Friday Favorites: Monday Edition

I’ve been so busy hitting “add to cart” these past 2 weeks or so that I haven’t posted my Favorites.

This one’s a heavy hitter, plus it’s on a Monday – how rebellious.

Favorite Purchase

Babaton Templeton Slip Dress

I needed something for my work Christmas party and although I have dresses in my closet with the tags still attached, I wanted something I didn’t have. Sound familiar? Anyway, I like to shy away from the mainstream from time to time so I decided on a pale pink slip midi slip dress. I love the material (no creasing) and the simplicity. Also – this is a staple since I can style it in a ton of different ways…leather jacket, an oversized sweater, a cozy cardigan, sleek blazer…mind blown.


Favorite Photo

Jackson prancing around in a pile of leaves. 

How can this not be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I love this little guy. And hello? He’s wearing a rain jacket. Rain jackets are not cute. Until he puts them on. 


Favorite Past time

Tree Trimming

Christmastime is my favorite time of year. I highly doubt I have to explain why. It’s cozy, the lights are twinkly and the gifts are a plenty, most people try not to act like assholes, and there’s so many picturesque situations to document. I mean, you have to deal with driving in subpar conditions, associating with family members you may have sworn you’d never associate with, encounter people who drive like they’ve just finished off a crack pipe in the mall parking lot, and the new skinnies you’ve gotten for Christmas may not fit on your fat ass come December 25th, but it’s okay. Tis the f*cking season.


Favorite Look

Pale pink and dark lips

Oh look who made an appearance. The Templeton slip. And my best friend. Her too. I think I envisioned this outfit in my dreams, long before this dress came into existence. I went for a white/black swan kind of vibe. Neutrals like soft beiges and pale pinks look amazing with a dark lip and a edgier accent like a leather jack or sharp blazer. Vision come true. 

Jacket/Shoes – Zara
Slip – Aritzia 
Lipstick – Kat Von D’s Vampira
Her dress – Nordstrom
Shoes – Nine West 


Favorite Dear Santa Item


I know, I’d rather get Louboutin D’orsay pumps too but pajamas are always welcomed with greedy little hands. Considering I live in these, they’re very necessary. And they must come from Wildfox. Lazy day comfort is what they’re known best for.


Favorite Product

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick

I just did a review on these. I am obsessed for a reason. Not surprisingly my favorite product – the color is intense, the formula is like any other, and the longevity is obscene. Really, I’m not just throwing together a string of flouncy, illustrative adjectives. I’m currently working on building my Twinkle Pop empire.




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