Christmas 2014: A Photo Tour

Although my Instagram account offers a somewhat unnecessarily detailed, cropped and filtered (#sorrynotsorry) glimpse into my life, I felt my holidays needed to be sufficiently highlighted.

I promise I’m going to lay off the Christmas after this. I might need a couple sugar cookies, a bottle of wine and the next 120 or so days to get it done but you can’t say I’m not giving it a chance.

Happy Holidays


My sister decided our stockings this year needed an upgrade. Thanks Pottery Barn.


He loves a good plush.


Nothing like taking your bestie as your date to the work Christmas party.


This is me 365 days of the year.


My girlfriend and I have an annual tradition to bring in the red cup season together. #basic – we know


Sunday morning pancakes. c/o yours truly


Again, Pottery Barn really offered up some key pieces this season. This one here is a nod to my Seahawks.


Buffalo plaid in December is an obvious must.


“Do you want to build a snowman?” – Playdate with my favourite 5 year old.


Wildfox has provided my sister and I outfits for pretty much every major holiday this past year. Our annual photo with Santa was no exception.


Chocolate gingerbread cookies = fuel for wrapping presents.


Staying warm.


Shredded denim goes best with minimalist heels and an oversized faux. I say.


Watching a major Hawks game with a bloody mary eased the anxiety. We won.


At Bellevue Square – in our full glory.


My sister came to town. We headed for the most Christmasy place.


A photo op I just couldn’t pass up.


Apple mulled cider wine.


My gnome and I.

Her hat & mini bag – Kate Spade/Jeans – Madewell/ Sweater- Aritzia/Shoes – Marc Jacobs

My denim & leggings – Aritzia/Faux – Zara/ Boots – Nine West/Beanie – Madewell/Bag – Louis Vuitton


Christmas Market gourmet.


I know. Let’s take a selfie.


Sisters. ❤


It’s all in the details…


I admit – I could wrap presents all year round.


One of my favourite holiday pastimes – baking sugar cookies with my sisters – and then eating them all.


My sister had to split her Christmas up this year so she opened some gifts early. No complaints here.


We clean up ok.


Sunday Funday with one of my favourite girls.


Christmas Carb Loading and Mimosas.


Jackson modelling the new slouchy Wildfox beanie. He wore it best.


This Christmas Eve we opted for an appy bar instead of a full dinner. It was beyond sufficient.


Apres appy snacks.


Oops we did it again. Twins in the Santa, Ruldolph and Me baggy beach jumpers. Christmas Eve appropriateness.


Jack asked to be dressed up on Christmas morning. Not.


Ready to tear into the gifts but first – coffee.


Thanking me for his toys.


One of my favourite decorative displays this season….





Santa spoiled me this year. Not to be a cliche’ but I feel pretty blessed to have such thoughtful friends and family.


I spy Wildfox. Again. 


One of the items I asked for this year was a mirrored tray for my makeup/perfume collection. My sister went one step further and had it monogrammed. 


The wait is over…


Yes. I get fanatical.


I am adamant about getting a candy apple placed in my stocking each year. Because I really need it right? Anyways – it pairs pretty well with chocolate infused wine I hear…


Thanks to my sisters my favourite at home pastime just got a little cozier.


It’s okay to be scolded by Santa. As long as its after Christmas.


Boxing Day breakfast was French Toast. For my tastebuds and my Christmas blues.


Here’s hoping your holidays were just as warm.


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2014: A Photo Tour

  1. As I already told you, that slip dress is TO DIE FOR. Gorge.

    That mirrored tray though!!!!! OBSESSED. I can’t wait to see all your makeup goodies on it (and gauge its size).

    The bedding. OMG. Must have. I’m over my bedding and need something new to shake things up…

    Love all the Christmas reflections 🙂 Dumb question, but… I need to step up my Insta game. Do you use the same filter on all of your photos? I need to get my shiz together and learn what to do with technology – UGH. LOL 🙂

    • Sadly I’ve only managed to wear the dress once – another reason I’ve vowed to only shop in my closet this month. Oh girl yas. I can’t wait to do a post on my new makeup goods and will most likely be arranging them on aforementioned tray for wow factor.

      As for the bedding – it’s a miss mash. Which I’m really into these days. I swear, a faux pillow, a couple of pillow shams and an ultra comfy throw will turn your life around. Flo Rida style.

      Thank ya! My life revolves around Christmas so I had to fully document.

      Hecks no. I use a variety actually. I mess around with them until I find something visually acceptable for me. My favourite app is Afterlight – the selection and photo enhancing capabilities are insane) and I also use Camera + if not solely for it’s Clarity feature which pretty much intensifies the shit out of all the details in your photo. Once I reach Instagram I barely have to do anything else but I’ll make use of the brightening and sharpening tools. I’m loving the new filters – Aden especially. Get at me and tell me how you like them!

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