Purchased & Reviewed: Luxe Beauty

I know it sounds a little pretentious but I don’t purchase drugstore makeup anymore. Nothing against those that do but after years of painting my face with goods housed at Sephora and designer beauty combinations I don’t think I could ever go back. There is a noticeable difference that I’ve realized and no, it’s not only the sometimes obscene price points, it’s the products themselves. I stand behind my belief that higher end products are worth the price. There are many that don’t live up to the expected hype, but there’s an asshole in every group don’t you think?

With that being said, these two products are no duds. I’m beyond impressed and couldn’t wait to do a review that further proves that most of the time, higher end products are worth it…

 Dior Addict Gloss in Etoile


I’ve mentioned it countless times in the past, and just to reiterate – I’m pro matte and so not into gloss. I love matte lipsticks because of the colour pigmentation but have found recently that there are a ton of textures out there that mimic matte lipsticks, without the drying features. I’m into that sh*t. I just recently purchased a MAC Satin and argued with the unfazed makeup artist that Satins were too glossy. I’d publicly like to admit my mistake – they are amazing. The colour payoff is extensive and the texture is nice and smooth, not to mention pretty moisturizing. We came to the mutual realization that it’s the Lustre collection that I wouldn’t mind throwing down the nearest toilet. Groundbreaking.

Anyway, my sister actually purchased this gloss after a recent pop up makeover by a Dior artist @ Nordstrom. She was pleasantly surprised with the end look and it wasn’t long before it caught my big ol eye. The packaging aside, this stuff is luxe. The gloss is ridiculously shiny and this specific shade is reminiscent of twinkling lights on a Christmas tree (to me anyway – I like to associate anything twinkly and sparkly to Christmas). Etoile has sparkling flecks of iridescent gold that really stand out on the lips. So pretty. What I love is that you can enhance the look of pretty much ANY lipstick with this as a top coat. It’s not sticky, lasts long, and is flattering for any shade of lip. That’s huge for me because I have always felt that glosses don’t do anything for my lip colour. They’re shiny yeah, but I need a little something more to make it worth my while. The pink and gold highlights in this gloss are obscene. Obviously they did it for me. As someone who throws shade at gloss – I’ve been told. – $31 @ Sephora

Illusion D’Ombre Reflets d’Ete Long – Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Convoitise


Oh yes. I am a sucker for packaging – duh. AND I’ll admit that what drew me to the Chanel counter @ Nords was the lure of the persona…I was actually browsing the compacts, which I’ve convinced myself that I need – but came across this doozy that I couldn’t leave the premises without. It’s a long wearing (huge plus), intensely shimmery shadow that has a spongey gel like texture that looks like a cushion in the encasement. I like that it’s solid enough to wear as a liner and soft and plush enough to be worn as a shadow. I tried it on in store with a flat shadow brush but was surprised and floored to see that it came with it’s own little flat edged, retractable shadow/ liner brush (another huge plus). One of my tricks for making my eyes appear less “I didn’t get enough beauty sleep” is to brush on a champagne based shadow underneath the lash line…this shade and texture are perfect for just that. A wake me up in the inner corners? Um, yes. A resounding yes. I swear by this little trick and find that sometimes my shadow dissipates and fades throughout the day – when you do your makeup at 6am, it’s almost inevitable this’ll happen but it’s unwelcome nonetheless. I swiped this on at 520am and had to remove it myself 10 hours later. No exaggeration. I’m amazed at the longevity of this stuff. I mean it is Chanel but like I mentioned before sometimes designer beauty products don’t always live up to the hype. This isn’t one of those products. I love it and I already know which colour I’m purchasing next. So pleased. $36 @ Nordstrom & Chanel 


If you own or try any of the products let me know what you think!



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