Was It Worth It: Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation

I am indeed known to gush about various different products I can’t imagine living without once I have tried them…

This time it’s no different. Actually – this time I am borderline gushing and more on the cusp of salivating whilst typing.

I purchased the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation a few weeks ago actually and was too lazy to do a post (shame on me), but because I’ve been over sharing on the benefits of this foundation every time someone asks what I’m wearing, I felt it was time to shout it from the rooftops entrance to Sephora.


I firmly believe that this foundation has got to be the best in the matte game. It comes in approximately 20 different shades (so that you don’t have to risk unsightly blending faux pas) and is extremely high pigmented. Before cracking it open I had a sample made so that I could face test. Um, let’s just say that the sample lasted me a good 3 weeks. I shit you not. That’s how pigmented this stuff is. A pea sized drop really goes a long way.

True to her makeup line, Kat Von D products are long lasting, pigmented and go the distance during the day. Blood sweat and tears son. Your foundation will endure. The coverage is high and matte, which I love, because I hate when you get a foundation that boasts “dewy“yet makes you look like you suffer from excessive sweating. Matte is by far my favorite type of coverage because it’s known to cover fully and last all day.

21% pigment, and a combo of siliconic elastomers ensure that it lasts all day with very little transfer. If you know what siliconic elsatomers are – congrats Nancy Know It All, congrats. For those of you that don’t – they ensure your foundation stays put and lasts all day. Also congrats for not being an asshole.

Anyway, the emollients provide a nice soft, matte finish that goes on velvety in texture. The smell is what may deter some of you picky little things, but once you’ve applied it, it pretty much diminishes.

I’ve been complimented on it so many times that I’m pretty pleased with the purchase. It’s dual ability in hiding tattoos and dark spots/circles is another huge plus. Not that I’m planning on covering up my tattoos, but the option is handy. As for under-eye circles, dark spots and greyish/blue ares  – ain’t no thang. Case in point – under eye concealer was a major part of my morning beauty regimen, but now I very rarely find the need to use it – unless I’ve been up partying into the early morning. And by partying I mean Netflix marathons and Candy Crush. Either way – it conceals to a degree that you’ll find you need concealers, powders and other spot correctors less and less.

I am obsessed with the flawless finish and the pigmentation of this stuff. If you’re not into the matte look, you can always pair it with a primer for a more dewy and shimmery look but that kind of defeats the purpose of the “matte foundation” look. My skin type is fairly normal, with a few dry bouts here and there but I find that if I stick with a fairly basic exfoliating and moisturizing routine, I don’t have a problem with application and finish.

Either way – must have. It does exactly what it claims it does and it creates a really nice base for the rest of your makeup. I found that my blush, bronzer, highlighters and eyeshadows were actually intensified! Oh, and they stayed put ALL DAMN DAY. Sans primer. Sans finishing mist. Yeah. You heard me.

Let me know if you try it out and what your thoughts are – although as usual, they won’t affect my opinions. But you know, entertain me.





Sunday Style Inspiration

Although the fact that at this exact moment, I’m outfitted in mismatched pajamas (courtesy of Wildfox – obviously) and a messy bun, I still like to plan ahead and elicit some style inspiration for the upcoming week.  Right now I’m in love with peonies, messy waves and denim with shredded knees. Add in a little bit of femininity and you have the perfect combination of trendy and effortlessness.

Happy Lazy Sunday.

Roll out the red carpet…

1b86b3498aad803d065408e4d6dada0c 1c9f10722d59a7beb9a5cb90c72054f9 2ee7ff2329cb11f23c867ed31115addc  3c8b6859d23b5f8149544b70030fcebe  4e50643788e1aad93bf4890e249f1355 5be6d9a6cb5ea6d80561186b32860ea6  7b37c37282009d96ef49d019eda45260 7e0433aba4cced93253664466433d38f 9e0e319e2cff4977e6f513709f8536cb 9f7dd94aedb73c50172ff0aa390e7a70   31cdb46eea7a5b3b5d545a6021398da5 36f14eeb98d598d0e1c472c21bcc777b 56e64ade9804364720dda1d3722c607f 64d08e2e419b3a7effc7408d175270f7   82c7ec3cb749adc7455cee0a3362d2b0   339d1f409c9c6b7fa11de43f41251749  3952fce1cbe4b591291cc16bc7272bac 7360e6c114b726a7be5f65058b17b796 8300959c79bd77fecda0ce5d2c33f922 a2d55fa010be2906dd2600db0b023f07 a9f517d85d6ee7d6c1b7690f3ea585be aba7bb6dc2eee85b884675bad5de1c64 ac7756a09356ba12c242673df2ddf742 aead25e91688d6992c5e14fe57c5dd65 af390604a30f68ba1b578abb53385931 bf8fade806d3849fad47465bc4f1ed1e c3d0851802d4a234b12269b2b94fa103 d9a11afbbff86c1f3acdf18ba0cc0b48  d99a64c10651d168437ee09f21317706 d742213ab851635f31be7dd738492437 dc427e8284853b96c0f67a8f40a241e0 dd9a27d9b903af4870e83ffaf53df3db  e02fc87b207761f9049192c54616d652  e38af30740fa5755cd06d62bad8cbf0c edb885e2728e7c5d5154bd0444d8fbd2 f910c5f79239aafe9369b85de7caac16 f99692a7b7cbfe25dbcb655afd72ea0a


Wear Me: Mirror Mirror

Although I chant it often enough, I’m talking sunglasses – not vanity.

Trending right now – mirrored shades.

They’re so Bardot, so everywhere, and really – pretty flattering on just about any face.

Oh, and what’s the best way to showcase a current trend?

Throw in some pictures of celebs modeling them.


Jamie Chung in Guess.


Dianna Agron in Ray Ban.


Olivia Palermo in Westward Leaning.


Julianne Hough.


Emma Roberts in rose colored Ray Bans.


Kelly Ripa.


Jessica Alba in Westward Leaning sunnies.


Alessandra Ambrosio.


Heidi Klum in a chic black reflective pair.


Rebecca Romijin.


Whether they’re blue, purple, pink, green, brown, or black, reflective mirrored shades are fairly easy to pair with just about any outfit. If you’re scared of color (what a sh*tty little thing to be afraid of first of all – #firstworldproblems much), then try pairing a more neutral shade with a more monochromatic outfit like Heidi, Emma and Olivia. If you’re into embracing any and all trends, good for you, although you’re probably trying a little too hard and should refrain from being such a victim – opt for ones similar to Jamie’s, Jessica’s or Diannas.

I’ve compiled a list of some sweet styles I’m really liking right now…


You’re welcome.

Ray Ban Original Aviator 58 mm Polarized $215/Nordstrom.com


Matthew Williamson Mirrored Oversized $300/Shopbop.com


Elizabeth and James Talbert 52mm Polarized $127.30 (on sale)/Nordstrom.com


Italia Independent Sport Aviators $171/Shopbop.com


Cherish Sunglasses in Quay $50/Revolveclothing.com


Wildfox Amelia Delux $195/Revolveclothing.com


Shakuhachi x Revolve Moon Shine Sunglasses $227/Revolveclothing.com


Barton Perreira Ronette Soft Cat Eye $600/Neimanmarcus.com


Stella McCartney Mirrored Square Acetate in Bordeaux Tortoise Red $250/Neimanmarcus.com


I myself have just placed an order for the Wildfox Amelia, as they’ve been sold out online for longer than I can wait without feeling extreme anxiety. Pre-order. I account at least 2 bathroom trips a day to the fear that my special order will be lost. Or that they’ll forget about my special request and give my precious sunglasses to some b*tch in California that already has like 18 pairs. Or they’ll run out of mirrored lens. Like, at that exact moment when they become available for shipment, the stock of mirrored lens around the world will cease to exist. This is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night.

Anyway, get some. Even if it rains and is never sunny where you are. You might look like a pretentious buffoon but at least you’ll know whats up style wise.

Don’t worry, they’re looking at you out of longing. Not perplexity.


Purchased: Valentino Rockstuds

I’m actually trying to get over the fact that these beauties are now mine after drooling over them for the better part of a year. I’m pretty proud of myself for holding off until my birthday, because it made the whole purchase process THAT much more exciting and anticipatory.


I’m not a huge fan of unboxing videos and such, I’d much rather take my own experience as the “first look.” So, instead of going into each and every little detail as to color of the box, details on the authenticity cards and so on, I took some sweet ass pictures.


IMG_7190 IMG_7184


As of this moment, there is nothing that could excite me more than these. And I get excited over a new Candy Crush update. So you get me.

I chose the Fluo Patent Pink T. 65 Slingbacks. There are a ton of different colors and finishes, but I’ve actually been #pinkrockstuds -ing these all around town so I knew I had to have this color and this color only.


The pink is insanely vibrant. I almost ruined by makeup job by drooling all over myself when I opened the box. Internet and social media photos do them no justice. Trust. Nor do these photos. In person, they are absolutely stunning. Jaw dropping. Pee a little in your skinnies jaw dropping. Vomit a little gorgeous. Take a seat breathtaking. You get me? The way each stud catches the light, the  striking shade of pink, and the feminine yet trendy style is to die for. Oh, and the fit and comfort factor is pretty damn high. One thing I absolutely cannot stand is the inability to walk in a heel. These make your strut flawless. My double margarita will confirm my bold statement. I’m going to stop right here and now in fear for wetting myself. I hope my contentment has been expressed adequately.






Weekend Snaps

Today’s my Monday. I know right? Go on and hate.

I’m fairly humble, from time to time, but I’d like to this that this long weekend was put in place solely so that my Birthday could be celebrated in 3-day fashion.

Twas amazing. A usual.

Case in point…

Delivery from one of my sisters. She knows I only accept things that sparkle.


Proof that you can make a sweatskirt appropriate for workwear. All you need is a pair of Guisseppes and a face full of makeup. Simp.


Spent Saturday evening having an early birthday dinner with my best and my favorite little girl. Almost makes me want one of my own. For like a minute. For photo ops.


See? Prime photo op.


Charlie Don’t Surf. Veggie burger and fries. It was obviously a cheat weekend. Plus, I’m not one of those shady b*tches who orders salad with a burger and then stops at McDonalds on the way home. You exist. Don’t deny.


Standard Insta-artsy gelato pic.


I like to think I have a fun, easygoing, young and fresh personality.  After practically falling into tears with being gifted with a Build A Bear, I had to sit myself down with a cup of truth. I have a disease. It’s called Peter Pan Syndrome. I’m dealing with it.


Tinkerbell. My first ever Build A Bear. What hoarders dreams are made of.


Sunday brunch. In the sunroom. Very blissful. That oatmeal was preparation for the sugar debauchery the rest of the weekend held.


Obligatory selfie before dinner. Oddly enough, it didn’t consist of Tacos & Tequila.

Tank – MinkPink


Dessert at Famoso Woodfire Pizza. That’s caramelized bananas with nutella ice cream and a brownie sandwich with what – nutella ice cream.  Oddly enough – I haven’t had nutella anything in years. I’m sickened, I know.


Birthday morning I woke up to pancakes – made my Mom. So very pleased.


Early dinner at Cactus. I swear it also consisted of food.


In keeping with the birthday tradition, I had to get my cake from The Cheesecake Factory. This was indeed necessary, along with candle and quartet.


I am basking. I believe that on my birthday, each and every person I cross should voice their well wishes. The Cheesecake Factory felt the same way.


This happened. My luxe gift to myself. Can’t wait to hit you with a detailed post on these new additions. I am obsessed, head over heels, stage 5 clinger in love with them.


I picked these beauties up on the way home…the most perfect night to end another birthday. Hydrangeas and Spider flowers. Arranged by yours truly.


My homemade, mom made, birthday cake. It was a surprise. I can’t even put into words how amazing my mom’s cakes are. Those lucky bastards who have tasted will attest to it. This was chocolate with 3 layers of vanilla on the inside. I am fat and happy right now. Detox to follow.


The rage that was and will continue to be unleashed upon me doesn’t compare to the amount of joy I got from doing this. Jack is clearly unimpressed. I call his bluff.


Hope all you pretty people had a nice relaxing weekend. I am insanely blessed to be surrounded by so much love, luxury, and beauty. You should be too.