Reviewed: Diptyque Beverly Hills Candle

Again – I’ve waited too long to share this fangirl post. I purchased this candle back in May (I believe it came out in mid April.) It was an exclusive release to celebrate the opening of the Diptyque store in BH. I practically ripped my hair out when I erroneously thought that I couldn’t get my hands on it unless I booked a flight but all fears were extinguished when I realized they would be oh so happy to send it to me. Hayyyy. The sales girl did ask if I wanted to go full out “charge it” and pick up the last few they had in stock but I declined because that’s what my candle warmer is for. If you’re a jerk and have a thing for pricey candles you need to invest in a candle warmer. You’ll extend the life of your candles, by like, 234870259 years. Kris Jenner would be so jealous.


Anyway, I now have this scent in my collection and couldn’t be happier to part with almost 90 bucks (retails for $70 USD) of somewhat hard earned money. I haven’t smelled anything like it. The mix is a combination of lemon essential oil, mint essential oil, orchid, and freesia. It’s a fresh,summery, beachy vibe and it’s so nice on a warmer day (or when it’s raining out and you want to play make believe).

It comes packaged as typical exclusive Diptyque candles do – unique glass casings. This one is turquoise with a bright yellow palm print. It’s such a pretty and refreshing addition to my originals and looks stunning on your dresser, shelf or coffee table.

I love this type of scent for warmer months – it’s fresh, clean and not in a “I just bleached the whole bathroom” kind of way.

I don’t know if you can order these from the store anymore (give them a call and find out – 310-385-5941) but I hope you’re able to score it because it’s a definite must in the Diptyque collection.


You can check out the rest of the line here.



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