Purchased & Reviewed: Skincare – The Thirst Is Real

I recently picked up a couple of new products for my skin – not because what I already use wasn’t cutting it – moreso because I am a hoarder and bright, shiny new purchases make me feel whole. I had a sample of Glamglow’s SUPERMUD cleaning treatment which led me into Sephora to perhaps make the purchase for the regular sized version. Instead I laid eyes on the YOUTHCLEANSE Daily Exfoliating Cleanser which appealed to me because it infused into my mind promises to keep me looking duh, youthful, and it contained both cleansing and exfoliating abilities – which, for a lazy person like me – are an award winning combo.


I also pranced into Lush (because there’s absolutely no other form of walking into that place) and after being slapped in the face with the intoxicating and suffocating (I mean that in the most gracious of ways) mish mash of scents – found what I was on a mission for. I learned of Skindrink after coming across an article of the best ever Lush products and since then, HAD to have it. I can’t believe it wasn’t already snug and secure with the rest of its family.

The Reviews:

Glamglow YOUTHCLEANSE Daily Exfoliating Cleanser


Packaging: I like how massive it is. For $43 CDN I was quite pleased to find that it was larger than expected for the price. Honestly, the smallest tubes and bottles will run you upwards of $60 – 80 these days so the fact that this is the size of a house made my credit card breathe a sign of relief that it didn’t have to replenish too soon. I love the packaging of all Glamglow products – anything that shines and shimmers and is even minutely glitzy looks great on your countertop – I hate having to hide an ugly product because more often than not, I’ll forget about it. (I’m not that superficial IRL I swear). The pump is ideal for this product – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Product: It’s a daily cleanser that transformed a mud into a foam and it’s kind of cool to experience. You’re witnessing science here – soooo intellectual. You’ve earned your faux hipster frames from Urban Outfitters. Yeah you have. Anyway, the lather is intensive and foams up pretty quick so you don’t have to waste too much time at the sink. It removed my makeup (huge round of applause) and exfoliated all at the same time. I didn’t feel the need for a two step application which was really nice. One pump is all you need. (Bottle is 5 oz). The smell is amazing – like a light perfume you’d expect from a fancy pants product.

Ingredients: A bunch of good sh*t. I mean it is born and bred in Beverly Hills. What do you expect? Brazilian super fruits (acai, guarana, & acerola) which are antioxidants and quinoa and flaxseed (both popular in my daily diet) which are obvs rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 fats for healthy skin (and fitter bodies). It also contains French sea clay for revitalizing skin, microalgea scrub and phytic acid for a more gentle exfoliation, and TEAOXI green tea leaf for EGCG super antioxidants to protect against free radicals. (It’s the most potent component in green tea). If that isn’t enough – add in ginkgo biloba for skin renewal. Overall, it has a ton of stuff that’s good for your skin and no bad stuff that’s bad for your skin. Mmmmkay?

Price: $43 CDN and $39 USD. For a 2 in 1 combination product I find it right on point (if not a bonus). I’ve only been using it for a week or so and can guesstimate that it’ll last me a few months if not more. For a brand of its prestige I think the price is great.

Verdict: Yes. Try it and see how it fits into your skincare routine. I love 2-1 products because I’m lazy and hate waiting around with masks scaring the sh*t out of myself when I catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror and I don’t like applying so many different skincare products that might counteract with each other. My skin feels fresh afterwards (free of any makeup remnants, even mascara), and it feels scrubbed but not to the point of tightness. I’m sure my skin has been glowing but I wear makeup and use highlighters so I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Just keeping it real my friends, just keeping it real.

Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer 


Packaging: It’s the same as most Lush products. In a pot with a screw on no nonsense lid. Nothing out of the ordinary here folks.

Product: One the richest moisturizers I’ve ever used. It’s thick & creamy but it doesn’t take too long to rub into your skin. A small dab goes a long way to rid any dry skin or tightness. Let me tell you about tightness – the thirst is real. It doesn’t matter which makeup remover/cleanser/exfoliator I use – I almost always experience a bit of tightness afterwards so I use moisturizer right away. This stuff feels so rich when applying – words cannot describe, I’m actually speechless.

Ingredients: You should check out the site (click in the title above for direct link) yourself since Lush products are made of pretty much every toxin free, cruelty free ingredient known. The main contenders – Sesame oil, rose petal infusion, almond oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter, organic evening primrose oil and fresh organic avocado. Mmmm. Sounds like a delectable salad of goodness to me.

Price: A non-issue. $24.95 for a 45g tub is nothing considering how long it lasts and how little you need to make your skin feel like a organic, healthy, moisturized slice of heaven.

Verdict: A resounding yes. This is a must for anyone who experiences even a infinitesimal amount of dryness. It’s even better for winter months when dryness is tramping all over town. Bonus – use it on your cuticles or hands or heels for when you’re in need of some extra lovin.

*Get them for yourselves by clicking the titles.