Sweaters & Skirts

Oh heyyy. Excuse the sh*tty iPhone quality and instead focus on the over-sized sweater, faux leather mini and tall boot combo. It’s barely Spring right now so I found the sweater and knee high boots balance out the mini. Less Pretty Woman, more Pretty Woman whose a little cold.



NARS Final Cut exclusive collection in Sex Fantasy

I’m in love with this shade right now. First of all, clearly they name it after me. Second, the color is light and doll – like, yet still shows up on my skin. I may have to pick up another before the collection sells out. PS – Available at the mothership – Nordstrom. Duh.



Diptyque Patchouli 

I’ve been warming this every single evening and rainy day for the past 2 weeks. Not just for the hippies, I mean hipsters incense-ual types. It’s absolute Heaven. The scent is warm, woodsy, and musky yet still has a little something different to it – as all Diptyque scents do. So amazing, definitely makes me start counting down until Christmas. (Because I hadn’t started that already.) (Also because I didn’t already have an app on my phone). Just saying.



Qoola Frozen Yogurt

Don’t judge me, it was cheat day. I find I’m happiest on cheat day. Partly because I get to indulge in one of my favorite treats, and party because I’m not starving for food in general. Ha ha, kidding. Maybe. Anyway, fro yo > ice cream, because I like the tart, fresh taste and I like to spend a good 8 minutes concocting a culinary masterpiece like the one below. And they say I can’t do work with food. Fro yo is food. Take a seat. (Notice the lack of “fruit” – shameless).



Tulle Everything

I can’t wait to expand my collection of full skirts, whether tulle, organza, or a similar ballerina-y, cotton candy-y fabric. I have yet to wear my Unif Chloe dress – which has a gorgeous tulle skirt. Paired with a fitted sweater, turtleneck, or basic tee – wearable, trendy, and oh so feminine. I dare someone to rain on my tulle parade. I might resemble a ballerina but I will Black Swan you.



Amelie Pichard

I love everything about this. Shades of pink, neon lights, Keds, and a shaggy coat. I would wear this to Trader Joes if it came down to it.



YSL Classic Small Monogramme Tassel Satchel in Black Leather

The styling options for this bag are endless. My head is spinning. I’m definitely splurging on a luxe handbag and pair of shoes for my birthday this year and I feel that this one is a nice classic. I like the size, I love how sleek it is, and the tassel with the gold detailing is so chic. So worth not going on a trip instead. I say.


Weekend Snaps

 Today’s my Sunday. I know, haters gon’ hate. Therefore, it’s appropriate for a weekend post. I hope everyone indulged a little this weekend. Whether in margaritas, successful purchases, sleep, or whatever other past time there is besides the aforementioned three that really, only matter.

Here’s what my weekend consisted of.


My friend and I are well known fixtures at our fav Mexican spot. We gave it a 2 month hiatus. It’s apparent we went hard after so long. (Yes, that is my chip soaking in a bowl of the most perfect salsa – I couldn’t wait).


It was time for some new flora for the week. Fresh Farms had the prettiest arrangements of tulips. I am so pleased.


A Sunday spent shopping is unbeatable. The perfect outing for my new sparkly Vans. 


Fuel for Nordstrom.  (Although once I step foot all thoughts of having to pee, hunger pangs, and mild headache disappear).

Panera Bread. My cheat day is usually Saturday, and this occurred on a Sunday. It was shared. That makes it okay right?


Jackson loves his time in the sun. As rare as it is. 


My search for leopard print flats came to an end yesterday. BP @ Nordstrom. It was lust at first sight. I love the ankle strap and the d’orsay cut. So chic.


This is the result of two fairly intense cake cravings. Whipped up a red velvet cake within 30 minutes. Saturday Fat Day was a true success. So was my sugar high and approximate 2 lb gain. 



Purchased: Table Attire

I recently created a nice little space for a desk in my room. All that’s missing is the perfect chair. While I hunt for that (currently accepting suggestions), I’ve been pretty-ing it up a little, adding some decor and some detail, piece by piece. I’m pretty satisfied with my hoardings so far. Check them out…



Chevron print tray/Winners

Calvin Klein candle/Winners

J Decorative piece/Winners

Books/Previous Purchases

Diptyque candles/Nordstrom

Rosebud salve/Sephora

Balenciaga box/Remnant from a wallet I was gifted with a couple Christmases ago

Watch/Michael Kors


Tocca Cleopatra/Sephora

Candle/Tao LV

I just want to put it out there that a coffee table tray is definitely worth having. It’s a really chic way to display random pieces that you can’t really arrange on the table itself, plus it adds a little something extra to an otherwise basic base. It’s also a nice addition to a desk space, plus it’s removable for when you need a little extra room to work blog.

I actually went out hunting for a couple of pieces I could use and found the most amazing items at Winners. Holy shit that place is a hidden gem. I had no idea they carried items I would actually want. This does not include clothes. I have a thing. I’m not judging you, I just have a thing. Let me have my thing. My thing might characterize me as a pretentious bitch but it’s my thing. Anyway, the tray, the decorative piece, and the candle were all pieces I picked up on the same trip. The tray I’ve been hunting for, both online, and in store, forEVER. I pretty much walked right up to it and laid my claim. The candle is scent heaven. I am a slave to Diptyque, but I couldn’t pass up the musky, cozy, almost cologne-like scent. AH-mazing. I absolutely love the contrast of the gilded frame against my vintage-y black desk. My muse, Victoria Beckham has ever so subtly graced herself. Mixing prints and textures is a definite ‘do for desk decor. I recommend hitting up Winners, Nordstrom Rack, or Home Sense for decorative pieces. (You don’t have to haul it over in one trip, it’s actually better to gather from various different places for a much more cohesive and eclectic collection). The prices are beyond reasonable, and you’ll never know what you might find. Is that their slogan? Should I be getting paid? H&M USA also has a home section on their website now, Anthropologie is a go-to for unique and timeless pieces (pricier but worth it) and Urban Outfitters is a really sweet place to pick up items for both your apartment, desk space, bedroom, and washroom. If you’re having a hard time searching for a candle you like, you’re a fool to not have tried either Jo Malone, Diptyque, Creed, or Voluspa for their to – die – for scents. Sorry, but it’s true. Nordstrom, is your holy grail. Neiman’s too.

I’m definitely going to be investing in a couple of great coffee table books. They’re practically timeless, decorative pieces within themselves, and can add a nice a personal touch to your room. I ask that you don’t be an asshole and display those books that you have absolutely no care, or clue about. The VOGUE Editor’s Eye ain’t fooling anyone when you’d rather shop at Forever 21 whist ragging on those that indulge. (Nothing against F21, I usually find some pretty nice basics when hunting). I’m just keeping it real.

Either way, candles, books, and personal items like framed photos and jewelry are perfect pieces if you’re looking to add a little decor to your space. The chevron print is so popular right now, the mixture of print with B&W, and gold is subtle and chic yet really stands out against any background you may pair it against.

I’m always up for seeing or hearing what everyone else is doing so feel free. Just keep it short. (Kidding, kidding).


Here are some similar coffee table/desk ideas I’m loving…










I love the simplicity of clutter. Sounds very contradicting, but when you can tie it to a theme, or bring it together with a vase filled with gardenias and a burning candle, it’s the perfect mess.

I’ll update on my progress sooner than later. I’m currently browsing crystal based lamps and a vintage, yet somewhat ergonomic chair I can get comfy in. I know, life is hard.


Style: Looks of the Week

I haven’t been updating this section lately. I don’t really have an explanation other than the fact that I was sick and lazy. Slazy.

Here are my fav looks as of late…

Scarlett Johansson in Armani. This helps me get over her wretched performance in Don Jon.


Emma Watson in Wes Gordon. Who is huge right now btw. Like insanely eclipse – huge. I really think the slicked back do and red lip does it for me.


Jamie Chung (naturally) in a BCBG jacket and Alejandro Ingelmo T strap pumps. This girl never gets it wrong. I love everything about her. That studded floral jacket is to die for.


Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Parker. Shades of camo and mesh insets. Perfect.


Jennifer Connelly in Givenchy Couture. I’m not a fan of the prom queen style and she isn’t either. This structured gown is amazing on her. The pink makes it really young too.


Jessica Alba in Cushnie et Ochs. Jessica why must you do me this way? Her cheekbones match her dress. Godddddddddd.


Zoey Deutch in Houghton seperates. This is what a modern day Vamp looks like. Impeccable.


SJP in Dolce & Gabbana. One of my fashion muses. Say what you want about her but she is ageless to me. It’s all in the outfit.


Amber Heard in a beaded and belted Ulyana Sergeenko fringed dress. Look at this little Spanish princess. The lip, the updo, the fringe and the Louboutins. I can’t get over it.


Jennifer Hudson in basics. See what I mean? Basics do a body so good. I love the little kick on her polka dot pencil skirt.


Elle Fanning. Neon is everything right now. Coordinates over basics like this is insanely chic. So Parisian.


Elizabeth Olsen in Miu Miu. Putting the other Olsens to shame in this get up. I would give anything to wear this. Okay, not anything, but you get the point. Love the shade and love the relaxed feel to the whole look.


Olivia Palermo in Valentino and Rebecca Minkoff.  Prints, brights and blacks. Queen Mix A Lot is what I shall call her. She makes it all look so natural.


Kate Mara in Louis Vuitton. Very 80s. Very chic. And actually very put together. I’m not loving the printed pumps somehow the muted tone of her outfit makes them work.


Kate Moss. In J Brand. Leather. And a white top. Staples. She does staples, denim and leather like NO ONE before and after her.


Keira Knightley in Chanel Couture. Omg to this corseted waist Chanel has been displaying.


Jennifer Lawrence in Tom Ford. J Law can trip and fall on her face all over this mirrored Tom Ford mini. Class.


Diane Kruger in Valentino Couture. Jaw dropping. The hair, the lace and the sky high Loubs. I’ve never seen lace done so well. This is absolutely amazing.