Weekend Snaps

Today’s my Monday. I know right? Go on and hate.

I’m fairly humble, from time to time, but I’d like to this that this long weekend was put in place solely so that my Birthday could be celebrated in 3-day fashion.

Twas amazing. A usual.

Case in point…

Delivery from one of my sisters. She knows I only accept things that sparkle.


Proof that you can make a sweatskirt appropriate for workwear. All you need is a pair of Guisseppes and a face full of makeup. Simp.


Spent Saturday evening having an early birthday dinner with my best and my favorite little girl. Almost makes me want one of my own. For like a minute. For photo ops.


See? Prime photo op.


Charlie Don’t Surf. Veggie burger and fries. It was obviously a cheat weekend. Plus, I’m not one of those shady b*tches who orders salad with a burger and then stops at McDonalds on the way home. You exist. Don’t deny.


Standard Insta-artsy gelato pic.


I like to think I have a fun, easygoing, young and fresh personality.  After practically falling into tears with being gifted with a Build A Bear, I had to sit myself down with a cup of truth. I have a disease. It’s called Peter Pan Syndrome. I’m dealing with it.


Tinkerbell. My first ever Build A Bear. What hoarders dreams are made of.


Sunday brunch. In the sunroom. Very blissful. That oatmeal was preparation for the sugar debauchery the rest of the weekend held.


Obligatory selfie before dinner. Oddly enough, it didn’t consist of Tacos & Tequila.

Tank – MinkPink


Dessert at Famoso Woodfire Pizza. That’s caramelized bananas with nutella ice cream and a brownie sandwich with what – nutella ice cream.  Oddly enough – I haven’t had nutella anything in years. I’m sickened, I know.


Birthday morning I woke up to pancakes – made my Mom. So very pleased.


Early dinner at Cactus. I swear it also consisted of food.


In keeping with the birthday tradition, I had to get my cake from The Cheesecake Factory. This was indeed necessary, along with candle and quartet.


I am basking. I believe that on my birthday, each and every person I cross should voice their well wishes. The Cheesecake Factory felt the same way.


This happened. My luxe gift to myself. Can’t wait to hit you with a detailed post on these new additions. I am obsessed, head over heels, stage 5 clinger in love with them.


I picked these beauties up on the way home…the most perfect night to end another birthday. Hydrangeas and Spider flowers. Arranged by yours truly.


My homemade, mom made, birthday cake. It was a surprise. I can’t even put into words how amazing my mom’s cakes are. Those lucky bastards who have tasted will attest to it. This was chocolate with 3 layers of vanilla on the inside. I am fat and happy right now. Detox to follow.


The rage that was and will continue to be unleashed upon me doesn’t compare to the amount of joy I got from doing this. Jack is clearly unimpressed. I call his bluff.


Hope all you pretty people had a nice relaxing weekend. I am insanely blessed to be surrounded by so much love, luxury, and beauty. You should be too.




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