Purchased & Reviewed: Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer

I firmly stand behind my testament that designer products are superior. And I can say without bullish*t that I don’t mind paying $25 for a polish like this one…

Shades in Nuit, Spring, and Gel Coat.



Shoutout to my reflection – hayyy.

This formula is amazing. I’ve worn Nuit for over 10 days without a chip. And although I shy away from tasks that involve me having to do hard labor but the rare dish washing, and bathroom cleaning have failed to ruin my manicure. Not to mention typing is a major part of my day and I’m pleased that my 95+ WPM has not fallen victim to chipping. Amazed.

The end result is almost glass like – and with the top Gel coat? Blinding. Unlike any gel coat I’ve ever used. The brush is shorter and stiffer than many polishes I’ve used (say Essie and OPI…) and it works because it holds the perfect amount of color, delivers a smooth application and covers the whole nail. No unsightly streaks, bubbles, globs or streaky application.

I like a darker application so I use two coats and then the gel application and didn’t have to spend 45 minutes waiting for my nails to dry like I do with other polishes. This formula dried in approx 5-8 minutes. If I didn’t sell you on it before, you better be head over thirsty toenails now.

You can get them at beauty retailers and Dior beauty for $26.




Sunday Style inspiration

Happy Sunday

I’m off to LA and Disneyland for Halloween this week and because I’m only taking a carry on I’m having an anxiety attack over what to take and what kind of outfits I want to work with for 3 days.

This assists…


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Purchased: Louis Vuitton Alma BB

I can’t believe this actually happened. Actually – I can. I have little control when it comes to purchases and when it’s a purchase I’ve been lusting over non stop for over 2 weeks – you can bet your wardrobe it’s going to end up in my arms. Or in this case – hanging off my shoulder, sitting at my hip and dangling from my forearms.

Welcome Alma BB.


I debated purchasing from the online boutique but decided that because it’s been a while since I’ve bought a luxury designer bag, I wanted the full experience. Because I live in Canada I ended up saving a couple hundred because of the exchange and this was the sole reason that I didn’t prance over to Neimans. I called a couple of stores in Vancouver to locate the bag and was a little displeased that the actual boutiques didn’t have any left in Dune (the shade I decided on). They ended up having it at the Louis Vuitton in Holt Renfrew (which many say is the counterpart of a Neimans or Barney’s but I wouldn’t place it on the same level). I placed it on hold the same day and decided that my somewhat sh*tty Saturday needed a proverbial margarita so what better time, right?

Has anyone seen that viral video of a beyond f*cking miffed Bath & Body Works hoarder who goes on a 20 minute detailed rant? I need to get like her but because I don’t want people to see me grow horns on video I’ll do it in writing instead. I honestly expected the staff at Holt Renfrew to be somewhat knowledgeable, competent and helpful, you know, like a Nordstrom associate? I was sadly foolish to expect so much. The staff was somewhat ignorant and after 15 minutes I finally had an associate look at me. Really? You’d think they’ve been told to assist a certain type of patron because that was the inkling that I had. I’d love to see a common peasant enter that store and watch the scene unfold. They’d probably be able to pull out a cigarette and cop a squat without getting even a smidgen of a glance. Unimpressed and underwhelmed.

Aside from the lack of help, once I managed to secure an associate I was horrified to have her pull out my bag from a drawer (although it was in the dust bag) and proceed to sell it to me after I noticed visible markings. I pointed them out and she claimed that that’s just the bag was and due to the light colour, it was prone to color transfer. Um no. A brand new bag should be in pristine condition. I don’t care if it’s white and covered in velcro. It should be spotless upon purchase. She then pulled out another bag in the same manner and I came across another dark mark on the fabric so I was obviously like – uh uh, this is a no no. Again, she tried to explain the discoloured marks away. Is it just me who thinks that a 2000 bag should be in perfect condition? Doubt it. So after I displayed my pretentious, asshole behaviour (as deserved as it was) I had her call a different store who ended up having it, despite the limited stock I was told about a week ago. I fled that dump. Bye Felicia. On the same level as Neimans? Nordstrom? Incorrect. Their service and hospitality is second to none.

Okay rant over. I need to talk about my bag. Ain’t nobody need to taint this purchase.


Appropriately sized box accented with a leather tie. That’s the *shudder* receipt in the accompanying folder…


The bag itself comes snuggled up in it’s soft little dust bag…


The typical paperwork that a designer bag usually comes with…a care booklet, authenticity card and wiping cloth…


Full glory…


I chose Dune because it’s such a classic, timeless color. The Indian Rose was gorgeous as well but maybe I’ll save that for next time. Heh.

The gold accents are so striking against the neutral shade…



Sneaky little key holder…


Roomy but still cute…


I was hesitant at first because of the smaller size but after watching numerous YouTube videos I was floored that it’s able to hold so much. The size is definitely deceiving. It’s delicate and feminine yet holds all the essentials. I was sold.

I’ve always been a huge Olsen approved oversize bag hoarder but the mini bag top handle/cross body is huge right now and now I know why. It’s so versatile and satisfies my different bag personalities. Cross body, slung over the shoulder and dangling from the arm. I can’t give a ___ about function over fashion but I didn’t even need to choose with this bag. The only understandable pitfall is that the lighter shades are susceptible to color transfer but again, it’s not meant to be  treated like a Coach bag every day tote bag. If you’re going to drop bombs on ya moms at the LV store you probably have enough sense to take a little extra caution in ensuring you don’t mark up your bag. I know it’ll be hard, but it’s hard keeping everything 100. Deal with it.

The strap is the perfect size, it sits on my hip like it was made to be there. The Vernis gleams and there’s a subtle hint of shimmer too. Honestly, I’d like to think it’ll pair with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. Oh, one thing to mention is that it’s assembled in the US and boasts so on a discrete tag within the bag itself. I ain’t mad at that.

Overall, I am head over heels. So pleased with my Alma. I had it on over my pajamas this morning. Can’t wait to take it on it’s first outing.


If you need me I’ll be using my wiping cloth to soak up the drool.


Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Happy Weekend


Favorite Look

Side Swept Hair

I’ve been shamelessly repeating the side swept do for the past week or so…and I’m not sorry. I love that it looks like you put a lot of time and effort into styling a ‘do but really all I do I curl the ends as usual, Farrah the bangs a little and sweep it all over one shoulder. It’s great for when you want to look done up without wasting your precious makeup minutes. A la Jessica.




Favorite Product

MAC Soar Lip Pencil

Okay okay. I caved and succumbed to the Kylie lip trend. I hate how you know who I’m talking about without even having to provide a last name. Gross. Anyway, I like the look and although it’s one of her Instapics that sent beauty bloggers and makeup hoarders into a frenzy, it’s the 90’s lip that’s iconic. Cholas everywhere are mean mugging at anyone who says they weren’t the real OG’s but I ain’t scared – I give credit where credit is due and I’m giving credit to the 90’s. I did a little bit of research – (and by research I obviously mean scrolling hashtags) and came up with a nice color combo that’s being thrown around social media…MAC Soar liner and Brave satin lipstick. I have both on here and find that although the liner took some getting used to (I’ve barely ever worn it) the end result is pretty pleasing. It’s like my lips – but better. The line isn’t too harsh plus it lasted all freaking day. Try it.


Favorite Photo

Pumpkin Patching

Fall is my 2nd favourite time of year. Do you even have to ponder my 1st? I love impromptu photoshoots, the perfectly crisp sunshine, the smell of pumpkin and leaves in the air and – Halloween.  My favourite patch is Bellewood Acres in Bellingham WA. It’s less of a little patch and more of a all encompassing farm with apples, pumpkins, whimsical decor, and amazing food. My sister and I went back a week later for the fries and gin apple cider. We don’t eat fries. We had these twice. The bomb. Oh right – the picture – self taken whilst prancing amongst the pumpkins. The outfit was obviously coordinated and acclimated to a pumpkin patch. I’m wearing Marc Jacobs booties, Paradise Mine denim and Artizia’s Montpellier sweater. Fall approved.


Favorite Scent

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

I was in Nordstrom picking up the latest Diptyque candle (more on that later) and happened to find myself browsing the Jo Malone counter. It’s like clockwork I tell you. This is one of the newest introductions. Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Wow. Floored. Really nice and subtle, but unique and noticeable – pretty much standard for Jo Malone. A little rugged, a little seaside and a little woodsy. Truly amazing combination – I only picked up a couple samples but this is definitely on my list of scents I can’t be without.


Favorite Purchase

Madewell Daywalk Plaid Shirtdress

I know flannels are one of the first items that get pulled out of storage when Fall hits and because I have a nice solid collection of shades and styles of button downs I really wanted to delve into different pieces this year. I eyed this on a couple occasions and finally made the purchase a couple weeks ago after trying it on. I’m one of those people that hate trying clothing on in – store. I’d much rather take it home and try it on in the comfort of my own home, own appropriately lit mirrors and lack of 10 pairs of eyes judging staring at me (Artizia I love you but you need to recognize). Anyway, loved it. I was conveniently wearing a pair of matching booties so I was able to bring my visions to life. I purchased it in red buffalo although the blue is a more unique shade…It looked a little shapeless on the hanger but I love the fit. I’m into the oversized look (all day everyday) and find that although it doesn’t hug the curves, it’s not dumpy looking. Can’t wait to wear it.


Favorite Wish List Item

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Bag

Let me say this – I have been lusting over this bag for a mere 2 weeks or so. I was originally drooling on my screen while perusing the YSL Medium Tassel satchel but have since decided that it’s not the classic bag I’m looking for right now…I then moved onto the Louis online site and lusted after the Vernis collection. I love the monogram but feel that, again – it’s not as classic and easy to wear with everything. Contrary to the all black everything uniform – I do shy away from time to time and although it’s easy to pair a trendy bag with a neutral color palette, it’s hard to pair it with more detailed and trendier wardrobe choices. Enter the Alma BB in dune. I need you in my life. You are everything. You are classic, timeless, and hold my most prized tote-able items. True lust. ** Update – I have something to show you. I repeat – I. Have. Something. To. Show. You.





Purchased & Reviewed: Luxe Beauty

I know it sounds a little pretentious but I don’t purchase drugstore makeup anymore. Nothing against those that do but after years of painting my face with goods housed at Sephora and designer beauty combinations I don’t think I could ever go back. There is a noticeable difference that I’ve realized and no, it’s not only the sometimes obscene price points, it’s the products themselves. I stand behind my belief that higher end products are worth the price. There are many that don’t live up to the expected hype, but there’s an asshole in every group don’t you think?

With that being said, these two products are no duds. I’m beyond impressed and couldn’t wait to do a review that further proves that most of the time, higher end products are worth it…

 Dior Addict Gloss in Etoile


I’ve mentioned it countless times in the past, and just to reiterate – I’m pro matte and so not into gloss. I love matte lipsticks because of the colour pigmentation but have found recently that there are a ton of textures out there that mimic matte lipsticks, without the drying features. I’m into that sh*t. I just recently purchased a MAC Satin and argued with the unfazed makeup artist that Satins were too glossy. I’d publicly like to admit my mistake – they are amazing. The colour payoff is extensive and the texture is nice and smooth, not to mention pretty moisturizing. We came to the mutual realization that it’s the Lustre collection that I wouldn’t mind throwing down the nearest toilet. Groundbreaking.

Anyway, my sister actually purchased this gloss after a recent pop up makeover by a Dior artist @ Nordstrom. She was pleasantly surprised with the end look and it wasn’t long before it caught my big ol eye. The packaging aside, this stuff is luxe. The gloss is ridiculously shiny and this specific shade is reminiscent of twinkling lights on a Christmas tree (to me anyway – I like to associate anything twinkly and sparkly to Christmas). Etoile has sparkling flecks of iridescent gold that really stand out on the lips. So pretty. What I love is that you can enhance the look of pretty much ANY lipstick with this as a top coat. It’s not sticky, lasts long, and is flattering for any shade of lip. That’s huge for me because I have always felt that glosses don’t do anything for my lip colour. They’re shiny yeah, but I need a little something more to make it worth my while. The pink and gold highlights in this gloss are obscene. Obviously they did it for me. As someone who throws shade at gloss – I’ve been told. – $31 @ Sephora

Illusion D’Ombre Reflets d’Ete Long – Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Convoitise


Oh yes. I am a sucker for packaging – duh. AND I’ll admit that what drew me to the Chanel counter @ Nords was the lure of the persona…I was actually browsing the compacts, which I’ve convinced myself that I need – but came across this doozy that I couldn’t leave the premises without. It’s a long wearing (huge plus), intensely shimmery shadow that has a spongey gel like texture that looks like a cushion in the encasement. I like that it’s solid enough to wear as a liner and soft and plush enough to be worn as a shadow. I tried it on in store with a flat shadow brush but was surprised and floored to see that it came with it’s own little flat edged, retractable shadow/ liner brush (another huge plus). One of my tricks for making my eyes appear less “I didn’t get enough beauty sleep” is to brush on a champagne based shadow underneath the lash line…this shade and texture are perfect for just that. A wake me up in the inner corners? Um, yes. A resounding yes. I swear by this little trick and find that sometimes my shadow dissipates and fades throughout the day – when you do your makeup at 6am, it’s almost inevitable this’ll happen but it’s unwelcome nonetheless. I swiped this on at 520am and had to remove it myself 10 hours later. No exaggeration. I’m amazed at the longevity of this stuff. I mean it is Chanel but like I mentioned before sometimes designer beauty products don’t always live up to the hype. This isn’t one of those products. I love it and I already know which colour I’m purchasing next. So pleased. $36 @ Nordstrom & Chanel 


If you own or try any of the products let me know what you think!