Purchased & Reviewed: NARS Velvet Lip Liner

Oh child no. Why. Why is this happening? I can’t handle the fact that I bought something that ended up being sub par. Like, the fact that I had to put this item on hold at a different location, natter around with the makeup associate because he misplaced it, and then purchase it because it looked straight up amazing on my hand is highly unfortunate.

I’m talking about these little weasels.


What caught my big eye in the first place was that it was a new product. I haven’t tried NARS’ old lip pencils but I consider myself a true #narsissist so I had to have this revamped liner.  It was introduced shortly after the Audacious lipstick collection but sadly is nowhere on the same level as the lipsticks. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing I tell you…



Retractable – huge because I hate having to carry around a sharpener…

Brand – NARS is everything. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a product that I didn’t enjoy immensely. Until now…

Color – Vibrant, matte, and really unique. I fell hard for the Anise Soleil (a really vibrant pretty coral shade)

Consistency – Matte. My favorite. But even this can only go so far…


Application– It glided onto my hand but when I put it on my lips (where it matters) it felt rough and dry. I tried different types of strokes, patting, everything – the tip actually came off it was so hard to apply. That’s when my heart started to ache…

Formula & Consistency – Again, this is where 99% of my disappointment lies. I s*t you not – 4 minutes after applying it, there was legit caking. I moisturize my lips every morning and night so the blame doesn’t fall on me here, I’m not the asshole who can’t keep my skincare routine in line, not this time anyway. I figured I could smooth it out by packing on some more – major faux pas. Don’t do this. It looked like I ran out of lipstick and hit the nearest Home Depot for some color. Out of a paint can. Real sad.

Wearability: Oh sh*t no. I honestly felt chapped the whole time I had it on. Because I was. Chapped and flaking. Picture peeling paint if you really can’t do without a visual. At this point, all my optimism and loyalty was overcome with the desire to rip my lips off my face. I wasn’t in the vicinity of my makeup remover (or anything close to it) so I wet some paper towel and proceeded to tear away pretty much all the skin from my lips. I felt like an anaconda shedding it’s skin (I am deathly afraid of snakes so I’m not sure why I used this exact metaphor but I’m really trying to set you up with my situation). So for wearability, I say go ahead – if you don’t have lips. If you are a lip-less person you won’t mind this stuff. If you have lips? You might as well make out with your curling iron. Because that’s what it feels like. Again, real sad.

I mean, thank God for Nordstrom’s return policy because when I see it out of the corner of my eye, sitting in shame in my makeup organizer I get chills. Oh wait – that’s just my lips burning.

PS – Invest in Smith’s salve and coconut oil. I owe favours. Big up to them.


 See that mess up at the application site? That’s the struggle. It’s real.



11 thoughts on “Purchased & Reviewed: NARS Velvet Lip Liner

    • No problem – I had to alert the presses lol. NARS is amazing, everything about it – the colors, the variety, the quality – I think because this pencil is so matte and retractable – the combo just didn’t go so well 😦 Thanks for reading xo

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