Put It In The Bag: Chanel Flip Flops

Not like I can prance around Chanel draping items across my arms like I do in Nordstrom but a splurge is always up for debate. If you’re planning on refinancing your house, putting your wardrobe on eBay, or living at home for the rest of your life like me, then check out what you should be accessorizing your feet with right now.

Chanel Flip Flops. I feel so wrong for putting those two together, side by side but I sh*t you not. It’s happened. In lieu of recent footwear faux pas (debatable ones – cough Birkenstocks cough) these have got me catching feelings. How can you comprehend that a designer has delved into the flip flop annex that is overseen by sports brands, surf styles and Havianas? Well you can. If they look like this.


Lagerfeld has placed his elongated yet 2.1 billion dollar index finger on his chin and spoken. His sneaker couture was, and still is fire. Now he’s onto the next. The delicate and feminine flip flops are pretty versatile and will definitely class up your cutoffs.






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