Wear Me: Mirror Mirror

Although I chant it often enough, I’m talking sunglasses – not vanity.

Trending right now – mirrored shades.

They’re so Bardot, so everywhere, and really – pretty flattering on just about any face.

Oh, and what’s the best way to showcase a current trend?

Throw in some pictures of celebs modeling them.


Jamie Chung in Guess.


Dianna Agron in Ray Ban.


Olivia Palermo in Westward Leaning.


Julianne Hough.


Emma Roberts in rose colored Ray Bans.


Kelly Ripa.


Jessica Alba in Westward Leaning sunnies.


Alessandra Ambrosio.


Heidi Klum in a chic black reflective pair.


Rebecca Romijin.


Whether they’re blue, purple, pink, green, brown, or black, reflective mirrored shades are fairly easy to pair with just about any outfit. If you’re scared of color (what a sh*tty little thing to be afraid of first of all – #firstworldproblems much), then try pairing a more neutral shade with a more monochromatic outfit like Heidi, Emma and Olivia. If you’re into embracing any and all trends, good for you, although you’re probably trying a little too hard and should refrain from being such a victim – opt for ones similar to Jamie’s, Jessica’s or Diannas.

I’ve compiled a list of some sweet styles I’m really liking right now…


You’re welcome.

Ray Ban Original Aviator 58 mm Polarized $215/Nordstrom.com


Matthew Williamson Mirrored Oversized $300/Shopbop.com


Elizabeth and James Talbert 52mm Polarized $127.30 (on sale)/Nordstrom.com


Italia Independent Sport Aviators $171/Shopbop.com


Cherish Sunglasses in Quay $50/Revolveclothing.com


Wildfox Amelia Delux $195/Revolveclothing.com


Shakuhachi x Revolve Moon Shine Sunglasses $227/Revolveclothing.com


Barton Perreira Ronette Soft Cat Eye $600/Neimanmarcus.com


Stella McCartney Mirrored Square Acetate in Bordeaux Tortoise Red $250/Neimanmarcus.com


I myself have just placed an order for the Wildfox Amelia, as they’ve been sold out online for longer than I can wait without feeling extreme anxiety. Pre-order. I account at least 2 bathroom trips a day to the fear that my special order will be lost. Or that they’ll forget about my special request and give my precious sunglasses to some b*tch in California that already has like 18 pairs. Or they’ll run out of mirrored lens. Like, at that exact moment when they become available for shipment, the stock of mirrored lens around the world will cease to exist. This is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night.

Anyway, get some. Even if it rains and is never sunny where you are. You might look like a pretentious buffoon but at least you’ll know whats up style wise.

Don’t worry, they’re looking at you out of longing. Not perplexity.



6 thoughts on “Wear Me: Mirror Mirror

  1. I really like that you included pics of celebs wearing the shades, that also gives me an idea of clothing styles that go well with them too πŸ™‚ thanks

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