Purchased & Reviewed: NARS Audacious Lipstick

Oh girl yasssss. I feel like a sassy tranny who just got her weave done right. Mmmmm hmmm. Let me tell ya.

This here is the legitimate bomb.


I’m not quite sure how to describe in words how absolutely amazing this superhuman new lipstick is – so….

PS – I purchased Grace.


Vivid is the best way to define it. I recently wore it to a birthday party and my lips were straight up the scene stealer. The colour is exemplary. It’s bright and crazy pigmented. If you’re scare of color this probably isn’t the best shade for you, but if you ain’t scared of sh*t then this is it.


Oh yeah. Smooth and luxe. It practically glides on it’s so freaking fancy. I am head over 5 inch heels with this formula. All you need it one swipe for your lips to be fully coated. For a matte girl this is sent directly from the Lord himself.


I sh*t you not – I applied this at 7:10am one morning and it didn’t come off/fade until I wiped it off at 5:40pm the same day. Note that I had to remove it myself during the de-masking process. If you don’t want to get your panties in a twist wondering if your lipstick is still intact – you need this for peace of mind.


$32 USD and approx $38 CAD. I would have purchased it at $60 after getting familiar with it. Worth the higher price point unlike some others I’ve tried that are soley riding on the designer’s name.


This is Batman’s lipstick. if Batman cross dressed on the weekends. This would be a part of his utility belt arsenal for sure. It’s sleek, sexy and the top cap magnetically latches on. I could be wearing this with Uggs and a baseball cap and feel like Jennifer Lopez’s twin sister.


Do you even need me to confirm it? It’s a hands down, feet stomping, need it yesterday purchase. The 40 shade collection needs a standing ovation every time a lipstick is purchased. Sephora take note.


As always, let me know if you make the purchase. I care.



8 thoughts on “Purchased & Reviewed: NARS Audacious Lipstick

  1. The intro. Dead. I’m dead (insert that laughing-crying emjoi here).

    De-masking process. I just died again.

    So it’s as good as the lip pencils? I’m kinda surprised that they’re more expensive than those beauties…?

    I guess I know what to add to my Christmas list!!!

    • Can I just say that the laughing/crying face emoji is by far my favourite?
      I’m it’s just as amazing as the lip pencils – you would love it.
      I might just appoint myself your Santa this year.

      • “Santa, baby..” I need Santa in a real way this year. I’ve been a REALLY good girl this year and I need Santa (or a sugar daddy) to hit me up REAL nice so I can pay rent, buy gas, and eat. WORD. I’ll just eat my lipstick instead.

        I’m just so in love with those pencils and the formula just blows me away that I’m hesitant to change. UGH, CHANGE.

        So, so glad that these are amazing. I will definitely get one this year 🙂

    • Shut it! How in love are you with it?? Did you get the same shade? And nothing gives me more joy than to hear that you resemble that particular emoji when reading. Honestly. It’s my most used and I feel it should pretty much replace the english language as a whole.

      • I got Audrey I believe (deep plum/rich purple – honestly my go to colour) and I love it. I needed a replacement for my Smashbox Fig (discontinuation should not be allowed) and I think this is the winner!

        Keep bloggin’ girl, I feel like we could be best friends in real life hahaha

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