Purchased: Table Attire

I recently created a nice little space for a desk in my room. All that’s missing is the perfect chair. While I hunt for that (currently accepting suggestions), I’ve been pretty-ing it up a little, adding some decor and some detail, piece by piece. I’m pretty satisfied with my hoardings so far. Check them out…



Chevron print tray/Winners

Calvin Klein candle/Winners

J Decorative piece/Winners

Books/Previous Purchases

Diptyque candles/Nordstrom

Rosebud salve/Sephora

Balenciaga box/Remnant from a wallet I was gifted with a couple Christmases ago

Watch/Michael Kors


Tocca Cleopatra/Sephora

Candle/Tao LV

I just want to put it out there that a coffee table tray is definitely worth having. It’s a really chic way to display random pieces that you can’t really arrange on the table itself, plus it adds a little something extra to an otherwise basic base. It’s also a nice addition to a desk space, plus it’s removable for when you need a little extra room to work blog.

I actually went out hunting for a couple of pieces I could use and found the most amazing items at Winners. Holy shit that place is a hidden gem. I had no idea they carried items I would actually want. This does not include clothes. I have a thing. I’m not judging you, I just have a thing. Let me have my thing. My thing might characterize me as a pretentious bitch but it’s my thing. Anyway, the tray, the decorative piece, and the candle were all pieces I picked up on the same trip. The tray I’ve been hunting for, both online, and in store, forEVER. I pretty much walked right up to it and laid my claim. The candle is scent heaven. I am a slave to Diptyque, but I couldn’t pass up the musky, cozy, almost cologne-like scent. AH-mazing. I absolutely love the contrast of the gilded frame against my vintage-y black desk. My muse, Victoria Beckham has ever so subtly graced herself. Mixing prints and textures is a definite ‘do for desk decor.Ā I recommend hitting up Winners, Nordstrom Rack, or Home Sense for decorative pieces. (You don’t have to haul it over in one trip, it’s actually better to gather from various different places for a much more cohesive and eclectic collection). The prices are beyond reasonable, and you’ll never know what you might find. Is that their slogan? Should I be getting paid? H&M USA also has a home section on their website now, Anthropologie is a go-to for unique and timeless pieces (pricier but worth it) and Urban Outfitters is a really sweet place to pick up items for both your apartment, desk space, bedroom, and washroom. If you’re having a hard time searching for a candle you like, you’re a fool to not have tried either Jo Malone, Diptyque, Creed, or Voluspa for their to – die – for scents. Sorry, but it’s true. Nordstrom, is your holy grail. Neiman’s too.

I’m definitely going to be investing in a couple of great coffee table books. They’re practically timeless, decorative pieces within themselves, and can add a nice a personal touch to your room. I ask that you don’t be an asshole and display those books that you have absolutely no care, or clue about. The VOGUE Editor’s Eye ain’t fooling anyone when you’d rather shop at Forever 21 whist ragging on those that indulge. (Nothing against F21, I usually find some pretty nice basics when hunting). I’m just keeping it real.

Either way, candles, books, and personal items like framed photos and jewelry are perfect pieces if you’re looking to add a little decor to your space. The chevron print is so popular right now, the mixture of print with B&W, and gold is subtle and chic yet really stands out against any background you may pair it against.

I’m always up for seeing or hearing what everyone else is doing so feel free. Just keep it short. (Kidding, kidding).


Here are some similar coffee table/desk ideas I’m loving…










I love the simplicity of clutter. Sounds very contradicting, but when you can tie it to a theme, or bring it together with a vase filled with gardenias and a burning candle, it’s the perfect mess.

I’ll update on my progress sooner than later. I’m currently browsing crystal based lamps and a vintage, yet somewhat ergonomic chair I can get comfy in. I know, life is hard.



7 thoughts on “Purchased: Table Attire

  1. Winners? What in the world is that? An athletic store? haha:) Dying over the chevron print tray. Feel free to send it my way once you tire of it. I’ll gladly help you out.

  2. Can’t help but spy with my little eye that you A&O tutu tumbler matches that setup perfectly! Just sayin šŸ˜˜

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