Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Favorite Purchase

Along with the rest of the fashion obsessed world – I’m in love with the mini bag. The nano. The tiny tote. Whatever. I want to pinch it’s leathery cheeks and kiss it’s little handles. I recently added to this collection of little midget bags with a Balenciaga Giant 12 Red Mini City bag. Or Lil Red, as I like to call it. Hand stitched handles, a removable strap, top zip closure with gold metal hardware. This is my favorite style Balenciaga handbag – the leather is durable and insanely soft but it still retains its shape because of the firm outer frame. And it’s red. I didn’t match it to the season whatsoever.


Favorite Product

I recently went browsing for a good leave – in conditioner type styling product. Sideways rain, misty rain, fat droplets of rain…neither are welcome but they invite themselves up anyway. The girls @ Obadiah Salon in Bellevue have instilled in me, a love for Oribe’. This leave-in conditioner is luxe (for the price and the brand – I’d expect nothing less). It’s light and moisturizing yet dissolves quickly – almost like a serum. I find that creams feel a little heavier but this stuff is airy and smooth. It really tamed my dry curls and although I’m a little stingy on the application, a little is all you need to make it happen. The added heat protection, and glossy shine is awesome so I can now justify the price. I went with the smaller tube as a trial but will definitely upgrade to a larger size now that I know the benefits are legit.


Favorite Scent

Jo Malone’s Mimosa & Cardamom is a little cloud of mimosa, spicy, warm cardamom, sandalwood, and Damask rose. Really, there’s not one Jo Malone fragrance that I have turned away from, so I’m not surprised at my love affair with this new scent. It actually reminds me of talcum powder, it’s a soft scent – perfect for the winter months.


Favorite Read

The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson – this book actually left me perplexed but it didn’t keep me from putting it down. It follows the parallel life of a young Denver woman in 1960’s who co-owns a bookshop with her girlfriend. While she’s a simple, single, independent girl in one life, she’s a glam housewife in the other – caring for her husband and triplets. It goes back and forth between each world until she comes to a realization as to which world she actually inhabits. It infiltrated my sleep so it will yours.


Favorite Photo

Anyone who has a relationship with their bed linens can appreciate this photo by Alyssa Monks. Paintings to be exact. The perfect rumple, the creases in fresh linen, silly sheets and a light, fluffy down duvet. zzzzz.


Favorite Look

My style muse Maja Wyh is yet to fail me. Even the most ridiculous looking pieces look perfectly paired on this little sprite. Full fauxs, layers, and a Kate Moss/Jagger edge.

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Jo Malone

Happy Weekend



Friday Favourites

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house – you could hear me weeping softly for it to come back.

Honestly. Not even kidding.

I hope your Christmas was spent amongst your loved ones, including your brand new shiny and hopefully wish list-ed gifts.

I’ve actually been busy and not just lazy throughout the month of December so now that things are settled and I need something to distract from counting down the days until next December I’m rapid fire posting. And go.

Here are my current favourites…

Favourite Photo

Obviously my favourite photo would be based on the holidays. This here is Jackson and I on Christmas morning waiting to tear into our carefully selected and crafted gift wrap. Although it may not seem like it, Christmas is so much more than just gifts to me. I love giving them and watching my sisters surprise (heh), family photos, staying in and watching movies with my parents, and having so much family around. This was our first Christmas sans my sister whose moved back home but Skype made it feel like she never left. ‘Twas wonderful.


Favorite Purchase

Wilfred Chatou Vest. I purchased this for my sister for Christmas from Aritzia. Santa was in a very giving mood. In turn, I should be able to beg, borrow or steal. So plush, the perfect nude, and made for layering. A nice little investment indeed.


Favourite Past-time

Now don’t get any ideas here – I’m no Chopped Holiday Baking Champ but when I have the time, the motivation, and the utensils – I can craft a cake or two. This one was for my sister’s birthday last week. She had doubted my skills after a couple batches of sub par cupcakes but that doubt has now been clouded. With thick fog and icing. This whimsical little snowman here can attest to that.


Favorite Outfit

Duh. I would. My sister is dressed up as my Elf. Does that make it any better? Mind blowing right? This was for our annual trip to see the Bellevue Square Santa and tell him that we have more than enough luxuries, but still. You can thank Wildfox for the sweater. – Ms. Claus


Favourite Food

I usually care enough about my fitness that I keep my cravings in check until cheat day but Christmas week has gone and done it again. And true to cliche’ – the new year’s resolution stands true – melt off the holidays. In the meantime – this was breakfast this morning. I usually await a meal prepared by someone other than myself because Panda Puffs and smoothies aren’t sustenance for satisfied tastebuds, obviously. This here was crafted by yours truly. I am just as shocked and amazed. It’s no Mom’s French Toast from The Griddle but it was some of my best work yet. 


Favourite Beauty Product

I found this gem nestled in my stocking yesterday and holy sh*t – amazing. My sister and I were on a Dior craze because when we get hooked on a product we seem to delve into excess but I am floored by this Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi Shine Nail Lacquer.  I got Fluorescent Beige which is a nude with a slight iridescence . I’ve only tried it on – my nails are due for a manicure – but the shine, the coat and the formula is already blowing me apart. Review should be up sooner than later…


I sincerely hope you all had a Christmas to remember. Whether it was busy, relaxing, spent with loved ones or with those you are glad to see only once a year. Cherish.