Wear Me: What I’m Loving

I decided to start a post of items I’m drooling over. Whether they’re purchased and on their way to my greedy little hands or are teasing me by relentlessly following me around the Internet, I’d love to share. Maybe in hopes that gift boxes will show up at my doorstep?

Zara Sky Blue Biker Jacket/Zara.com – Sold Out

I know this is from this past Fall but I will claim baby blue is the perfect shade for Spring. Spring has not yet sprung. This jacket needs to find it’s way to me before April. I’ve been searching everywhere to no avail. My head hurts. I’ll actually pay someone a fair sum to find it for me. I can also pay you with cupcakes. Or compliments. Whatever you find most suitable.


Madwell Bein fait Sweatshirt/Madewell.com

I have never been to Paris and I could care less for the French language (sorry, not sorry) but I find this sweatshirt both dainty and humorous. Humorous because I will boast the ability to say hello without even opening my mouth. I shall pay any price for this type of blessing.


Navy Quilted Plimsolls/RiverIsland.com

I’m picturing these with denim and stripes. I don’t know how I really feel about the gleam but I’m sure they’d be easy to dress up or down because of this little addition.


Nike Cortez Lite Txt/Barneys.com

Still in search of the perfect B&W Nikes. I think these are it. I like the cut, the style and the sturdiness. I have a pair of Frees and I believe I’ve almost shattered my ankle at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks. I can dance a jig while drinking tea and applying liquid liner while in heels. This should expose something.


For Love & Lemons Precioso Dress/Revolveclothing.com

Absolute dress heaven. For Love & Lemons makes the dreamiest, most feminine, subtley sexy (and not subtley) and most intricate dresses and tops. Sold out everywhere. I’ve already pre-ordered. Add a sunkissed tan and a mimosa. Oh and denim. Always add denim.


Madewell Denim Jacket/Madewell.com

Speaking of denim. This here is the perfect jean jacket. Trust – this is an investment piece. Ensure the cut, the fit, the fabric and the distressing is just the way you want it. You should be able to throw it on over pretty much whatever you’re wearing. Keep that in mind and you’ll never again turn a great denim jacket into something similar to the one Uncle Joey wore back in the 90’s. They’re in the middle of a reunion show right? Right??


Steve Madden Elusion Leopad Print Calf Hair D’Orsay Flat/Nordstrom.com

Leapord will forever be in style if you ask me. I have a pair of Tory Burch calf hair flat boots with gold detailing that I purchased back in 2008 and I am so glad I did. It’s like the classic print that you can use for years to come. Unless you over do it, I really don’t think you can go wrong with any type of animal print. These flats are a prime example of how to add it to your outfit without looking like a middlewesterner on their first trip to Vegas. Oh, and leather and any shade of red are amazing pairings.


James Perse Boyfriend Tee/Revolveclothing.com

What can I say, I like my white tees. James Perse has the most amazingly soft and stretchy fabrics. This tee is on the ridic side of shameless purchasing (I’ve been told) but I say f*ck you. I show me one white tee that doesn’t get worn it’s worth.


 Zara Coat/Zara.com

I’m a complete and total slave to black. All black everything is over and out but I’m not.  My wardrobe is mostly made up of black, white, beiges and greys (with the occassional pop of color) – just how I would wear it in an outfit. This shade is so vibrant it would look amazing with a monochromatic look. Love it.


Pink Patent Zara Court Shoe/Zara.com

Oh yes. Duh. These are purchased. I know there’s still snow on the ground but I will work a sandal until I break an ankle. No, I’ll still make it work, crutches and all. These are so Cher I can’t even comprehend. The heel, the t strap, and the closed toe are ultra feminine yet can be switched up in so many ways. Camo and light pink? Oh yeah.


What are you drooling over right now? Tell me. Non – food items only.



Fashion Diaries: Distressed

I am loving majorly distressed skinnies right now. I don’t think I’ve ever hated them except for the times when I see unfortunate amounts of flesh escaping through the holes.

Let me tell you a secret. I just purchased these from American Eagle. Not lying. American Eagle. This comes as a shock to me, as the whole transaction was somewhat of a blur. I, like many other slaves to brand names, was quite weary about straying, but my sister, who is an absolute label queen, advised me on the quality, the longevity, and the material of this aforementioned denim. Another deciding factor for me was the inability to try on the denim I was browsing for online. I usually don’t think twice when it comes to online purchases, my credit card will attest to that, but denim is a whole other realm. There’s so many different types and fits that it’s easy for your size to change. I really wanted to avoid purchasing and then having to return because I’m lazy and knowing me, I would have left them sitting in my closet unworn and dismayed.

Anyways, enough explanation. The verdict is in. I am beyond pleased with this pair of denim. They are insanely soft, distressed to my satisfaction and what’s huge for me – the cut and fit of the leg is like second skin. When I purchase a pair of “skinnies” I want them to be just that – skinny. I have small shins and this pair totally accentuated them instead of drowning them in unnecessary fabric. This particular style is the super stretch skinny jegging. Lives up to the name. Love.


I actually ended up grabbing 3 pairs for the price of a standard pair of designer denim, trust me, I know. I felt like a thief in the night. Highly recommend.

They’re in stores now and cost approx $50. Steal. 


AE Super Stretch Skinny Jeggings/Steve Madden sequined loafers

Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Happy Weekend



Brian Lichtenberg is a genius. Cheeky little bastard. I couldn’t twerk to save my life but I will for a Birkin.



Tarte’s Lights Camera Flashes mascara. Extreme. Ultra lengthening, jet black and curls better than the Canadian olympic team. I use this on the tips of my lashes for a little extra boost. Not like I need it but dramatics and all…



Chucks and fleather. Faux Leather. Duh.



Essie’s Mod Square is making me wish for mai tai’s, 80 degree weather and tanning oil. Sigh.



As if it wasn’t crystal clear that I have Spring and Summer on my mind. This little spread is the epitome of the season. Pink lemonade and heavy goblets. I love this.



These Brian Atwood floral applique’ sandals are everything. I’m sure they’re more geared towards the perfect wedding shoe but since that’s way off my radar, I’ll have to settle on wearing them on a Monday afternoon. Why not.



I became a little tired of trying to style my bangs that I’ve been growing out for the 10 months. So much that the hairspray I was using to keep them out of my face started sending me cryptic messages in hopes I would ease off. A lot. I figured I’d channel my hair muse and trim them a’ la Farrah. The middle part is classic. So pleased.