Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Favorite Purchase

Valentino Rockstuds

I usually try to justify purchases like these and this time is no different. They’re nude so they go with everything. They’re extremely comfortable for such a uncomfortable looking heel. They’re easy to keep clean. They’re like, so huge still. My fluo pink ones were lonely. I can go on but would rather not embarrass myself any further. They are gorgeous. I can’t keep my eyes off them and that’s also my excuse for nearly rear ending the car in front of me last week. I sh*t you not – I would have repeated that to the officer. These heels are beyond anything. The 3 photos. I had to.




Favorite Beauty Product

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Smoky Mauve

The last time I purchased a shadow from MAC was when I could barely master blending my crease let alone create chiseled cheekbones onto my face. I was in Nordstrom picking up Honeylove (one of my fav nude lipsticks) when my eyes landed on this shimmery little pot. Crow game strong. This liquid – powder formula is insanely prismatic, with tons of shimmer. Shimmer can be scary if you don’t know how to blend but when used right it just pops. The metallic finish is so pretty – I chose this mauve/pink shade because I thought it would go best with a darker mauve crease and a nude lip. Very similar to NARS’ shimmery single shadows. I blended this in with my most recent Naked palette to wear as a daytime look and it was gorgeous.


Favorite Read

Mary Kubica – The Good Girl

I am a fiend when it comes to reading. If i didn’t need financial support for my habits I’d quit my job and hole myself up underneath a faux fur and just lose myself for months on end. Mary Kubica is phenomenal and so is her first book – The Good Girl. I love the suspense, the emotion, and her ability to turn the reader’s world upside down. I was a blubbering mess at one point and biting my lip at others. You need to read this book. I’m almost finished with Pretty Baby – her second  most recent book and I’m just in awe of this woman.


Favorite Totally Unnecessary Purchase

iPhone 6S

I wouldn’t say this was entirely unnecessary because I didn’t cave when the 6 and 6 plus were announced. I currently own a 5S and find it sufficient for the most part but highly annoying when it comes to the lack of storage. 16G you are sooooo inadequate. I’m constantly uploading photos to my Mac and then deleting, plus I don’t get to take advantage of all the apps I’d like to experience. But really who am I kidding. It’s the photos. I want all my selfies at my fingertips. Is that so much to ask? In consequence, I decided to forgo another pair of designer shoes and instead order the phone from Apple because my contract with my sh*tty ass carrier had just come to an end. The freaks had all reserved the ones available at the stores and really, I don’t mind waiting a couple weeks for it to be delivered. The new features are intriguing, 3D touch, 4K video, moving pictures and a 12MP camera – oh hey. And because I’m so honest I’m going to straight out admit that you can put a high quality camera on a brick and I’d pay an exorbitant price for that thing. Better selfies? Charge it! Now. Now! That and the rose gold (cough, pink, cough) – I couldn’t pass it up.


Favorite Photo

Seahawk Season  

Jackson modelled his new Hawks puffer jacket last week. Two of my favorite things in one photo. I can’t deal. I found it on Coupaw but I believe it sold out pretty quick in all sizes. Checking wouldn’t hurt. It’s ideal for Fall and Winter – warm and easy to get on him with a removable hood for a little versatility. They need options too you know.


Favorite Food

Clean Eats

I see a naturopath once a month because I have some food issues (no I’m not referring to my obsess with wanting to eat cake for breakfast) – although I regard this act as eccentric and creative. Keeping life light you know? Anyway, in addition to the rice protein smoothies I’ve been eating/slurping for breakfast, lunch and snacks, I’ve been off wheat and pretty much anything else that tantalizes my tastebuds. In lieu of said carbs – Udi’s bread, brown rice and tofu is what I be working with. Throw in some veggies and black beans and you have a mexican fiesta – without the bottomless margarita and slurred speech. Behold one of my favorite meals. An open faced sandwich and cayenne dressed tofu.


Favorite Look


How can you not throw on a plaid already? Its crisp enough out that I can finally bring out the tall boots, the flannels and the sweater dresses. I love replacing pants with knee high boots – less Pretty Woman, more effortless. A basic tunic or sweater dress (which are huge this season) is all you need. A trench, flannel or button down worn casually around your hips or thrown over top offsets the heeled boot so you don’t look like you’re trying too hard or trying to make some extra cash.


Happy Weekend



Wear Me: Spring Shoe Game

Me saying that I have a thing for shoes is like a junkie saying they don’t mind snorting coke. Tis a blatant misrepresentation.

I feel that a good pair of shoes can instantly lend a hand to an otherwise simple outfit. And c’mon, when you’re fashioned in black, grey and white all the time, you need something to stand out. I chose shoes. I’ll wear a white tee to it’s last threads but pair it with 50 different styles of shoe. Instant revival.

When I’m watching my spending (I know – hilarious, but humour me here), I limit myself to a shoe purchase a month. I’m not talking Louboutin or Valentino, but a pair or two from Zara are what I like to call thrifty and right now, underhanded. Whatever.

Anyway, I have my eyes on these styles that are big for Spring. I’m one of those assholes that wears strappy sandals in the dead of winter so nothing is safe from my vice-like grasp. If you can get away with spending as little time as possible traipsing around outdoors then why not go HAM on an open toe? (I’m talking to you East Coast).

One of each please.

The Espadrille

The espadrille is timeless. It’s the perfect relaxed shoe to throw on with a springy dress, a pair of cutoffs or skinnies. It’s the close relative of the flat, one that resides in Southern California. I find that most are pretty comfortable too – so you don’t look like you’re enduring the highest form of torture while walking through the mall. The mall is a happy place, The two just don’t mesh well together.

Soludos Classic Leather Espadrille Sandals/65



Loeffler Randall Mara Espadrille/195



Valentino Rockstud Leather Espadrille Flats/895



The Gladiator

I feel that this style makes an appearance every year during the warmer months. You can’t go wrong. It’s feminine, trendy, and will do up the simplest of outfits. Rebecca Minkoff vamped it up last year with her runway versions and I don’t see why you can’t take that same vision to the streets…

Free People Sunever Gladiator Slip on Sandals/85

Free People


Zara Leather Gladiators/159



Stuart Weitzman Caged Up Suede Gladiator Sandal/535

Neiman Marcus


The Flatform

Calling all former lovers of Baby Spice and asian women who are known to pair them with fanny packs and sun visors. I’m only kidding. Kind of. I owned a few pairs of these in the late 90’s for sure. Now long gone, along with my smiley face jewellery and Sailor Moon memorabilia, these b*tches have found their way back from the depths of your high school wardrobe. I’ve picked the ones that I wouldn’t mind wearing. I’ve purposely left out the 5 inch sandals made of scuba material. I really didn’t think I could stand mentally transporting myself back to Grade 10.

Shoe Cult Frequency Flatform/29

Nasty Gal


Jeffrey Campbell Aurelia Flatforms/110



Stella McCartney Lindsey Wedges/368

Stella McCartney


The Slide

The slide is probably one of the easiest shoes to slip on (duh) and pair with just about anything. Grasshopper legged girls are clasping their hands with glee while ones with half the height may be a little weary with this particular type of footwear. Either way – there’s a style that’ll be easy to work with. I’ve pulled a few designs that give off a nice range…these aren’t your typical slip on sports sandals.

TopShop Pool Sliders/15



Kaanas Susu Two Band Slides/79



Vince Orion Flat Leather Slides/195



The Nude

For me, “send me nudes” refers to shoes. If I could only pick one shade of shoe to wear it would be nude. It’s flattering, natural yet chic, and goes with absolutely everything. Nude is definitely my go to when black is feeling too vampy for me. Spring 2015 agrees….

Mary Janes with Bows/39



Schutz Cadey Lee Sandals/180



Barbara Bui Fringe Suede Heels/945

Forward by Elyse Walker


The Mule

The mule came back this fall and is still on trend for the Spring/Summer months. If you don’t like teetering in a pointy toe then a mule is your match. They’re easier to walk in and versatile enough to take from day to night. It’s a nice transition shoe when you’re just getting familiar with a heel (what are you? 12?) Kidding, kidding.

Truffle Ely Peep Toe Mule/53



Michael Kors Burnett Leather Mule Slides/395

Neiman Marcus


Maison Martin Margiela Open Toe Leather Sandal/424 on sale from 865

Forward by Elyse Walker



One of my favourite styles. A lace up heel is a shoe and accessory all in one. I like pairing mine with basic wardrobe choices otherwise the whole ensemble ends up being a little too trendy and busy looking. Whether they’re in flat or heel form, these are perfect for accentuating a pair of skinnies, a flowy midi skirt or fluttery shorts ad skin tight leather leggings.

Jeffrey Campbell Shay Lace Up Flats/165

Free People


Soles x Skin SJP Heel/204

Revolve Clothing


Christian Louboutin Impera Laser Cut & PVC Lace Up Heels/1295



Detailed Flats

Flats can honestly never go out of style. There is always a requirement for a flat shoe. Ballet, menswear inspired, laced, or an intricate pointy toe. You can pair a flat with anything. Keep them clean – that’s my one pet peeve when it comes to flats. They shouldn’t be falling apart, scuffed up or flopping around your foot. A well worn, proper fit will always make you look polished whereas a sh*tty looking, banged up flat will always make you look like you robbed someone on skid row.

Kimchi Blue Elastic Cross Strap Flats/39

Urban Outfitters


Valentino Intrigate Mesh Flats/428

Forward by Elyse Walker


Isabel Marant Leo Snake effect Leather Ballet Flats/650

Net A Porter


I’m eyeing a couple of these for purchase once Spring is in full on beast mode. Use them as a guide line and your #ootd will be on point.


Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Happy Weekend.

These are my favorite little things from this week.


Favorite Product

Buxom Haute Pink Lip Deluxe Sample Set

I picked this as my free sample on a recent Sephora online order and wasn’t dying over it but figured that 3 almost full sized products for free was better than a one time use face cleanser in a annoying paper packet. This set came with 1 full bodied lip polish in Haute Pink Nicole, one full lip gloss in Sweet Thing  and a juicy lipstick in Mistress. I am ride or die for a matte lipstick so gloss just isn’t my thing – until I tried these. I used the lipstick as a base and layered on the lip gloss for a pillow lip effect. I wasn’t stumbling all over town for it but as the day went on I noticed that my lips had transformed to like, almost 3 times their natural size. Okay, twice. Twice their natural size. I didn’t realize until I started getting compliments on my lip plumping surgery. I now understand the allure of a good lip gloss. I went with just the gloss a few times afterwards and again, like the look for a more natural, my lips woke up like this appearance. This set definitely awoke a lip gloss wielding beast inside of me. Great.


Favorite Look


I’m really into adding a bit of detail to an otherwise monotone normcore outfit. Lace up sandals are the best possible way in my opinion. I purchased these sapphire coloured gems a few weeks ago from Zara and although they pinch a little in the back – I’m in love. So Sergio Rossi.


Favorite Purchase

Mess with the bull…

I’m a Taurus so it’s only appropriate that I festoon my surroundings with bull horns. The best part – horns and antlers are practically a staple in room décor. I was out looking for a bar cart a couple weeks ago and came across this masterpiece. For $14! What?! I was looking for the missing 0 let me tell you. I snatched that b*tch up quick. I love how it adds a little rugged, yet modern flourish to my table. The dimension is crazy.


Favorite Photo

Wildfox’s Gypsy Sprint 2015 Lookbook

I’m trying so hard to not make clothing purchases until the end of March, but this collection is making it beyond troublesome. The gypsy charm, combined with an innate girliess (like all things Wildfox) is killing me right now. And the lookbook is bonkers. You can check it out on Kim Gordon’s personal inspo site here.


Favorite Scent

Diptyque Amber

This scent is the newest addition to my Diptyque collection. I have a thing for a warmer, spicier scent and this was just that, but as usual had a nice little twist that I can’t quite place. Part of the Woody collection (I honestly believe that’s a typo on their site – as Woodsy is a little more appropriate here – we are speaking in terms of candles you know) – it’s counterparts are Feu de Bois and Cypres (which I have yet to purchase). It’s a warm combination of patchouli and vetiver, with hints of Tonka bean, citrus, aniseed and “mysterious incense.” I like how it invokes feelings of cozy winters and reminds me of woodsy cologne. I also like that I can close all the drapes and pretend it’s December 24th outside.


Favorite Look

Shrimps London

Oh. Yass. A designer line that that highlights faux fur. Shrimps London is the baby of Hannah Weiland who is a new London based designer with a background in art and textile design. Her inspo is modern art, and a mix of patterns and texture. The best part? Her lack of animal cruelty. The brightest faux you ever will see transposed onto clutches, her insanely popular coats, and outerwear. You can check out the collection here I can’t wait to get my hands on that rose and baby pink clutch bag.


Purchased: Zara Electric Blue Strappy Slingbacks

Prologue – I have been trying profusely to find a pair of electric blue strappy sandals comparable to these Sergio Rossi caged pair I’ve literally been losing valuable sleep over. I first saw them on one of my favourite heavy hitting style bloggers – Maja Wyh, and everything about them was ingrained in the vast space I reserve in my brain for shoes. This love affair started last Summer and since I’ve been disappointed with the selection of similar choices. Especially since the Sergio Rossis have been sold out wherever I do find them. I had hung my head and had already begun allocating funds to invest in a different pair, you know, to appease the pain, when I came across these….


I had straight up given up hope in ever finding a pair that even came close to what I wanted. I was in Zara this weekend to return an online purchase because in my excitement I had accidentally purchased 2 of the same item. (This happens when there’s a sale, combined with a gross lack of care when it comes to double checking the final amount after the transaction is completed.) I mean, the heart wants what the heart wants right? The rest is filed under minute gnat like detail.


Back to the story – So here I am, admist a huge sale and tons of zombie like shoppers with sweat stains under their arms (and other unsightly areas) and I decide to suck it up and take a quick jaunt around the store just in case there’s something that will catch my eye.*

*Side note: There is ALWAYS something that catches my eye. I am a magpie. There is no way I was leaving empty handed.

You should have seen me glance right and then left when I saw them. Like I was leaving a bank with 10.3 million dollars stuffed into a duffle bag.

Cue angels singing. (Or Fergie’s Labels or Love).


 Fine. They’re not leather and they’re not Sergio Rossi, or Aquazurra BUT they are damn good dupes. I didn’t have to convince myself or talk myself into making the purchase because I was too busy making sure no one else had their sights on them. I’d bless you with a couple photos of the first #OOTD but I didn’t get a chance to wear them out yet, and although the pajama look is hot, trust me – what I had on with them is nowhere near trend worthy.

I drove home with my mind frantically creating countless outfits where these would excel to their fullest potential. I can’t even. Really, so many options. I love the color, the “cage” is less cagey and more strappy bohemian – which I love (I find that a harsh cage look with this shade would cheapen the appearance.).

The 4 (and a bit) inch heel is a little high but I’m used to strutting around in a heel so I doubt it’ll keep me from wearing them to the supermarket.

Epilogue – I’m floored. So happy I found something to appease my thirst for the Rossi sandals. I do like to indulge in a designer shoe or 2 (or 6) and find the the quality is definitely worth the higher price but I had to have these because I haven’t come across anything – even designer wise – with this exact style. I like Zara’s quality for the most part – I have a bunch of different pairs that have held up really well so I am a repeat offender. I usually don’t purchase a shoe under a certain price point and I feel like that’s pretty pompous of me but hey, I’m a bit of highfaluting asshole. What can you do?

*You can get them here


I don’t want any of you to suffer when yore faced with the horror story or a pair being sold out so here are some similar styles…

(Scroll over the title to shop)

Manolo Blahnik Gori Cage Sandal


Madden Girl Raceyyy Ghillie Dress Sandals


Tamara Mellon Glow Metallic Suede Sandals


Sergio Rossi Suede Cage Sandals in Blue Cobalt – these are the pair that are sold out but I thought I’d include them just in case you hit gold in your online search.


Christian Louboutin Laurence Leather Cage Laceup Sandals


Schutz Erlene Lace Up Sandals


Jimmy Choo Gladys Lace Up Sandal 


Pierre Hardy Strappy Cage Sandal 


Sergio Rossi Antiope Blue Satin Gladiators


Aquazzura Beverly Hill Suede Lace Up Sandals


Aquazzura Sexy Thing Suede Sandals 


It’s so much easier to find pairs in neutral and black than it is blue, but there are tons more out there, these are just the ones I’ve come across.

Every day is Shoesday.



Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

I’m spending my Sunday editing some new purchase posts, only getting out of bed to work out, and giggling with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Hope your’s is just as Hashtag #lazysunday

Favorite Item

Mirrored Tray



My sister got me this tray for Christmas. I was looking for a mirrored tray for my perfumes and vanity decor and she went a step farther by having it monogrammed. Amazing. It looks super high brow and I’m not ashamed. The size is perfect for holding what I wanted to display…

You can shop a similar one here – Mirrored Dresser Top Trays

Favorite Look



I haven’t used my Sultra wand since this summer and I can’t seem to comprehend why I retired it for so long. I was getting a little tired of my hairstyle – I almost always curl it at the ends for fullness – so I decided to switch it up. So pleased. Beach waves never go out of style, especially when you don’t want to look too overdone. I already have a full of face of makeup so keeping the hair a little more casual is a nice balance. The wand looks intimidating at first but it’s become second nature to me. I usually wrap my hair around a couple times and then leave the ends so that I don’t end up looking like Curly Sue (Google her).

You can try it here – Sultra Waving Wand 

Favorite Beauty Product

Sephora Collection Flatter Yourself Contouring Brush Set


I ordered this brush set a couple weeks ago and was going to do a full review but haven’t had enough time to really get up close and personal. It was an exclusive and I’m a sucker for an exclusive – mainly because I get anxiety over the fact that there is a product out there that if not purchased, will be out of reach forever. These are the types of regrets I simply cannot live with. Anyway, the bristles are remarkably soft and high quality and the set of 3 is complimentary and nice for creating a basic contour (as well as buffing and blending liquid makeup). Not to mention, they come with blotting papers, a sleek little pouch and a contour guide. Overall, it contains a stippling brush, a buffing brush, and and angled blush brush. I’m getting used to using the stippling brush because I’ve never used one before, but the buffing and blush brushes I can work with like a freaking pro. Love.

You can shop it here – Sephora Collection Flatter Yourself Contouring Brush Set

Favorite Purchase

Wildfox Onesie


No you shut YOUR mouth. Yeah. I got a onesie with cat ears on the hood. What startingly amazing thing have you done recently?

Favorite Food



I, along with most of the female population, have vowed to get back into my healthy eating habits for the new year. I’m not into resolutions but I figured now was as good a time as any to detox by body after I indulged the sh*t out of Christmas. I started feeling a little Chipmunk like after hoarding every treat placed in front of me. Ya feel me? So – in addition to upping my workouts and monitoring my food intake, I’ve started hitting up loose tea. In no way am I ridiculous enough to believe that this is a food replacement (refer to: Favorite Food) but I didn’t feel like tweaking the title.  I picked up a fancy little holiday set right before Christmas and am actually shocked at how much they satisfy my sweet tooth. The set embraces the scents and tastes of the holiday season, and you can’t beat pumpkin spice and peppermint in one setting. Specifically, it contains 4 holiday teas which consist of Pumpkin Spice Brûlée, White Chocolate Peppermint, Chococaramel Sea Salt, and Spiced Apple Cider. I haven’t tried them all but so far I love the white chocolate peppermint and chococaramel sea salt. Probably because they’re the most indulgent sounding. Pathetic.

I don’t believe that this set is still available but you can get a ton of similar ones here –

Favorite Pastime

Voraciously Reading


I’ve been trying to catch up on all the books sitting in my iBookshelf. I download them like they’re going to vanish within seconds – big up to purchase anxiety, yet again. Although I love reading on my iPad, there are some books I feel are worth buying in physical form. Coffee table books and books having to do with style and fashion are a must have tangible good. They look pretty and class up the joint, plus you can mark off and go back to them without having to scroll through hundreds of pages. I’d been wanting to read Sophia Amoroso’s #girlboss for months now. I’ve been a loyal Nasty Gal investor (read – shopper) and am always open to a little inspiration and advice, especially from such a powerhouse. I’m halfway in and am marking off pages worthy of anecdotes that need to be drilled into my head. Her uhf*ckwithable attitude is infectious, I’ll make sure to do a book report review when I’m done. I also purchased The Glitter Plan, which is Pam Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor’s rise to infamy with Juicy Couture. Since Juicy is now fading into the outlet abyss and they’ve recently launched their new, more high endline – Pam & Gela, I was interested in reading their memoir. Yes Please is another can’t miss read. I am crushing hard on Amy Poehler. She is genuinely funny and offers up some really deep musings that you have to read a couple times to ensure she isn’t just f*cking with you. Idol status. Those are the 3 books I’ve started reading so far. I’ve also just purchased Serena by Ron Rash , Dead Stars by Bruce Wagner, and Paper Towns by John Green. There isn’t enough time in the day…

Here’s a list of book adaptations hitting the big screen this year (and as everyone knows – the book is always better than the movie).  21 Books to Read Before They Hit The Big Screen in 2015

Favorite Outfit

Ripped Denim


Excuse the shitty photo quality. I was just getting home from work and realized I didn’t take advantage of the cloudless day for a superior outfit pic. These black skinnies are from Zara (I believe I purchased them back in October). They’re not as skinny in the shin area, and I find that a lot of denim fails me in this area because I have smaller shins. Other than J Brand which fit like second skin, a lot of denim I’ve tried and even purchased falls short here. Anyway, the wash and the strategic shreds are great. I actually DIY expanded the knee rips (with my own two hands and all) so that they’re a little more edgy and not as clean looking. Paired them with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell lace up flats (mimicked off Aquazurra) and had a bit of Kurt Cobain meets Olivia Palermo.

Happy Weekend