Sunday Style Inspiration

I can’t wait to mimic some of these looks next week…

Happy Sunday


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Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

I didn’t indulge in a lot of shopping this week but I still have the weekend so I ain’t mad at it.

Here are my favorites this week.

Happy Weekend


Favorite Purchase

 Jeffrey Campbell Navajo Fringe Heels

I got these whilst compiling items for my last post on the fringe trend. I love JC shoes in all their incredulous styles but I found this one to be totally wearable throughout the Fall/Winter, plus it fed my fringe obsession. Can’t wait to see what they look like on!


Favorite Product

 Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Jet Black

I don’t think I’ve done a review on this liner yet, although I use it pretty much every single day I have my game face on. For those that are new to liquid liner and are attempting and failing each 357398 times in mastering the cat eye look – this is a perfect place to start. The tip is precise, the colour is fade proof and bold, and it won’t come off unless you want it to. It’s a cult fav for a reason. Must have.


Favorite Outfit

 Over the Knee Boots and Boyfriend Sweaters

Oh yeah. The time is here for me to showcase where I spent my money the last few months. Fall for me is all about keeping your tops oversized and your bottoms skinny. Over the knee boots to top it all off and it’s foolproof. Seriously. That’s like 3 things you have to remember when getting dressed for the next 4 months. You are most welcome. PS – She’s wearing my Weitzmans and I am not hating it.


Favorite Wish List Item

Christian Louboutin Iriza Patent D’Orsay Pumps

Oh yassss girl. I need these in my life more than anything right now. Workout shoes, food, clean water – all can be replaced with these right here. Right?


Favorite Look 

Tucked in

I am so anal about where my hair falls, where my shirt hits my pants, and how moisturized my hands can be – so this is more a challenge than a look to try. It’s overcoming a life long problem with OCD. If you’re going to overcome such struggles might as well try trivial beauty ones first.



Wear Me: Keep These, Toss Those

I was recently rummaging through my wardrobe in order to find one of my 35 white tees and realized that I have too many clothes. HAHAHAHA. Not really but I did come to the realization that I need to start storing away my summer wear in order to ensure my Fall/Winter items are up front and center like the girl who just got a 3rd tit.

Here’s the guideline I’m following…

1. Toss out the distressed denim shorts and replace with heavier skirts, skorts, and tailored shorts.





Okay I had a really tough time coming to terms with this one. I practically lived in mine all summer. With stilettos, flip flops, embellished sandals etc etc. To make room for heavier skirts, tailored skorts and shorts putting these away is a fairly reasonable idea. Unless you pair them with a chunky knit and tall over the knee boots (Autumn only – you can only push it so far), delegate them to storage. Instead opt for cleaner lines, heavier fabrics like houndstooth, wool and leather (fleather too). Much more fitting for Fall weather, plus they look good either dressed up or down.

2. Trade in lightweight, sheer kimonos and feathery cardis for denim and leather jackets.




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A long knitted cardi or lightweight layering piece is always a good idea to have around but a heavier jacket is always a better choice for the colder months. Duh. A denim jacket is a prime topper & it looks good under a coat too while leather is definitely bad ass and it keeps you warm and chic at the same time. Faux is a nice affordable and vegan friendly alternative as well (or fleather as I like to call it – someone find out if I can copyright that).

3. Swap your Birks and flat sandal mimics for flats.


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No brainer. I know. They still easy to throw on, feminine and dainty and they’re a comfortable alternative to Uggs. Trust. I love me a pair of Uggs but as a Fall/Winter uniform? No. It’s a subliminal message you give to those around you that you just don’t give a f*ck about style. You might as well wear granny panties and chapstick as lipstick too. Not saying that there aren’t days where we do – hello Sundays – but you’ll be amazed at what 10 minutes of effort can result in. Less hobo and more hobo chic.

4. Add legs to your romper.





Oh girl. Who didn’t rock the romper this summer. Huge right. Adding a little leg coverage to ease you into colder temperatures ain’t so hard. It’s comfortable, you don’t have to worry about a perfect hairless leg, and you’re trendy as sh*t. You’re welc.

5. Midis instead of maxis.

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Okay, you can still pull off a maxi during the Fall (if you layer the crap out of it) but a midi is more in fashion right now, it’s versatile (takes you from your 9-5 to your 8-2) and it’s flattering if you know how to style. Whether you wear them with pointy toed flats and kitten heels or 6 inch stilettos – it works. I just got a gorgeous chiffon style midi from Topshop and I styled that sh*t 30 different ways in my head…

Keep these guidelines in mind to take the guesswork out of what you need to have front and center in your wardrobe, and as your choices for the next few months. As always, they’re simply for inspiration…mix it up, own it and remember to not give a sh*t what anyone thinks.

Do work.

Wear Me: Fringe

No I’m not telling you to pick up the scissors and get ready for some new bangs – i’m praising the new fringe trend as of late.

A little bit 70’s. A little bit free spirit. A lot trendy.

From Altuzarra to Wang – the resurgence of past styles is all over the runways and should be making their way into your closets.

Like any other trend, what you have to watch out for is overdoing it. There IS such a thing as too much leopard, too much logo, and too much in general. Your old Coach bags and True Religions are proof of this.

I did what I do best and compiled a variety of different ways to work this style into your everyday wardrobe…

You’re welcome…

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I know a lot of the styles are “I grew up on a hippie commune” but again – a little goes a long way. If you can manage to incorporate an accessory, or one item here and there you can be pretty confident you’ll nail it.

Here are some items worthy of purchase…

ONE by Sam & Levi/$175/


Freebird by Steven Dallas Fringe Booties/$311/


Kenneth Jay Lane Stone Fringe Chain Necklace/$100/


Leith Fringe Trim Camisole/$60/


TopShop Fringe Suede Backpack/$130/


Superga Nocturne Skytop Sneaker with Pony Hair/$125/


Tularosa Santa Fe Fringe Jacket/$178/


Blank NYC Fringed Vest/$114/


Tory Burch Suede Fringed Shoulder Bag/$495/


Burberry Cashmere Fringe Wrap/$1395/


Jeffrey Campbell Navajo Heel/$100/ (I just purchased these)


Are you into it?


Purchased & Reviewed: NARS Audacious Lipstick

Oh girl yasssss. I feel like a sassy tranny who just got her weave done right. Mmmmm hmmm. Let me tell ya.

This here is the legitimate bomb.


I’m not quite sure how to describe in words how absolutely amazing this superhuman new lipstick is – so….

PS – I purchased Grace.


Vivid is the best way to define it. I recently wore it to a birthday party and my lips were straight up the scene stealer. The colour is exemplary. It’s bright and crazy pigmented. If you’re scare of color this probably isn’t the best shade for you, but if you ain’t scared of sh*t then this is it.


Oh yeah. Smooth and luxe. It practically glides on it’s so freaking fancy. I am head over 5 inch heels with this formula. All you need it one swipe for your lips to be fully coated. For a matte girl this is sent directly from the Lord himself.


I sh*t you not – I applied this at 7:10am one morning and it didn’t come off/fade until I wiped it off at 5:40pm the same day. Note that I had to remove it myself during the de-masking process. If you don’t want to get your panties in a twist wondering if your lipstick is still intact – you need this for peace of mind.


$32 USD and approx $38 CAD. I would have purchased it at $60 after getting familiar with it. Worth the higher price point unlike some others I’ve tried that are soley riding on the designer’s name.


This is Batman’s lipstick. if Batman cross dressed on the weekends. This would be a part of his utility belt arsenal for sure. It’s sleek, sexy and the top cap magnetically latches on. I could be wearing this with Uggs and a baseball cap and feel like Jennifer Lopez’s twin sister.


Do you even need me to confirm it? It’s a hands down, feet stomping, need it yesterday purchase. The 40 shade collection needs a standing ovation every time a lipstick is purchased. Sephora take note.


As always, let me know if you make the purchase. I care.