Reviewed: Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi Shine Nail Lacquer

I mentioned this little gem in my Friday Favorites...was delighted to find it sitting in my stocking this Christmas, and I’ve finally had the chance to try it.



The shade I have is Fluorescent Beige and it’s the prettiest nude I’ve worn.

The collection is based on MJ’s lacquered coffee table and inspired by his favourite movies. I quite frankly don’t care what they’re inspired by – they are amazing.


Packaging: Akin to all Marc Jacobs beauty products (the James Bond-esque silver finish, sleek shiny encasements, and hi shine gleam) this is no exception. I’m liking the caps all higher end polishes are topping off the bottle with. It morphs a typical looking bottle of polish into a almost decorative piece fit for any vanity.

Formula: In the picture I’m wearing two coats. That’s all it took for a high shine coating. I love the gel like look and the application was flawless. It’s formulated with special bonding agents that result in a wet, plasticized look – which I can attest to.

Color: This shade is so pretty. I like a good nude on a longer nail like mine. I recently had my talons filed down into a shorter, rounder shape that’s still feminine but doesn’t make typing on a Mac such a b*tch. This particular colour is flecked with iridescent sparkle and it’s gives a basic nude a nice little pop. It’s subtle but you can still see an elegant sparkle which isn’t common with a lot of nudes.

Longevity: Because I’ve just had it on for a little under 24 hours – I can’t really comment on the longevity but reviews tell me that the chip factor is next to none. The rich formula boasts a chip free finish so I’m hoping it stays true.

Verdict: Yeah. This is the good stuff. I love me a nice Dior and this formula is a legitimate rival. I’m already planning my next purchase.

You can try it out for yourself here…



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