Purchased & Reviewed: Jo Malone London

I have a thing for a distinctive and highly unique scent. Jo Malone fragrances are specifically tailored for that desire. Rare and uncommon combinations are what make the line so sought after. It’s like walking past a person and then coming back to ask them what perfume they’re wearing – it’s usually something mixed with something else and then factor in a ton of other outside forces – that’s what they’re wearing. Jo Malone has cultivated just that – and bottled it – and then wrapped it up in a pretty little box for you.


I purchase all my Jo Malone fragrances at Nordstrom – just because of ease and the sales consultant at my favourite location is eccentric and entertaining and a pleasure to deal with. I had left a month or so ago with a sample given to me by someone working a different counter and I’ve been lusting after it ever since. Only downfall was that it was unlabelled and in the generic Nordstrom vial. First world problem. I know. Anyway – I was pretty confident I knew which scent it was so I took it to her last night and that b*tch waved her hands for a couple seconds and plucked the right bottle out of at least 25 others. I give praise where praise is due – and I bow down.

Vanilla & Anise 


After smelling and then inhaling and then purchasing English Pear & Cucumber and Wood Sage & Sea Salt I really didn’t think there was another unification of scents that I couldn’t live without. I was gladly mistaken. This combination is amazing – especially if you’re into warmer medleys.


Top – Star Anise/Middle – Purple Vanilla Orchid/Base – Vanilla Bourbon



It’s a sophisticated cologne as most Jo Malone concoctions are but the warmer base adds a nice musky coziness to it. It’s meant to be subtle but I can smell it on myself all day – I don’t axe-shower in it either – so it says a lot of it’s staying power – although you should keep in mind it’s a cologne and not a parfum so it may not linger as long as you’d like. I do a spritz in the morning and one in the afternoon and for me, that’s all I need to sustain it.  It’s light and fresh but as the anise keeps it from getting too cloyingly sweet. Some people say it’s a little spicy but I can’t smell that at all – the warm vanilla bourbon and the anise/orchid is what I pick out when it’s on my skin. I was told, unfortunately, that this one will be discontinued soon (why oh why) but I still chose the smaller bottle because they last me forever. And I’m speaking in terms of years. I’m so pleased to have stumbled upon this specific synthesis of smells. It’s like I was conjuring up this idea of what I wanted in a perfume and still couldn’t quite place my finger on it. Until it was placed in my hands and slowly wafted into my nostrils – all thanks to the knowledgeable consultants werking the beauty and fragrance department.

You can indulge here.




Purchased & Reviewed: Sephora Hit

I usually cherish and savour every single trip to Sephora but I have to admit that going in to replenish product is something I need to do quickly and without emotion. This could be due to the fact that I love coming home with new goods – it’s exciting, you’re pumped to use something you’ve been dying to get your hands on, wear something you’ve ordered online, and review something you’ve falling head over heels for. When you have to re-purchase something you’ve ran out of it’s akin to going to the pharmacy to re-fill a prescription. You need this sh*t because you can’t survive without it. No. I’m not exaggerating. That Stila liquid liner? I need that as much as I need my thyroid medication. I don’t misrepresent when it comes to makeup.

Anyway, my most recent trip was both for pleasure and purpose. Check out the goods:

FRESH Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil


I had a sample of this oil a few months back and decided to purchase now because I actually forgot about it. I have fairly normal skin and no crazy breakouts or mishaps but it’s been a little dry lately so I went back to this because it had worked so well. It’s a fancy little blend of sea berry, cranberry seed, camellia seed, grapeseed, and sweet almond – all which moisturize like their livelihoods depend on it. It’s light and has a nice exotic smell to it – a couple drops is all you need to smooth over your face. Vitamin E and all those crazy antioxidants protects the skin and leaves it feeling soft and scale free. I like the dropper situation. You can take what you need and the rest goes back in the glass vial. I’m not a fan of the over pour because it usually goes to waste – especially if you can’t get your excess back in the bottle. I use a little every night around my eyes and any problem areas and I’ve been waking up to softer skin. Trust.


Get it here.

Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner


I swear by this liner. Nary a day goes by without it. Yes, I’ve used a couple different liquid liners but this is one of my favourites because of the staying power and the applicator tip. I usually do a subtle cat eye and honestly feel that the sleek style, length, and easy glide of this pen is what ensures I don’t end up looking like Wino 2.0 I’ve yet to experience smudging, feathering or fading. I’ll replenish it once I notice my current one is emptying out – the only risk I take is driving over the speed limit. I don’t f*ck around when it comes to liquid liner. That stuff needs to be replaced quick.


Get it here.

Christopher Kane for NARS Blush in Starscape


I’m not going to lie – I went in for the Silent Nude shade thinking that it would be a more wearable choice but left with this slap-you-in-the-face pink because I had been sorely mistaken. The Silent Nude left a very subtle color on my skin (which is a light olive tone) so I couldn’t justify purchasing a non colour. I was so pleased that Starscape wasn’t as shocking on my skin as it looks in the compact. A  couple taps and a couple strokes gives me a nice flushed appearance – as opposed to an amateur in Vegas look. It’s probably due to the formulation which is soft and sheer. The neon accented packaging and colour will throw you off but try it on first – duh. You might end up being surprised at how it looks on your skin – blend it with a little highlighter and it’s even better.

The swatch pic is in natural light without any filter.



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Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette


I actually purchased this a month ago and never posted a review so now’s a good a time as any. I know the debate between this kit and the Anastasia one has been going for months and I wish I had posted sooner to end all that indecision and incessant bickering – but either way I haven’t come to a conclusion because I have yet to try the other. I know that Anastasia offers two different palettes catering to light, medium and dark skin tones but I feel that this kit can flatter all 3 in one palette. The darker shades help create a nice depth and chisel while the lighter shades and highlighters help form dimension and give off a natural luminosity. I like the matte formulations because they look so natural – even the highlighters. I always use a little highlighter in areas under the eyes and above the cheekbones, but using a matte gives a very innate glow rather than an acquired one. I found the shades very easy to blend and fan out and it’s partly in thanks to the different brushes and tools I have. The accompanying double ended Light & Contour brush you can purchase separately is a good one to have if you don’t have anything similar. A tapered, angled brush is ideal and this boasts two that work for all your contouring, highlighting, and blending needs. I have tapered brushes, fluffy ones, highlighting brushes and stiff buffers but I’m thinking of purchasing this one to see if it lives up to it’s hype. Either way – I love this palette. If you’re not a fan of purchasing a ton of different products (you should re-examine your lifestyle – kidding) then this palette is perfect (contour, bronze, and highlight all in one). You need it.

I took photos in a couple different light settings so you can get a better idea – although nothing beats checking it out in store.



Get it here.

You’re welcome on your new face – and sorry for your new bank account balance.