Friday Favourites: Weekend Edition

Since I haven’t posted a “favourites” post in over a month, you should grab a glass of wine, your credit card, and a cozy blanket. This is a humdinger.

Favourite Hair Product

Lush Solid Shampoo in Karma Komba 


I’ve been using Lush shampoo bars for the last 6 months now and don’t plan on switching it up anytime soon. They last forever, require a small rub for the biggest lather, and they smell amazing in the tin and on your hair. This one contains patchouli oil, pine and lemongrass oil (among others) and the Karma fragrance is heavenly. All their shampoo bars leave my hair feeling really clean and soft so unless you hate clean and fragrant hair you have no excuse because they come in like, 20 different scents.

Favourite Skincare Product

L’Occitane Weekend en Provence Almond Discovery Set 


I got this little set in my stocking for Christmas and was thrilled because my almond supple skin oil was half empty (half empty is enough to give me anxiety). The set contains Almond Shower Oil (which is heavenly in the shower), Almond Milk Concentrate (body lotion for post shower), and Almond Delicious Hands (perfect for a luxurious travel lotion). The smell is divine, definitely something to try if you’re looking for a trial pampering session.

Favourite Scent

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom 


I know I’ve mentioned it before but honest to sh*t this smell is one of the softest, elegant, musky and sweet scents I’ve ever worn. Mimosa, spiced cardamom, tonka and sandalwood, powdery heliotrope (which is so intense with each spray) and Damask rose. I cannot emphasize how cozy and dignified this particular scent is. Jo Malone is a scientist. I was gifted it for Christmas and a day hasn’t gone by since I’ve worn it.

Favorite Gift 

Diptyque Holiday Coloured Glass Trio


I not so subtly hinted to my sister all November long that I would drop to the floor in a dramatic and hugely fraudulent fainting spell if I didn’t welcome this set into my life. She shut me up. This limited edition Diptyque candle trio gives Diptyque cult followers life. Me. It gives me life. The set includes Sapin (pine tree scent with mingling notes of mandarin orange), Liquidamber (amber from a tree with red leaves, mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg and muscovado sugar – which I honestly know nothing about but love), Oliban (woodsy and sweet). I’ll be melting these (I have a handy little candle warmer because there’s no way I’m even remotely comfortable burning 80 dollar candles) all year long. I usually save my muskier and woodsier candles for rainy and overcast days when I’m settled indoors with my pyjamas. The rest are for warmer sunnier days when I’m settled indoors with my pyjamas. (Just keeping it real).

Favourite Wardrobe Item

Wildfox Let’s Stay Home Sweater 


I was eyeing this cozy sweater since the day it was introduced but it fell off the radar somehow (the shame). How thrilled was I to find it under the tree this year? Thrilled AF. (Sorry) It’s deliciously cozy, easy to style with a pair of jeans or a skirt and can be thrown over pretty much any set of pyjamas for the utmost at-home comfort. And the saying speaks for itself. If people came with a tagline, this would be mine.

Favourite Wishlist Purchase

Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals


The Christmas sprites picked me this season and it’s not because I’m their most vocal spokesperson – it’s because I’ve been long-thirsting for these heels right here. I would search my favourite online haunts and never make it to “purchase” because my size was almost always disappointingly sold out. Until now bitches. That last size 37.5 is mine. All mine. Bless you Forward by Elyse Walker. May you always be blessed with abundant stock. The open toe suede fringe, the delicate straps, the 4″ yet comfortable heel. Nothing short of perfection. I’ve never been so pleased with giving away my money. (PS: They’re in limited stock at most online boutiques right now – you’re welcome).

Favorite Pastime



I’m fully aware that this is a so-called trend these days but I’m been going HAM with colouring since 83. Fine, I just recently picked it up again but it’s always been within me yearning to come out and show ya’ll what fine tipped markers were made for. I picked this gem up at Chapters Indigo (along with The Time Chamber by Daria Song). I try and sneak in some colouring time during my hours allocated to TV each evening, also I find that when I colour during the Hawks games I’m less likely to jump up from the couch threatening bodily harm to the opposing team when something goes awry.

Favorite Makeup Product

Anastasia Illuminator in Starlight


I kept forgetting that Macy’s carried Anastasia’s full makeup line (most of the time) so this time there was no way I was going to walk past without stopping in to check for her insanely popular highlighters. I chose this shade (an iridescent white gold) because, let’s be honest – I have pretty much every other shade possible. This was a little brighter than the rest, a little more YouTube guru, and a lot more Khloe Kardashian – AKA – this glow is not from within (even though the site boasts that it’s meant to give off that result). I’m going to do a full review but I will say for now that this shade is nice for adding a real sheen, like full on glamazon glow. You can be heavy handed (like me without natural light during application) or go easy with a fan brush (to add a bit of radiance). 

Favourite Treat

Soft Peaks Ice Cream


I know it’s the dead of Winter but I rarely get a chance to indulge in Soft Peaks ice cream. Although, I can hardly call it indulging since it’s organic, all natural, low in fat and calories, with just a tiny little smudge of sweetness. When I dive face first into their churning tub – that’s when we can call it indulging.

Happy Weekend



Purchased & Reviewed: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors

I took a month off blogging because Christmas (and the accompanying holiday season) is my favourite time of year and I feel that every fibre of my being must be allocated to that and only that. I slept, ate, and shopped Christmas. The latter which will lend to the next 36 posts for 2016. Here’s to hoping that you holiday season was jam packed with family that didn’t annoy you, presents that were on your wish list for months and treats that didn’t morph your ass and hips into Kardashian assigned proportions.

I’ll take this opportunity to talk about pretty much each and every single beauty gift I received this Christmas. Really. Not kidding.

Ok kidding.

I’ll stagger them out. This review is on Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors in Blushed Copper and the Jaclyn Hill collaboration, Champagne Pop (which I’ve reviewed before).



Packaging: The gold boxes these highlighters come in are fancy as heck and are indicative of what you get on the inside. On the other hand, the actual compacts are more utilitarian and no nonsense. I find that the outer shell for Champagne Pop is easy to get dirty with your grubby little makeup covered fingers so have a Lysol wipe handy. Blushed Copper has a shinier compact and for some reason is lighter in weight. I wish they would have made Champagne Pop identical to the box it came in (as they did with Blushed Copper) but I’ll let it slide since the product is like crack for your face. If you’re into crack.

Product: Gold. Crushed, crumbled, pulverized & pounded pieces of gold. If you own these then you know exactly what I’m talking about – if you don’t – you can solidify this shit and deposit it into your bank account. Do not get it twisted. The texture is creamy, and for a powder that is absolutely ridiculous yet marvellous. The fine pearls that are infused into this fairy dust is meant to absorb, reflect, and refract light so it looks like your highlight is natural and not man made. Or woman made, should I say. Compared to dry pressed powders, this one blends it’s ingredients with liquid binders which results in the luxuriously creamy application and consistency. The Blushed Copper has a prismatic appearance whereas the Champagne Pop is completely smooth. They both apply in the same fashion, it’s the collaboration with Jaclyn Hill that has Champagne Pop stand on it’s own.

Wearability/Colour: I use Champagne Pop as a highlighter and Blushed Copper as a blush to blend my contour with. They apply with ease, are wildly pigmented and long lasting and honestly, compliment various skin tones. The rose gold Champagne Pop is amazing as a highlighter and Blushed Copper (a warm copper with rose gold undertones) is one of the most flattering blushes I’ve ever come across.

Verdict: You have to have these. They’re not a fad. They’re not a artsy piece or celebrity collab that you need to purchase just because you have zero control when it comes to makeup, and you have an inch of counter space that needs to be filled. These are versatile, reasonably priced for their product range, flattering AF (I know, I know, super millennial ditz of me), and are long lasting in both wear and wallet. Unfortunately the limited edition Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow trio palette is no longer available (unless you can find it on Amazon or eBay) because that’s when my love affair with Blushed Copper commenced. Take my advice and don’t be shy. They’re well worth the hype.

Get them here and here.

(The photos are as is – no filter just enhancement to showcase the colours).





It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: Holiday Gift Guide for the Tech Savvy

You know that one person who just can’t seem to put their phone down at dinner? Can multitask with a fork, a knife, and an iPhone? Can scroll through Instagram and carry on a highly intellectual conversation about the Republican platform on gun control? Feels the innate desire to “check in” when picking up tampons at Walmart? Reward them.

Click the photo to shop.

Tory Burch Fret Pendant Necklace/Bracelet


Stelle Audio Mini Clutch Speaker


Baublebar x Frends Headphones


Halogen Tech Touch Cashmere Gloves


BAN.DO Selfies iPhone 6 Case


Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones


Caseify Marble iPhone Case


Polaroid SNAP Camera


Stella McCartney iPhone Case


Chiara Ferragni Flirting iPhone Case


Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet


Kate Spade Cedar Street iPad Air 2 Keyboard Folio


Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini in Marble


Kikkerland Folding Selfie Stick


Joe’s Flawless #hello Jeans


It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas: Holiday Gift Guide for the Cozy

Sunday. The perfect day for reviewing my 3rd instalment of the Holiday Gift Guide. I’ve never understood people who would rather freeze their t*ts off standing in a line up to get into a bar than throw on a pair of luxuriously comfy pyjamas and snuggle up with Netflix. For those who are with me on the cozy evening shenanigans – I salute you. Fuel their wise choices with these…

*Click on the photos to shop

Faux Fur Trapper Hat


For Love & Lemons Knitz Braided Cable Hoodie Cardigan 


Snow Dusting Throw


Plum & Bow Cozy Critter Plates


Smoko Toast USB Hand Warmers


Wildfox Hibernating Eye Mask 


For Love & Lemons Knitz Natalie Silk Sweater


COZY ZOE Holiday Print Leggings


Babaton Humphrey Collar


Urban Outfitters Animal Ears Beanie


Uncommon Goods Soup & Sandwich Tray


Velvet Robe


Wildfox Pink Plaid Pajama Romper


Free People Tea Strainer


kensie Arctic Chill Pajamas


Fair Isle Reading Socks


Anthropologie Color Block Faux Fur Stole


Free People Heartwarmers Gift Bundle


PJ Salvage Flannel Pajamas


Kate Spade Scarlett Mocassin Slipper


UGG Australia Margie Cable Knit Shawl Collar Cardigan


West Elm Faux Fur BeanBag


Anthropologie Solstice Scarf


Classy Tea Cup


Acacia Wood Tray 


Hanro Grand Central Boyfriend Sleepshirt


UO Oversized Blanket Scarf



Free People Pine Lodge Slipper


Victoria’s Secret Dreamer Flannel Sleepshirt


Expressions Decorative Pillow


Wildfox Let’s Stay Home Sweater



Buffalo Check Throw


LINE Sparrow Fringe Cardigan


Wildfox Caffeine Machine Sweater


Plush Cable Knit Fleece Lined Arm Warmers


UO Lightweight Button Thigh High Thermal Sock 









Purchased: Lush Loot

I’ve slowly been accumulating a nice little Lush boutique in my own washroom. Most of them are purchases I made this past December and some are gifts. Lush is one of my favourite skincare and bath lines and to really bring my point home, I don’t mind the scent saturated stand up store. I’m a fan of smelling like a 80 year old woman whose accidentally spilled half a bottle of Chanel onto her body so the somewhat overpowering scents don’t bother me. Not to mention – it’s a type of Hansel & Gretel witch – I know which path to take when I’m looking for it in the mall.


Anyway, here’s what I’m hoarding:

Vanilla Puff Powder 


This little bottle of fairy dust is nice for post showering scenting. I like using it after I’ve worked out (and bathed of course, I’m not that ratchet) in my hair and on my hairline, especially if I have’t washed my hair that particular day. It smells like baking vanilla (not perfume-y vanilla) and is really nice on the skin as well. Talc, vanilla, jasmine and tonka keep your skin soft and smooth, helping to retain moisture.

Snowman/Sweetie Pie Bath Jelly


This was something new and foreign to me, as I’ve been using shower gels for the last few years instead of more solid bar style soaps. This wobbly, wiggly jelly is an ingenious take on bar soap. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to pay for something that would just break apart and diminish slowly into the drain. My initial thoughts were clearly imprecise. They both smell amazing. Snowman is a mix of bergamot, buchu, and Sicilian lemon – think mango creamsicle and Sweetie Pie is a blend of blackcurrant  and sour cherry with a seaweed base and iridescent shimmer. Snowman is sold out (as most of the holiday goods are) but you can still grab Sweetie Pie.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub


This pink cotton candy lip scrub made my list of 2014 favourites. I love the smell, and the grains are significant enough to actually get rid of the dry skin on your lips. A God send for lipstick abusers like me. Made up of Fair Trade sugar & jojoba oil, the smell is straight up carnival cotton candy and it leaves your lips perfectly primed for your cycle of abuse in the am.

Rose Jam Shower Gel 


Just when I thought that my infatuation belonged to Snow Fairy, I meet Rose Jam. If you don’t already know (I mention it incessantly) I have a thing for anything rose scented. When they’re remixed with different notes? Lust. Case in point- this gel is a blend of vanilla pod, goji berry juice & argan oil. It’s rose but with a blend that makes it that much more different. Indulgent.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel


The Holy Grail of Lush scents. Bubblegum and sweet vanilla mixed with actual legit fairy dust. Right? Smells like candy. How can you not fall into a deep compulsion?! It’s sold out at most stores but you can still get it online. Oh, and that scrub I mentioned? I believe that’s Snow Fairy’s first born child.

Pink FUN


This is a form of Lush’s bath bomb style bubble bars. I haven’t tried it yet – but bath night will be scheduled accordingly. The smell is a mix of vanilla and tonk a for a candy scent. It was part of a bath set I got for Christmas (also containing Sweetie Pie and the Bubblegum lip scrub). More so geared towards children, but what they can have, I want 10 of. I’m an asshole in that way.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner


Oh yassss. Gimme all of that. Another heady, exhilarating form of rose fragrance in a container. Mimiced after an actual hair conditioner, this stuff is meant to be applied after shower and then rinsed off. Cocoa butter, cupuacu butter,almond oil and argan oil make up this decadent shower lotion. I’ve worn it apres shower and didn’t rinse it off because I’m a rebel and because I wanted a stronger smell. I’ll stick to the rules next time though because Lush does stand by it’s rose scented subtle after scent…

Snow Fairy Sparkle


Shocked yet? I managed to secure most of the Snow Fairy scented products Lush has to offer. I told you the infatuations as real. The massage bar is one of my favourite Lush products.They’re soft, leave your skin stupidly moisturized, last forever if stored properly and smell incredible. This particular one has a fondant filled center with shea butter & shimmery silver luster. It’s smooth and leaves your skin baby soft. Definitely a must have. PS – They sell tins for immaculate storage too.

Let me know if there’s something you think I should try…