Was It Worth It: Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation

I am indeed known to gush about various different products I can’t imagine living without once I have tried them…

This time it’s no different. Actually – this time I am borderline gushing and more on the cusp of salivating whilst typing.

I purchased the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation a few weeks ago actually and was too lazy to do a post (shame on me), but because I’ve been over sharing on the benefits of this foundation every time someone asks what I’m wearing, I felt it was time to shout it from the rooftops entrance to Sephora.


I firmly believe that this foundation has got to be the best in the matte game. It comes in approximately 20 different shades (so that you don’t have to risk unsightly blending faux pas) and is extremely high pigmented. Before cracking it open I had a sample made so that I could face test. Um, let’s just say that the sample lasted me a good 3 weeks. I shit you not. That’s how pigmented this stuff is. A pea sized drop really goes a long way.

True to her makeup line, Kat Von D products are long lasting, pigmented and go the distance during the day. Blood sweat and tears son. Your foundation will endure. The coverage is high and matte, which I love, because I hate when you get a foundation that boasts “dewy“yet makes you look like you suffer from excessive sweating. Matte is by far my favorite type of coverage because it’s known to cover fully and last all day.

21% pigment, and a combo of siliconic elastomers ensure that it lasts all day with very little transfer. If you know what siliconic elsatomers are – congrats Nancy Know It All, congrats. For those of you that don’t – they ensure your foundation stays put and lasts all day. Also congrats for not being an asshole.

Anyway, the emollients provide a nice soft, matte finish that goes on velvety in texture. The smell is what may deter some of you picky little things, but once you’ve applied it, it pretty much diminishes.

I’ve been complimented on it so many times that I’m pretty pleased with the purchase. It’s dual ability in hiding tattoos and dark spots/circles is another huge plus. Not that I’m planning on covering up my tattoos, but the option is handy. As for under-eye circles, dark spots and greyish/blue ares  – ain’t no thang. Case in point – under eye concealer was a major part of my morning beauty regimen, but now I very rarely find the need to use it – unless I’ve been up partying into the early morning. And by partying I mean Netflix marathons and Candy Crush. Either way – it conceals to a degree that you’ll find you need concealers, powders and other spot correctors less and less.

I am obsessed with the flawless finish and the pigmentation of this stuff. If you’re not into the matte look, you can always pair it with a primer for a more dewy and shimmery look but that kind of defeats the purpose of the “matte foundation” look. My skin type is fairly normal, with a few dry bouts here and there but I find that if I stick with a fairly basic exfoliating and moisturizing routine, I don’t have a problem with application and finish.

Either way – must have. It does exactly what it claims it does and it creates a really nice base for the rest of your makeup. I found that my blush, bronzer, highlighters and eyeshadows were actually intensified! Oh, and they stayed put ALL DAMN DAY. Sans primer. Sans finishing mist. Yeah. You heard me.

Let me know if you try it out and what your thoughts are – although as usual, they won’t affect my opinions. But you know, entertain me.





15 thoughts on “Was It Worth It: Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation

  1. I am absolutely dying to try try this product. When I was searching for a matte, full coverage foundation suitable for oily skin this is literally the only one I found that everyone was raving about. Sephora is coming to Australian shores late this year-early next year, so I have to wait until then – but I have a feeling it’s going to be worth it.

    • Really?! Are you using a primer or moisturizing before you apply? I find that it helps a lot, I won’t use any foundation without moisturizing first…let me know if that works!

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