Purchased: Louis Vuitton Alma BB

I can’t believe this actually happened. Actually – I can. I have little control when it comes to purchases and when it’s a purchase I’ve been lusting over non stop for over 2 weeks – you can bet your wardrobe it’s going to end up in my arms. Or in this case – hanging off my shoulder, sitting at my hip and dangling from my forearms.

Welcome Alma BB.


I debated purchasing from the online boutique but decided that because it’s been a while since I’ve bought a luxury designer bag, I wanted the full experience. Because I live in Canada I ended up saving a couple hundred because of the exchange and this was the sole reason that I didn’t prance over to Neimans. I called a couple of stores in Vancouver to locate the bag and was a little displeased that the actual boutiques didn’t have any left in Dune (the shade I decided on). They ended up having it at the Louis Vuitton in Holt Renfrew (which many say is the counterpart of a Neimans or Barney’s but I wouldn’t place it on the same level). I placed it on hold the same day and decided that my somewhat sh*tty Saturday needed a proverbial margarita so what better time, right?

Has anyone seen that viral video of a beyond f*cking miffed Bath & Body Works hoarder who goes on a 20 minute detailed rant? I need to get like her but because I don’t want people to see me grow horns on video I’ll do it in writing instead. I honestly expected the staff at Holt Renfrew to be somewhat knowledgeable, competent and helpful, you know, like a Nordstrom associate? I was sadly foolish to expect so much. The staff was somewhat ignorant and after 15 minutes I finally had an associate look at me. Really? You’d think they’ve been told to assist a certain type of patron because that was the inkling that I had. I’d love to see a common peasant enter that store and watch the scene unfold. They’d probably be able to pull out a cigarette and cop a squat without getting even a smidgen of a glance. Unimpressed and underwhelmed.

Aside from the lack of help, once I managed to secure an associate I was horrified to have her pull out my bag from a drawer (although it was in the dust bag) and proceed to sell it to me after I noticed visible markings. I pointed them out and she claimed that that’s just the bag was and due to the light colour, it was prone to color transfer. Um no. A brand new bag should be in pristine condition. I don’t care if it’s white and covered in velcro. It should be spotless upon purchase. She then pulled out another bag in the same manner and I came across another dark mark on the fabric so I was obviously like – uh uh, this is a no no. Again, she tried to explain the discoloured marks away. Is it just me who thinks that a 2000 bag should be in perfect condition? Doubt it. So after I displayed my pretentious, asshole behaviour (as deserved as it was) I had her call a different store who ended up having it, despite the limited stock I was told about a week ago. I fled that dump. Bye Felicia. On the same level as Neimans? Nordstrom? Incorrect. Their service and hospitality is second to none.

Okay rant over. I need to talk about my bag. Ain’t nobody need to taint this purchase.


Appropriately sized box accented with a leather tie. That’s the *shudder* receipt in the accompanying folder…


The bag itself comes snuggled up in it’s soft little dust bag…

ย IMG_1537

The typical paperwork that a designer bag usually comes with…a care booklet, authenticity card and wiping cloth…


Full glory…


I chose Dune because it’s such a classic, timeless color. The Indian Rose was gorgeous as well but maybe I’ll save that for next time. Heh.

The gold accents are so striking against the neutral shade…



Sneaky little key holder…


Roomy but still cute…


I was hesitant at first because of the smaller size but after watching numerous YouTube videos I was floored that it’s able to hold so much. The size is definitely deceiving. It’s delicate and feminine yet holds all the essentials. I was sold.

I’ve always been a huge Olsen approved oversize bag hoarder but the mini bag top handle/cross body is huge right now and now I know why. It’s so versatile and satisfies my different bag personalities. Cross body, slung over the shoulder and dangling from the arm. I can’t give a ___ about function over fashion but I didn’t even need to choose with this bag. The only understandable pitfall is that the lighter shades are susceptible to color transfer but again, it’s not meant to be ย treated like a Coach bag every day tote bag. If you’re going to drop bombs on ya moms at the LV store you probably have enough sense to take a little extra caution in ensuring you don’t mark up your bag. I know it’ll be hard, but it’s hard keeping everything 100. Deal with it.

The strap is the perfect size, it sits on my hip like it was made to be there. The Vernis gleams and there’s a subtle hint of shimmer too. Honestly, I’d like to think it’ll pair with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. Oh, one thing to mention is that it’s assembled in the US and boasts so on a discrete tag within the bag itself. I ain’t mad at that.

Overall, I am head over heels. So pleased with my Alma. I had it on over my pajamas this morning. Can’t wait to take it on it’s first outing.


If you need me I’ll be using my wiping cloth to soak up the drool.



15 thoughts on “Purchased: Louis Vuitton Alma BB

  1. Hi there – this bag is gorgeous! I’m debating over the BB or PM – I mean for the price might as well get the PM but then again the BB seems perfectly sized as well. Decisions decisions – any suggestions? I’m sure your BB was worth every evil little dime lol

    • So many suggestions! Sorry for the late response – I hope you’re still debating sizes. I watched a ton of videos and did quite a few comparisons before choosing the BB. It honestly holds a ton of stuff. I’m talking a makeup bag, a mini hair spray, mini hairbrush, two lotions, my phone, a smaller wallet….can I keep going?! It sits so daintily on the hip and is so compact it’s perfect for any outfit. I felt the PM was a little too big for the look I was going for. And yes – every single freaking nickel. Let me know what you decide! xo

  2. I’m thinking of getting this exact bag. How has it held up? I have other vernis bags, but this would be my first light colored piece.

    • Sorry it took so long to respond! I was weary of the colour at first but I’ve had it almost a year and it is PRISTINE. The vernis makes it easy to fend off any unsightly transfers – it’s completely spotless. If you’re looking for a lighter colour that won’t get dirty – this is it girl. xo

  3. Hi there! Just wondering if this bag gets dirty?? The color is so bright is it easy to clean? Would u get it again in this color? Does jeans leave marks?

    • Sorry for the late reply! Nope I’ve had it over a year now and not a single bit of transfer. I didn’t wear it with brand new darker wash jeans so I’m not sure but I doubt it would come off on the bag because it’s really easy to clean and doesn’t pick up a lot of transfer. Hope that helps! xoxo

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