Weekend Snaps

 Today’s my Sunday. I know, haters gon’ hate. Therefore, it’s appropriate for a weekend post. I hope everyone indulged a little this weekend. Whether in margaritas, successful purchases, sleep, or whatever other past time there is besides the aforementioned three that really, only matter.

Here’s what my weekend consisted of.


My friend and I are well known fixtures at our fav Mexican spot. We gave it a 2 month hiatus. It’s apparent we went hard after so long. (Yes, that is my chip soaking in a bowl of the most perfect salsa – I couldn’t wait).


It was time for some new flora for the week. Fresh Farms had the prettiest arrangements of tulips. I am so pleased.


A Sunday spent shopping is unbeatable. The perfect outing for my new sparkly Vans. 


Fuel for Nordstrom.  (Although once I step foot all thoughts of having to pee, hunger pangs, and mild headache disappear).

Panera Bread. My cheat day is usually Saturday, and this occurred on a Sunday. It was shared. That makes it okay right?


Jackson loves his time in the sun. As rare as it is. 


My search for leopard print flats came to an end yesterday. BP @ Nordstrom. It was lust at first sight. I love the ankle strap and the d’orsay cut. So chic.


This is the result of two fairly intense cake cravings. Whipped up a red velvet cake within 30 minutes. Saturday Fat Day was a true success. So was my sugar high and approximate 2 lb gain. 



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