Purchased: Valentino Rockstuds

I’m actually trying to get over the fact that these beauties are now mine after drooling over them for the better part of a year. I’m pretty proud of myself for holding off until my birthday, because it made the whole purchase process THAT much more exciting and anticipatory.


I’m not a huge fan of unboxing videos and such, I’d much rather take my own experience as the “first look.” So, instead of going into each and every little detail as to color of the box, details on the authenticity cards and so on, I took some sweet ass pictures.


IMG_7190 IMG_7184


As of this moment, there is nothing that could excite me more than these. And I get excited over a new Candy Crush update. So you get me.

I chose the Fluo Patent Pink T. 65 Slingbacks. There are a ton of different colors and finishes, but I’ve actually been #pinkrockstuds -ing these all around town so I knew I had to have this color and this color only.


The pink is insanely vibrant. I almost ruined by makeup job by drooling all over myself when I opened the box. Internet and social media photos do them no justice. Trust. Nor do these photos. In person, they are absolutely stunning. Jaw dropping. Pee a little in your skinnies jaw dropping. Vomit a little gorgeous. Take a seat breathtaking. You get me? The way each stud catches the light, the  striking shade of pink, and the feminine yet trendy style is to die for. Oh, and the fit and comfort factor is pretty damn high. One thing I absolutely cannot stand is the inability to walk in a heel. These make your strut flawless. My double margarita will confirm my bold statement. I’m going to stop right here and now in fear for wetting myself. I hope my contentment has been expressed adequately.







5 thoughts on “Purchased: Valentino Rockstuds

  1. your enthusiasm has me checking my credit limit! the only thing better than a jaw dropping heel that goes with everything is one that makes you feel like Giselle when you walk. Delicious torture:)

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