Wear Me: Christian Louboutin Stiletto Inspired Polish Collection

Yassss. As if lusting over his footwear wasn’t enough. Louboutin has announced a new polish collection.


So he says, his trademark red bottom was all started from a bottle of red nail polish. He simply painted it on the sole of the shoe. I mean, if you did like Christian and followed his lead today you’d be called a ratchet, broke ass weaselly wannabe but that’s neither here nor there.


The new collection will be unveiled at Saks. Each bottle is designed in exquisite spiked bottles. The collection consists of 31 shades, including the ever so popular Rouge Louboutin, inspired by the iconic shoe. At $50 a bottle, it’s pretty ridic but my reasoning is that if I can spend $50 on lipsticks I should show the same amount of love to a nail polish. Especially one this iconic. *Looks away with shame*


The collection is available now at Saks, Neimans, Bergdorfs and select Sephora locations.



Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition


As you must already be aware, Aritzia has re-ignited the once flickering flame in my heart. Their Anniversary Sale probably has something to do with it, but mainly it’s their incredible selection as of late. These Wilfred 100% silk pajama pants are a testament. I haven’t worn them yet but I have paired them with at least 18 different outfits in my mind. I have a lot of time on my hands clearly.



I hold Tocca fragrances pretty high as everything my little nose has come across has been a delight. I have the full sized Cleopatra bottle, which I like wearing in the Fall and Winter because it’s a softer cozier scent. I became obsessive over this one after discovering it in my Tocca mini bottle sample set my sisters got for me one Christmas. My anxiety of it running out kicked it so I placed an order. I like anything that smells unique so the Bergamot, Mandarin, Juniper Berry, Pink Peppercorn, Jasmine, Violet, Incense, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla and Cedarwood just spoke to me you know? All of them. Each and every single one.



Oh duh  my favorite photo almost always comes from Wildfox’s Kim Gordon’s own personal website ilovewildfox.com (Photo Cred – her). This photo is part of their new Fall collection. Sorry I’m not sorry for lusting over the Fall and Winter season right now but how can you not after scrolling through that lookbook?! Both my wallet and I are truly passionate about this brand. It embodies my everything. Honestly.



Schutz has got to be one of the hottest shoe designers out right now (in the more affordable bracket).  I love the edgy twist on minimalism. An fair amount of their designs are as below. Think lots of lace ups, clean lines, delicate shapes and modern elegance. You can get these at Shopbop for under $200. Steal.



Okay okay, I know I’ll regret both saying and thinking it, but I can’t wait for Fall. I’m all about the dark lip and clean eye. I’m currently ready-ing my lipstick collection.  How pristine is this look? And those brows? To die for.



I just purchased an over-sized denim shirt like the one below.  I have a few more fitted styles, and although I love to wear those with skirts and blazers, nothing says casual chic like messy hair, an over-sized denim blouse and a red lip.



I’ve already slobbered all over my screen when reviewing my first YSL Rouge Volupte shade, Opera Rose. I just purchased No. 15 Coral Intuitive last week and again am noticing saliva forming in the corners of my mouth. I was vying for a new coral shade with an orange tinge and it was either this or Bobbi Brown’s matte shade. I adore the Bobbi colors and texture, they’re actually a new fav but nothing compares to this formula. Nothing. I dare you to step to me. It’s practically plush. The moisture, sheen, and glossy look all scream gloss while the color and long lasting wear are traits of a matte. It’s like a 2 in 1 combo you will never come across. Nor have you ever. I dare you.


Put It In The Bag: Chanel Flip Flops

Not like I can prance around Chanel draping items across my arms like I do in Nordstrom but a splurge is always up for debate. If you’re planning on refinancing your house, putting your wardrobe on eBay, or living at home for the rest of your life like me, then check out what you should be accessorizing your feet with right now.

Chanel Flip Flops. I feel so wrong for putting those two together, side by side but I sh*t you not. It’s happened. In lieu of recent footwear faux pas (debatable ones – cough Birkenstocks cough) these have got me catching feelings. How can you comprehend that a designer has delved into the flip flop annex that is overseen by sports brands, surf styles and Havianas? Well you can. If they look like this.


Lagerfeld has placed his elongated yet 2.1 billion dollar index finger on his chin and spoken. His sneaker couture was, and still is fire. Now he’s onto the next. The delicate and feminine flip flops are pretty versatile and will definitely class up your cutoffs.





Beauty 101: July’s Must Haves

As I’ve recently made over my site, I’ve come up with some genius ideas as well. Do I have any other kind of idea? Really.

I am a fan of the revolving post. My Friday Favorites, Sunday Style Inspiration, Purchased and Wear Me posts are all ones that rotate weekly. Because I do a “favorites” post every week I don’t really see the point in regurgitating it again as a monthly favorites type deal. Instead I figured I’d hit you up with a Monthly Must Have’s (just call me Dr. Seuss). These’ll come at you in 2 forms. Beauty and Fashion. I don’t want to be the one to make you overdose, plus both categories deserve their own glory.

With that being said, I have no need to explain myself any further. These’ll do it all on their own.

(PS – I know there’s only 11 days left in July – step off)

Long by Valery Joseph Brilliance Hair Perfecting Oil $45/BarneysNewYork


A God send for nasty ass frizzy hair in 95 degree weather, especially when you’re in the midst of already sweating your face off. Valery Joseph is a high end NYC salon with a blow dry bar in Barney’s Madison Ave flagship store. This new line is created with long haired women in mind. This stuff contains smart keratin – which actually finds the sh*ttiest parts of your hair and heals them with organic baobab oil, artichoke leaf extract & rice protein. You get defined waves/curles, and no frizz flat outs. Now your selfie will contain a strategically placed ice cream cone with perfect placed strands. I dealt with the hair, you deal with the filter.

Coast to Coast Ultra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover $25/Ulta.com


If you don’t already know – I swear by Philosophy’s Purity. It has never let me down. Even on nights when I can barely open my mouth to brush my teeth. A dime sized amount slapped onto your face is all you need. Mask on, mask off. BUT If you’re looking for something more focused on removing Sephora’s whole line of waterproof, 24/7 eye liner and mascara then this is better suited for you.  One swipe and even the most stubborn eye product glides right off.  Farewell to raccoon face.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit $40/Anastasia.net (2 per customer)


I recently posted on contouring like a Kardashian, and I wish I had included this kit in your arsenal line up. I am in awe. These shades are so universally flattering. The perfect pairings for creating a more chiseled nose, jawline, and cheekbone. It’s almost always sold out for a damn good reason. The fine selection of powders are buildable and blendable, in an almost obscene way.  6 different removable shades that can be used for contouring pretty much every part of your face. Oh, and you can use them as eye shadow too. Whaaaaat. Anastasia for President.

NARS Dual Intensity Eye Shadow in Andromeda $29/narscosmetics.com


A kitten-esque candle lit shadow is perfect for long summer nights. It doesn’t crease and it compliments pretty much every single shade you want to pair with it.


Yes To Coconut Facial Wipes $6/yestocarrots.com


This line includes the most delectable want to put in your mouth scents. They just came out with coconut lotions, body scrubs, hair products and now facial wipes.  I know many facial wipes are either non scented or mildly scented because they’re not meant to be a pro in stimulating your nasal passage. I believe these do these perform the exact opposite. Ahh-mazing.

reVive Light Therapy $69/target.com


Okay so I have a nice little routine for makeup removal and prep. Neither of them include radiating my skin with infrared beams. I am blessed with good genes and I hope this statement continues to stay legit. Either way, this new product minimizes wrinkles and smooths out discoloration for those that are really into lighting sh*t up and spending hoards doing it. It’s affordable and anything that decreases trips to the dermatologist or salon, and subsequently trips where you have to go through the process of putting on pants and a bra sound pretty good to me.

L’Occitane Roses et Reines $24/loccitane.com


Ugh heck yeah. I adore the scent of rose probably more than your 88 year old grandma. I will layer myself in it with pretty much any and every product available. I love smelling like a senior center on Saturday night. No offense. I’m actually not kidding. L’Occitane’s new Roses et Reines collection includes 4 different combinations of the rose aroma. These bath salts have been hyped up and I can’t wait to fill up a tub, grab my reading glasses and call it a night. Available July 30th.

GlamGlow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment $69/sephora.com


If you weren’t already possessed by the current GlamGlow products, they’ve just introduced a game changer. Perfect for those that don’t have time to encase themselves in masks and other treatments.  This treatment cuts through a heavy makeup application faster than an asshole in a border lineup. The mud to oil formula is deep cleansing, the  OILXER compound is non greasy & fast absorbing and the CLAYTOX gives off a gentle detoxifying cleanse. I can’t wait to use this stuff.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Mademoiselle $45/nuxe.com


If you haven’t already tried the Nuxe body oil, save it and make the purchase on this limited edition bottle. It’s a divine combo of almond, macadamia and hazelnut oils. I like it because it’s a multi – use product for hair, body and face. I hate having to use funds on pretty much the same product hawked for different areas of your body.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask $25/sephora.com


I feel that I shouldn’t have to further explain my obsession with this brand. The fact that this new product has been introduced and just the thought of purchasing it and using it has wiped out the need to engage in any other pleasurable task this weekend is a true testament. It’s a 2 minute exfoliater, cleanser and moisturizer. HOW ARE YOU NOT TURNED ON?!?

NARS 3.1 Philip Lim Collection Polish $20/narscosmetics.com


Holy sh*t. I need this in my life. The colors are so vibrant and the new formula dries insanely fast. It applies smooth, doesn’t even require a second coat and is chip free. I will pay up to $100 for a formula that makes declarations of love like that. And what’s best is that this formula isn’t just a part of the new Lim collection, it’s more so a part of the new and improved NARS line that just launched (post up sooner than I can wipe the drool off my chin).

Lush Cosmetics Parsley Porridge Soap $8/lushcosmetics.com


This is the best thing for when you are in denial about acne, bacne, or unsightly blemishes wherever else you are prone to accumulating them (I’m not asking, I don’t want to know). Lush soaps are infamous for their concoctions and their physical appearance.  It’s like a doctor in a hideous lab coat on the inside and Cher Horowitz on the outside. Best. Combo. Ever. This one contains tea tree oil and thyme, which are key for executing acne.  Oh, and ground porridge that exfoliates skin and keeps pores from getting clogged and nasty.  And because it’s Lush and they’re hipster like that.

Sephora Luster Matte Long Wear Lip Color $16/sephora.com


I’ve never been a fan of lip glosses, frosts, or anything glisten-ey because I feel they don’t contain the color and longevity I look for. I can’t wait to try these and review. I am a sucker for a matte lipstick that doesn’t cake your lips and this new one from Sephora boasts a lightweight, creamy formula with rose hip seed oil that prevents just that. No cracking, no fading, and no embarrassing questioning of your makeup application skills. This shade is Electra – Pink. Done.

If you purchase anything off the wishlist I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll pretend to care, I promise.