Purchased & Reviewed: Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick

I haven’t done a review for a while and it’s definitely not because I haven’t been making purchases – it’s more because Prison Break has been mind*cking me. There’s very little else I can do.

But, because I am so obsessed with this particular product I had to put my rave out there. My hands are shaking from the Netflix withdrawal but I shall persevere.

I purchased my first one shortly after they were introduced back in late September. Shortly after I lusted for the other shades and have finally picked up another. 2 down 7 more to go.




The most amazing eyeshadow in a stick I have ever used. I’m not just saying that because I’m a full on Magpie when it comes to high end makeup. They are perfection. In addition to Honey Bunny (which was sold out at some of the Sephoras I went in to), I also added Leila.

Honey Bunny is a champagne shade and Leila is a reddish coppery pink. Both packed with just the right amount of shimmer so that you can take it from day to night.


Packaging: Sublime. Duh it’s Marc Jacobs so you can expect no less. I love the sleek packaging on the whole line. These sticks and the new lipsticks are packaged similarly. Twist at the bottom and pop off caps. Also look very glam on your makeup table.

Wearability: Oh yeah. I dare you to go into Sephora, try a swatch on your hand and then proceed to wipe if off with tissue. Next to impossible. It took me a tissue and a makeup removing wipe to get it off my hand. The whole process was both frustrating and pleasing. I can assure you that this stuff lasts all day. Both my sister and I wore them during a 10 hour day at Disneyland and not a fade, not a smudge, not a crease. The longevity is mind boggling.

Pigmentation: These aren’t matte shades – they’re shimmery and packed with color. You’d think that a shimmer doesn’t have a lot of color most of the time but these sticks are honestly so bright and vivid. Honey Bunny reminds me of Stila’s Kitten but with more intensity and Leila is unlike any I’ve ever come across. They are absolutely prismatic.


Ease of use: The tubes make them so easy to tote for touchups and for morning routines when you’re half asleep and end up using a blush brush to apply your eyeshadow. No brush needed, 2 swipes and you’re done.

Formula: This is one of the most fascinating characteristics. The formula is unalike any other. It’s smooth, build able and can be easily layered and blended. Oh and not to mention – it’s straight up infused with Alpine snow from the Swiss Alps for hydration and soothing. What. When your eyeshadow makes you feel like you’ve just skiied the Swiss Alps you know it’s legit. Think it’s a load of bs? Wrong. The application is cool to the touch and almost feels like an icy liquid. You heard it here. Marc doesn’t mess around.

Verdict: Must have. The 9 different jewel toned shades will change your life, and your makeup routine. They’re approx. $35 a pop but it’s a small price to pay for getting a taste of a Swiss luxury ski vacation.


PS – They make great stocking stuffers for the demanding diva. My sister has asked for like, 6.





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