Purchased & Reviewed: Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer

I firmly stand behind my testament that designer products are superior. And I can say without bullish*t that I don’t mind paying $25 for a polish like this one…

Shades in Nuit, Spring, and Gel Coat.



Shoutout to my reflection – hayyy.

This formula is amazing. I’ve worn Nuit for over 10 days without a chip. And although I shy away from tasks that involve me having to do hard labor but the rare dish washing, and bathroom cleaning have failed to ruin my manicure. Not to mention typing is a major part of my day and I’m pleased that my 95+ WPM has not fallen victim to chipping. Amazed.

The end result is almost glass like – and with the top Gel coat? Blinding. Unlike any gel coat I’ve ever used. The brush is shorter and stiffer than many polishes I’ve used (say Essie and OPI…) and it works because it holds the perfect amount of color, delivers a smooth application and covers the whole nail. No unsightly streaks, bubbles, globs or streaky application.

I like a darker application so I use two coats and then the gel application and didn’t have to spend 45 minutes waiting for my nails to dry like I do with other polishes. This formula dried in approx 5-8 minutes. If I didn’t sell you on it before, you better be head over thirsty toenails now.

You can get them at beauty retailers and Dior beauty for $26.




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