Reviewed: Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi Shine Nail Lacquer

I mentioned this little gem in my Friday Favorites...was delighted to find it sitting in my stocking this Christmas, and I’ve finally had the chance to try it.



The shade I have is Fluorescent Beige and it’s the prettiest nude I’ve worn.

The collection is based on MJ’s lacquered coffee table and inspired by his favourite movies. I quite frankly don’t care what they’re inspired by – they are amazing.


Packaging: Akin to all Marc Jacobs beauty products (the James Bond-esque silver finish, sleek shiny encasements, and hi shine gleam) this is no exception. I’m liking the caps all higher end polishes are topping off the bottle with. It morphs a typical looking bottle of polish into a almost decorative piece fit for any vanity.

Formula: In the picture I’m wearing two coats. That’s all it took for a high shine coating. I love the gel like look and the application was flawless. It’s formulated with special bonding agents that result in a wet, plasticized look – which I can attest to.

Color: This shade is so pretty. I like a good nude on a longer nail like mine. I recently had my talons filed down into a shorter, rounder shape that’s still feminine but doesn’t make typing on a Mac such a b*tch. This particular colour is flecked with iridescent sparkle and it’s gives a basic nude a nice little pop. It’s subtle but you can still see an elegant sparkle which isn’t common with a lot of nudes.

Longevity: Because I’ve just had it on for a little under 24 hours – I can’t really comment on the longevity but reviews tell me that the chip factor is next to none. The rich formula boasts a chip free finish so I’m hoping it stays true.

Verdict: Yeah. This is the good stuff. I love me a nice Dior and this formula is a legitimate rival. I’m already planning my next purchase.

You can try it out for yourself here…




Christmas 2014: A Photo Tour

Although my Instagram account offers a somewhat unnecessarily detailed, cropped and filtered (#sorrynotsorry) glimpse into my life, I felt my holidays needed to be sufficiently highlighted.

I promise I’m going to lay off the Christmas after this. I might need a couple sugar cookies, a bottle of wine and the next 120 or so days to get it done but you can’t say I’m not giving it a chance.

Happy Holidays


My sister decided our stockings this year needed an upgrade. Thanks Pottery Barn.


He loves a good plush.


Nothing like taking your bestie as your date to the work Christmas party.


This is me 365 days of the year.


My girlfriend and I have an annual tradition to bring in the red cup season together. #basic – we know


Sunday morning pancakes. c/o yours truly


Again, Pottery Barn really offered up some key pieces this season. This one here is a nod to my Seahawks.


Buffalo plaid in December is an obvious must.


“Do you want to build a snowman?” – Playdate with my favourite 5 year old.


Wildfox has provided my sister and I outfits for pretty much every major holiday this past year. Our annual photo with Santa was no exception.


Chocolate gingerbread cookies = fuel for wrapping presents.


Staying warm.


Shredded denim goes best with minimalist heels and an oversized faux. I say.


Watching a major Hawks game with a bloody mary eased the anxiety. We won.


At Bellevue Square – in our full glory.


My sister came to town. We headed for the most Christmasy place.


A photo op I just couldn’t pass up.


Apple mulled cider wine.


My gnome and I.

Her hat & mini bag – Kate Spade/Jeans – Madewell/ Sweater- Aritzia/Shoes – Marc Jacobs

My denim & leggings – Aritzia/Faux – Zara/ Boots – Nine West/Beanie – Madewell/Bag – Louis Vuitton


Christmas Market gourmet.


I know. Let’s take a selfie.


Sisters. ❤


It’s all in the details…


I admit – I could wrap presents all year round.


One of my favourite holiday pastimes – baking sugar cookies with my sisters – and then eating them all.


My sister had to split her Christmas up this year so she opened some gifts early. No complaints here.


We clean up ok.


Sunday Funday with one of my favourite girls.


Christmas Carb Loading and Mimosas.


Jackson modelling the new slouchy Wildfox beanie. He wore it best.


This Christmas Eve we opted for an appy bar instead of a full dinner. It was beyond sufficient.


Apres appy snacks.


Oops we did it again. Twins in the Santa, Ruldolph and Me baggy beach jumpers. Christmas Eve appropriateness.


Jack asked to be dressed up on Christmas morning. Not.


Ready to tear into the gifts but first – coffee.


Thanking me for his toys.


One of my favourite decorative displays this season….





Santa spoiled me this year. Not to be a cliche’ but I feel pretty blessed to have such thoughtful friends and family.


I spy Wildfox. Again. 


One of the items I asked for this year was a mirrored tray for my makeup/perfume collection. My sister went one step further and had it monogrammed. 


The wait is over…


Yes. I get fanatical.


I am adamant about getting a candy apple placed in my stocking each year. Because I really need it right? Anyways – it pairs pretty well with chocolate infused wine I hear…


Thanks to my sisters my favourite at home pastime just got a little cozier.


It’s okay to be scolded by Santa. As long as its after Christmas.


Boxing Day breakfast was French Toast. For my tastebuds and my Christmas blues.


Here’s hoping your holidays were just as warm.

Friday Favourites

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house – you could hear me weeping softly for it to come back.

Honestly. Not even kidding.

I hope your Christmas was spent amongst your loved ones, including your brand new shiny and hopefully wish list-ed gifts.

I’ve actually been busy and not just lazy throughout the month of December so now that things are settled and I need something to distract from counting down the days until next December I’m rapid fire posting. And go.

Here are my current favourites…

Favourite Photo

Obviously my favourite photo would be based on the holidays. This here is Jackson and I on Christmas morning waiting to tear into our carefully selected and crafted gift wrap. Although it may not seem like it, Christmas is so much more than just gifts to me. I love giving them and watching my sisters surprise (heh), family photos, staying in and watching movies with my parents, and having so much family around. This was our first Christmas sans my sister whose moved back home but Skype made it feel like she never left. ‘Twas wonderful.


Favorite Purchase

Wilfred Chatou Vest. I purchased this for my sister for Christmas from Aritzia. Santa was in a very giving mood. In turn, I should be able to beg, borrow or steal. So plush, the perfect nude, and made for layering. A nice little investment indeed.


Favourite Past-time

Now don’t get any ideas here – I’m no Chopped Holiday Baking Champ but when I have the time, the motivation, and the utensils – I can craft a cake or two. This one was for my sister’s birthday last week. She had doubted my skills after a couple batches of sub par cupcakes but that doubt has now been clouded. With thick fog and icing. This whimsical little snowman here can attest to that.


Favorite Outfit

Duh. I would. My sister is dressed up as my Elf. Does that make it any better? Mind blowing right? This was for our annual trip to see the Bellevue Square Santa and tell him that we have more than enough luxuries, but still. You can thank Wildfox for the sweater. – Ms. Claus


Favourite Food

I usually care enough about my fitness that I keep my cravings in check until cheat day but Christmas week has gone and done it again. And true to cliche’ – the new year’s resolution stands true – melt off the holidays. In the meantime – this was breakfast this morning. I usually await a meal prepared by someone other than myself because Panda Puffs and smoothies aren’t sustenance for satisfied tastebuds, obviously. This here was crafted by yours truly. I am just as shocked and amazed. It’s no Mom’s French Toast from The Griddle but it was some of my best work yet. 


Favourite Beauty Product

I found this gem nestled in my stocking yesterday and holy sh*t – amazing. My sister and I were on a Dior craze because when we get hooked on a product we seem to delve into excess but I am floored by this Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi Shine Nail Lacquer.  I got Fluorescent Beige which is a nude with a slight iridescence . I’ve only tried it on – my nails are due for a manicure – but the shine, the coat and the formula is already blowing me apart. Review should be up sooner than later…


I sincerely hope you all had a Christmas to remember. Whether it was busy, relaxing, spent with loved ones or with those you are glad to see only once a year. Cherish.


Purchased & Reviewed: Lorac The Royal Eyeshadow Collection

This post was supposed to be published back in early November and it’s not that I wasn’t mind blown enough to review – it was more having to do with sheer laziness and a sole focus on everything Christmas.

I was recently in LA, and while at Fashion Island in Newport I knew I had to drop in to Ulta. First visit. Gross right? Anyway, it met my expectations and then some. I knew it wasn’t going to be wrapped up among luxurious and iconic black and white accents and that it was simplistic, to the point and meant to come off as a drugstore on steroids so honestly, I wasn’t surprised at my surroundings. I was more blown away by the variety of brands, especially ones not carried at Sephora. So pleased. I burned Weitzman straight to Lorac and yeah….it was like eyes settling on a 5 course feast.

After much deliberation (and disappointment that the Lorac Pro palettes were sold out) I came across this set…



If I can correctly recall, I grabbed like, 4 in case someone was lurking in nearby aisles waiting to pounce in case I dropped it or changed my mind for some obscene reason.

I’m still floored with the amazing deal for 4 different palettes. Here’s what it contains:

Each palette contains 4 color coordinated, complimentary shades. The color schemes are put together perfectly so that you get a base shade, a highlighter, a crease color, and an accent. Seriously. They’re foolproof.

I’ve tried to capture the colours as best as possible for you…they’re too good to not get a proper look at…

I love how each palette has a theme and lives up to its namesake.


Packaging: Love. So royal. The suede finish can collect dust if you store them out in the open, as well as pick up color transfer but it doesn’t affect the product inside, obviously. The encasement is coextensive with what’s on the inside so it takes a bit of guesswork out of your routine, especially when you’re a makeup hoarder like myself.

Formula: I really like the application. Goes on like a regular ol shadow of course, but I’ve noticed that the fallout is almost minute. The consistency is nice and smooth, less pixie dust and more substance.

Shades: The colours are vibrant and true to what you see in the pan – which is something I can get into because I hate when you purchase a product, whether it’s a lipstick or eyeshadow, and it ends up looking nothing like what you expected…

Price: I believe I paid a measly $38 for this smorgasbord. I honestly think they could have charged more. I feel like a thief in the night, with a really pristine smokey eye. 

Verdict: How have you not gone and purchased this already?

You can find it here:



Friday Favorites: Monday Edition

I’ve been so busy hitting “add to cart” these past 2 weeks or so that I haven’t posted my Favorites.

This one’s a heavy hitter, plus it’s on a Monday – how rebellious.

Favorite Purchase

Babaton Templeton Slip Dress

I needed something for my work Christmas party and although I have dresses in my closet with the tags still attached, I wanted something I didn’t have. Sound familiar? Anyway, I like to shy away from the mainstream from time to time so I decided on a pale pink slip midi slip dress. I love the material (no creasing) and the simplicity. Also – this is a staple since I can style it in a ton of different ways…leather jacket, an oversized sweater, a cozy cardigan, sleek blazer…mind blown.


Favorite Photo

Jackson prancing around in a pile of leaves. 

How can this not be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I love this little guy. And hello? He’s wearing a rain jacket. Rain jackets are not cute. Until he puts them on. 


Favorite Past time

Tree Trimming

Christmastime is my favorite time of year. I highly doubt I have to explain why. It’s cozy, the lights are twinkly and the gifts are a plenty, most people try not to act like assholes, and there’s so many picturesque situations to document. I mean, you have to deal with driving in subpar conditions, associating with family members you may have sworn you’d never associate with, encounter people who drive like they’ve just finished off a crack pipe in the mall parking lot, and the new skinnies you’ve gotten for Christmas may not fit on your fat ass come December 25th, but it’s okay. Tis the f*cking season.


Favorite Look

Pale pink and dark lips

Oh look who made an appearance. The Templeton slip. And my best friend. Her too. I think I envisioned this outfit in my dreams, long before this dress came into existence. I went for a white/black swan kind of vibe. Neutrals like soft beiges and pale pinks look amazing with a dark lip and a edgier accent like a leather jack or sharp blazer. Vision come true. 

Jacket/Shoes – Zara
Slip – Aritzia 
Lipstick – Kat Von D’s Vampira
Her dress – Nordstrom
Shoes – Nine West 


Favorite Dear Santa Item


I know, I’d rather get Louboutin D’orsay pumps too but pajamas are always welcomed with greedy little hands. Considering I live in these, they’re very necessary. And they must come from Wildfox. Lazy day comfort is what they’re known best for.


Favorite Product

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick

I just did a review on these. I am obsessed for a reason. Not surprisingly my favorite product – the color is intense, the formula is like any other, and the longevity is obscene. Really, I’m not just throwing together a string of flouncy, illustrative adjectives. I’m currently working on building my Twinkle Pop empire.