Purchased & Reviewed: Lorac The Royal Eyeshadow Collection

This post was supposed to be published back in early November and it’s not that I wasn’t mind blown enough to review – it was more having to do with sheer laziness and a sole focus on everything Christmas.

I was recently in LA, and while at Fashion Island in Newport I knew I had to drop in to Ulta. First visit. Gross right? Anyway, it met my expectations and then some. I knew it wasn’t going to be wrapped up among luxurious and iconic black and white accents and that it was simplistic, to the point and meant to come off as a drugstore on steroids so honestly, I wasn’t surprised at my surroundings. I was more blown away by the variety of brands, especially ones not carried at Sephora. So pleased. I burned Weitzman straight to Lorac and yeah….it was like eyes settling on a 5 course feast.

After much deliberation (and disappointment that the Lorac Pro palettes were sold out) I came across this set…



If I can correctly recall, I grabbed like, 4 in case someone was lurking in nearby aisles waiting to pounce in case I dropped it or changed my mind for some obscene reason.

I’m still floored with the amazing deal for 4 different palettes. Here’s what it contains:

Each palette contains 4 color coordinated, complimentary shades. The color schemes are put together perfectly so that you get a base shade, a highlighter, a crease color, and an accent. Seriously. They’re foolproof.

I’ve tried to capture the colours as best as possible for you…they’re too good to not get a proper look at…

I love how each palette has a theme and lives up to its namesake.


Packaging: Love. So royal. The suede finish can collect dust if you store them out in the open, as well as pick up color transfer but it doesn’t affect the product inside, obviously. The encasement is coextensive with what’s on the inside so it takes a bit of guesswork out of your routine, especially when you’re a makeup hoarder like myself.

Formula: I really like the application. Goes on like a regular ol shadow of course, but I’ve noticed that the fallout is almost minute. The consistency is nice and smooth, less pixie dust and more substance.

Shades: The colours are vibrant and true to what you see in the pan – which is something I can get into because I hate when you purchase a product, whether it’s a lipstick or eyeshadow, and it ends up looking nothing like what you expected…

Price: I believe I paid a measly $38 for this smorgasbord. I honestly think they could have charged more. I feel like a thief in the night, with a really pristine smokey eye. 

Verdict: How have you not gone and purchased this already?

You can find it here:





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