Friday Favorites

Here are my FAVORITES this week.



This photo was taken by Cass Bird to depict the glam of the Met Ball – in the streets. By far my favorite is this one. I’d like to believe that I would do this on any given Wednesday.




I thought more Serena VanderWoodsen than Blake Lively when I saw this impeccable wardrobe concoction. Blair would approve. She’d be jealous as shit but she’d approve.



Can I just uncontrollably gush and embarrass myself over this face cream? I have never tried anything that compares, although I’m sure La Mer would beg to differ. Challenge? Send me a large sample. Thanks. Anyway, I swear by all things Philosophy and this is no different. Hope in a Jar is nice and light, feels fresh and silky when you put it on, and moisturizes like it’s twerking to pay for a college education. Highly recommend and highly advise you to pair it with Purity (my favorite cleanser). Dream team I tell you.



It’s my Birthday on Monday. Rejoice, send gifts, shower me with praise and flattery. Actually you know what? Don’t. Because I reckon I have all I need now. Feast.

These Valentino Rockstuds will be placed into my greedy little hands come May 19th. I can’t even comprehend right now.



I’m going to start off by honestly vocalizing that I do not eat treats on a daily basis. I am also aware that donuts are the Coach of desserts everywhere. Looked at with a wary side eye yet still appropriate at certain times, in certain styles, and within certain price ranges. With that being said, I cannot lie about the actual gospel truth that I will not refuse a gourmet donut. Cartems is a Donuterie that is home to the most delectable, gorgeous, locally sourced, hipster – like donuts. I came across them when I was trying to sleep while scrolling through Instagram. 45 minutes of scrolling though Hashtag Cartems – I was Instaf*cked.

I had to.

Left to Right

Coconut Cream/Salted Caramel/Earl Grey (yes, that one’s garnished with flowers)



The Tee. Like, the oversized tee. Not just a plain, regular (okay, not so regular), white tee of which I have hundreds. Specifically an oversized white tee. Add super skinny jeans, barely there cut offs, or pretend pants. Effortless. Literally.



So as sappy as this may be, it’s truer than anything you hold true. Case in point: People ask me why I’m so mad during times of bitchy/snarky/frusterated/annoyed moments of thought. People tell me I look radiant and even more beautiful when I’m smiling and grinning like an asshole. An asshole. But a happy and lovely one. Recognize.


Happy Weekend

Clink Clink

It’s my Birthday on Monday the 19th. 

Feel free to leave praise, flattery and tracking numbers for gifts below.




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