Purchased & Reviewed: Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick

I haven’t done a review for a while and it’s definitely not because I haven’t been making purchases – it’s more because Prison Break has been mind*cking me. There’s very little else I can do.

But, because I am so obsessed with this particular product I had to put my rave out there. My hands are shaking from the Netflix withdrawal but I shall persevere.

I purchased my first one shortly after they were introduced back in late September. Shortly after I lusted for the other shades and have finally picked up another. 2 down 7 more to go.




The most amazing eyeshadow in a stick I have ever used. I’m not just saying that because I’m a full on Magpie when it comes to high end makeup. They are perfection. In addition to Honey Bunny (which was sold out at some of the Sephoras I went in to), I also added Leila.

Honey Bunny is a champagne shade and Leila is a reddish coppery pink. Both packed with just the right amount of shimmer so that you can take it from day to night.


Packaging: Sublime. Duh it’s Marc Jacobs so you can expect no less. I love the sleek packaging on the whole line. These sticks and the new lipsticks are packaged similarly. Twist at the bottom and pop off caps. Also look very glam on your makeup table.

Wearability: Oh yeah. I dare you to go into Sephora, try a swatch on your hand and then proceed to wipe if off with tissue. Next to impossible. It took me a tissue and a makeup removing wipe to get it off my hand. The whole process was both frustrating and pleasing. I can assure you that this stuff lasts all day. Both my sister and I wore them during a 10 hour day at Disneyland and not a fade, not a smudge, not a crease. The longevity is mind boggling.

Pigmentation: These aren’t matte shades – they’re shimmery and packed with color. You’d think that a shimmer doesn’t have a lot of color most of the time but these sticks are honestly so bright and vivid. Honey Bunny reminds me of Stila’s Kitten but with more intensity and Leila is unlike any I’ve ever come across. They are absolutely prismatic.


Ease of use: The tubes make them so easy to tote for touchups and for morning routines when you’re half asleep and end up using a blush brush to apply your eyeshadow. No brush needed, 2 swipes and you’re done.

Formula: This is one of the most fascinating characteristics. The formula is unalike any other. It’s smooth, build able and can be easily layered and blended. Oh and not to mention – it’s straight up infused with Alpine snow from the Swiss Alps for hydration and soothing. What. When your eyeshadow makes you feel like you’ve just skiied the Swiss Alps you know it’s legit. Think it’s a load of bs? Wrong. The application is cool to the touch and almost feels like an icy liquid. You heard it here. Marc doesn’t mess around.

Verdict: Must have. The 9 different jewel toned shades will change your life, and your makeup routine. They’re approx. $35 a pop but it’s a small price to pay for getting a taste of a Swiss luxury ski vacation.


PS – They make great stocking stuffers for the demanding diva. My sister has asked for like, 6.





Dear Santy – Holiday Gift Guide

I remember memorizing, highlighting, and marking pages on the dog eared Sears Wishbook during my childhood years. It was a yearly tradition and has continued into my adulthood only now it’s in the form of bookmarking sites and boutiques online, adding items to my crush lists and then parlaying them to my family via iNotes. Santa emojis all over the place. But I’m well aware that Christmas is more than just receiving presents, it’s about giving them. Again, not the most important part of the holiday season but to each their own (ha ha). I find the whole process of purchasing for my sisters and friends so exciting and rewarding. I mean I can barely afford to buy myself a non fat PWM on December 26th but all for good cause no?

So it comes as no surprise that I love to compile Christmas lists and then proceed to deplete my bank account just to spread joy during the holidays.

Peruse and feel free to do the same. This is the only time that I agree with the statement that sharing is caring.

*Disclaimer – Obviously the section of gifts for girls is significantly larger than the one for guys. Duh.

 For the girls:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera – Urban Outfitters $200

Not so subtle for taking from the top food pics but much more appropriate.


Wildfox Couture Classic PJ Set in Austen Rose – Revolve Clothing $150

I live in Wildfox-especially their pyjamas. Tis the best way to lounge in style.



Union Onesie – J Crew $86 (20% off with coupon code SHOPNOW)

Working a onesie all winter is as necessary as having your first holiday drink out of a red cup.




Gallus Dessert Plates – Anthropologie $14 each

These are dishwasher safe, easy to clean and perfect for your Instagram worthy food shots. Because that’s pretty much what it boils down to right?



Frends Leather Wrapped Headphones – Anthropologie $150

I always wear ear buds because they’re discreet and not an eye sore. I will definitely switch over for these.



Wrapped Pencils – Anthropologie $10

Perfect for an office gift or for someone who takes pride in their stationary collection. 



Laduree Chocolate Coffee Table Book – Anthropologie $40

Who would refuse a luxe box of chocolates?



Carolina Amato Convertible Leather & Knit Gloves – Shopbop.com $90

Chic and functional. No need to freeze your fingers in the name of fashion.


Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Scarlet Wishbone Necklace – Shopbop.com $220

I love the dainty, minimalist pieces. This is no exception. True classic.


PJ Salvage Fall into Flannel Pajamas – Nordstrom $70

Comfy pj’s are always at the top of my Christmas list – these are cheeky and comfy. Love.


Moschino Mirror iPhone case – Nordstrom $90

Trending. Not functional in any way but it’s Moschino – it’s not supposed to be.


Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Perfume – Nordstrom $120

My favourite scent right now. Woodsy yet light at the same time. Smell and you’ll know why.


Kate Spade Letter Pendant Necklace – Shopbop.com $58

I just purchased one for myself not too long ago- my sister has this at the top of her list. Always a classic and always a compliment.


Bianca Utensil Jars – Anthropologie $38-78

Sure they’re perfect for utensils, but I’m thinking more in the realm of makeup brushes…


Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair Mini Bag – Rebeccaminkoff.com $195

When you can’t splurge on a Chanel this classy bag is a close second…


Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette – Nordstrom $65

Yes to this amazing assortment of shades. A must for any beauty maven.


Butter Lip Elixir – Anthropologie $12

A winter must have…


Eugenia Kim Mimi Fur Hat – Shopbop.com $225

Ahhhhhh yeah. Best way to keep warm and make a statement. Adorable.


Speakeasy Eau de Parfum – Anthropologie $85

Nice feminine scent – plus you can re use the elegant bottle for years to come…


Ugg Andi Slipper – Nordstrom$100

Huge. I must have a pair. Comfy, snug and you wouldn’t get shamed for wearing them outside the house.


Kate Spade Dream a little Dream Eyelash mask – Shopbop.com $40

I love these cute little accessories. I’m not one to need assistance in falling asleep but this mask is great for those who need pitch black surroundings…


NARS Laced with Edge Laser Cut Eye, Cheek & Lip Palette – Nordstrom $60

Love this Holiday collection – I have yet to purchase but this would be high on my list…


Jonathan Adler Champagne Candle – Nastygal.com $42

Every girl needs a luxe candle in her collection – huge plus – re using the encasement after it’s burned.


Diana Chenille Blanket – Nastygal.com $70

Mmmm. Yeah. I spend most of my free time in bed. A soft, girlie blanket is necessary. Makes walking around wrapped in a blanket that much more appropriate.


MAC Keepsakes Studio Brush Kit – Limited Edition – Nordstrom.com $52.50

MAC always has such great exclusive deals during the holidays. This is a huge save on makeup brushes – perfect for someone who doesn’t like shelling out $50 for a single brush. 


Jo Malone Cologne Collection – Nordstrom $110

New to Jo Malone? This set is ideal and the price is beyond thrifty for such a luxe fragrance.


Marc Jacobs Foil iPhone Case – Revolveclothing.com $38

I love a case that can compliment your outfits. This is definitely it.


Stila Eyes are the Window Shadow Palette – Revolveclothing.com $49

New packaging, high brown compact and insanely wearable shades. This palette is perfect for even the pickiest girls.


Lauren Moshi 90210 iPad Clutch – Revolveclothing.com $48

Love the imagery Lauren Moshi employs. Don’t have an iPad? Use it as a clutch or makeup bag. So unique.

LMOS-WA21_V1Kate Spade iPhone Case – Revolveclothing.com $40

Another elegant way to encase your iPhone. Cases make the perfect gift – especially when they’re by Kate Spade.


Kate Spade Cal Raccoon Slippers – Shopbop.com $85

Trendy, comfortable and insanely cute. Cheeky ballet flats make a great present. And raccoons. On a shoe. I mean c’mon.


Sarah Chloe Heartbeat Bangle – Shopbop.com $139

Great choice for a fashionista. Stacking bracelets is huge right now and this would definitely make a nice statement piece.


Besttime Letter Lights – Nordstrom $34

A decor item like this would compliment any space no matter the style. I need it.


C. Wonder Pop Fizz Cocktail Shaker – Shopbop.com $38

Drink in style. Don’t know about the morning after but…


Chiara Ferragni Hollywood Flats – Revolveclothing.com $280

Huge right now. If you wan’t to break away from her iconic peeper flats these are a close second!


C. Wonder Ikat Polka Dot Tea for One Set – Shopbop.com $48

I love this. So perfect for cozy winter nights. I know a few girlfriends who would make good use of this precious teapot/mug set.


For Love & Lemons Blizzard Cardigan – Revolveclothing.com $184

Their new knitwear capsule collection is to die for. This piece would definitely be appreciated.


Living In Style:Rachel Zoe Inspiration & Advice for Everyday Glamour – Shopbop.com $28

Coffee table books are a must for any girl. The advice within the pages is too. 


Ray Ban Large Original Aviators – Nordstrom $128 on sale

Can’t go wrong with aviators. These compliment a variety of face shapes so don’t have to worry about re-gifters…


Kate Spade Happy Hour Glitter Coaster Set – Shopbop.com $35

These are necessary for a girl who likes to entertain. Perfectly acceptable all year round.


Rifle Paper Co Garance Dore Collection 2015 Beaute Desk Calendar – Shopbop.com $16

If you’re old school and prefer calendars to your iPhone then an elegant and feminine desk calendar is your go to.


Faux Fur Striped Throw – Westelm.com $79

I love this. It’s neutral, not too mafia wife, with just the right hint of cabin life. So cozy.


C. Wonder Trinket Tray – Shopbop.com $20

You can never go wrong with these. Everyone has keys and knickknacks. Placing them in an elegant space is much more pleasing to the eye than throwing them around the house or stuffing drawers with junk.


Lorac Pro Palette – Nordstrom $42

The holy grail. Makeup junkies will go nuts.


Gift Boutique Wishbone Ring Holder – Shopbop.com $45

Again, trinkets and room accents make a really nice gift for fashionistas. Even if you don’t wear rings this would compliment any bed side table.


MAC Keepsakes Plum Eyes Eyeshadow Palette – Nordstrom.com $39

Another MAC Holiday exclusive. Love the royal packaging. It comes in a couple different shade collections too. Absolute must for a makeup connoisseur. 


For the Dudes:

The North Face eTip Gloves – Nordstrom $45

Function and comfort. Plus they look like something Batman would wear if he was a peasant.


Creed Aventus Fragrance – Nordstrom $175-350

Super luxe fragrance he probably won’t purchase for himself.


Grid It Organizer – Amazon.com $13

Gets annoyingly messy wires and such out of the way.


Whiskey Stones – Crate & Barrel $20

No more watered down wind down.


Natalie Sun Cube Clock – Momastore.org $38

Perfect for adding a bit of art deco to a bedside table. No fuss no muss (do people still say that?)


Peg & Awl Waxed Canvas Lunchbag – Pegandawlbuilt.com $44

Oh so hipster but not really, because it’s not 0.44 cents. Great way to tote a lunch to work without feeling like a dork.


Alexander Wang Croc Embossed Coasters – Alexanderwang.com $55

Sleek and stylish way to not create ugly rings on your table. 


Le Labo Santal 26 Candle – lelabofragrances.com $60

This fragrance is insanely popular and is created in a ton of different ways – this way is more male appropriate…


Jack Spade Bones Moneyclip – Jackspade.com $68

I kind of want one for myself. And my credit cards. Perfect gift for a guy who wants to get like Kanye.


West Elm Wireless Bamboo Keyboard – Westelm.com $69

Fancy. Awesome idea for tablet users who don’t mind adding a bit of style to their work space.


Hermes Poker Card Set – Hermes.com $85

More a collecters item than anything – but this will delight any pretentious fellow.


Logitech UE Mini Boom – amazon.com $90

Great for music lovers who can’t be without a little sound play. Easy to tote from the office to home too.


Journey Gym Portable Universal Gym – Amazon.com $200

This is a gem for non stationary dudes (and girls). Especially travellers or those that can’t get in actual gym time.


Jack Spade Grant Leather Brief – jackspade.com $398

Water resistant, leather, debased logo briefcase. Style and function – can’t go wrong with that.


Wood Bottle – jackspade.com $35

Hand painted bottle that keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for 12. So sweet. Plus the top is large enough for ice cubes. Perfect for drives to work and trips to the gym. Huge upgrade from low grade coffee mugs.


Mophie Juice Pack – amazon.com$79.95

Powerstation for when battery anxiety hits.


Nespresso Inissa – amazon.com $99.99

30 seconds and you have barista approved coffee. Plus it looks pretty fancy on a counter top.


Baxter of California Night Cream – amazon.com $24

Guys want to wake up without crappy skin too – this stuff hydrates, exfoliates and smoothens skin.


Nexus Player from Google – $99

Kind of like Chomecast but you don’t need your phone or tablet to operate. Wireless, voice control and has tons of apps too.


Hope this helps ya out once you’ve begun your Christmas shopping…I do most of my online shopping on Cyber Monday – coupon codes all around town. I know exactly what I need to purchase, as my sisters provide me with their lists – clearly I’m the female Santa. I know how hard it is to find a place to start when you don’t have exact details so I hope this helps and offers a little inspiration.

Happy Shopping


Purchased & Reviewed: NARS Velvet Lip Liner

Oh child no. Why. Why is this happening? I can’t handle the fact that I bought something that ended up being sub par. Like, the fact that I had to put this item on hold at a different location, natter around with the makeup associate because he misplaced it, and then purchase it because it looked straight up amazing on my hand is highly unfortunate.

I’m talking about these little weasels.


What caught my big eye in the first place was that it was a new product. I haven’t tried NARS’ old lip pencils but I consider myself a true #narsissist so I had to have this revamped liner.  It was introduced shortly after the Audacious lipstick collection but sadly is nowhere on the same level as the lipsticks. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing I tell you…



Retractable – huge because I hate having to carry around a sharpener…

Brand – NARS is everything. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a product that I didn’t enjoy immensely. Until now…

Color – Vibrant, matte, and really unique. I fell hard for the Anise Soleil (a really vibrant pretty coral shade)

Consistency – Matte. My favorite. But even this can only go so far…


Application– It glided onto my hand but when I put it on my lips (where it matters) it felt rough and dry. I tried different types of strokes, patting, everything – the tip actually came off it was so hard to apply. That’s when my heart started to ache…

Formula & Consistency – Again, this is where 99% of my disappointment lies. I s*t you not – 4 minutes after applying it, there was legit caking. I moisturize my lips every morning and night so the blame doesn’t fall on me here, I’m not the asshole who can’t keep my skincare routine in line, not this time anyway. I figured I could smooth it out by packing on some more – major faux pas. Don’t do this. It looked like I ran out of lipstick and hit the nearest Home Depot for some color. Out of a paint can. Real sad.

Wearability: Oh sh*t no. I honestly felt chapped the whole time I had it on. Because I was. Chapped and flaking. Picture peeling paint if you really can’t do without a visual. At this point, all my optimism and loyalty was overcome with the desire to rip my lips off my face. I wasn’t in the vicinity of my makeup remover (or anything close to it) so I wet some paper towel and proceeded to tear away pretty much all the skin from my lips. I felt like an anaconda shedding it’s skin (I am deathly afraid of snakes so I’m not sure why I used this exact metaphor but I’m really trying to set you up with my situation). So for wearability, I say go ahead – if you don’t have lips. If you are a lip-less person you won’t mind this stuff. If you have lips? You might as well make out with your curling iron. Because that’s what it feels like. Again, real sad.

I mean, thank God for Nordstrom’s return policy because when I see it out of the corner of my eye, sitting in shame in my makeup organizer I get chills. Oh wait – that’s just my lips burning.

PS – Invest in Smith’s salve and coconut oil. I owe favours. Big up to them.


 See that mess up at the application site? That’s the struggle. It’s real.