Purchased & Reviewed: Anastasia Glow Kit – That Glow 

I told myself that on the days my inner aura ain’t bright enough – having another highlight kit on hand is necessary. Right? Load of BS but creative is key to convincing yourself when purchasing items you really only want because you’re a closet makeup hoarder. 

Those who know me know that the hoarding doesn’t just start and end with makeup but – denial/no time for interventions. 

Anyways, that stiff breeze you feel when walking by Sephora these days is the culmination of 262819 females tearing each other’s fingernails off trying to snatch up one of Anastasia’s newly launched glow kits. I,for one did not indulge until I had to make a tip in to replenish my MJ Velvet Noir and ever so innocently happened to stroll by that specific section of the store. Lo and behold, That Glow was the only kit left and the only one that I held even a modicum of preoccupation with (apparently I have enough highlight to lead a search through a thick forest) but listen – I’m not one to mess with the alignment of the universe, nor do I tussle with higher powers sooooo…7 days later and here’s the review. 

Packaging: The palette itself comes in a sleeve-like cover and gives off major JLo vibes. Not saying it’s a rip off the Queen’s Glow-days but it’s a hair flip in her direction. The product itself comes in 4 individual circular pans a la most highlighter palettes available. 

Product: I mean, c’mon. It’s Anastasia. She’s the world renowned Queen of brows. I haven’t used anything other than her brow tools (and single highlighters) just yet but now that I’ve divulged I’m planning on expanding both my wallet and my horizons. Each highlighter/bronzer is a soft metallic and gives off a lot of color. Depending on your skin tone you could actually use them as bronzer or a compliment to your contour. They’re really blendable and offer a lot of dimension but I would use them sparingly at first and then build up if you need more. I can’t quite classify the payoff as a shimmer or a highlight to tell you the truth – it’s more of a glow, so hey, no BS, it stays true to name. 

Wearability: Easy to blend and apply – i use a small highlighter brush for a more concentrated application but you could use a larger blush brush or fan if you choose for a lighter look. The shades are different enough to distinguish between but easy to meld together to produce a multi dimensional effect. The colour stayed on all day, but I have a base foundation and primer to keep my money where it should be – on my face. You can also use them as eye shadows or décolletage highlight so it’s multi-functional if you’re looking for a product to serve more than one purpose. 

Price: $52CDN – I mean, it’s expected, especially for highlight palettes being at their prime. It’s the makeup blogger era so unless brands start coming out with $200 palettes not an mascara’d eye will blink. 

Verdict: Yes. I like that there’s 4 different shades and they’re unique from each other. Nothing crappier than getting a palette with quadruplets. If you’re a hoarder you’ll appreciate the hype and if you’re into strobing, glistening, shining, and straight up installing a mirror on your face you’ll like the colour payoff, the glow and the staying power.