Purchased & Reviewed: Giambattista Valli for MAC

This is one of the few times I’ve purchased a lipstick without trying it on first. I was much too eager to get my greedy little hands on these before they sold out so I went straight to the website and placed an order for the ones I figured would look great no matter what.


The famed French designer has extended his artistry to MAC lipsticks in 5 new matte shades ranging from light pink to a sultry red. Each shade is inspired by swatches of fabric from past designs – the expectation was to create a full range of vivacious colours that flatter and enhance with crazy texture and floral undertones. The matte is formulated to be worn both day and into the night and hold up, wait a minute – each shade is encased in a coloured tube – which is shaded to mimic the color within. MAC be switching it up and I like it.


*They were released in stores (and online) on July 9th.Many of the stores are selling out faster than T Swifts latest concert tour so I would suggest going nuts and purchasing online if you really want to secure your favourite shade. You can always return it if it doesn’t do it for you.

Here’s what I chose:



This bright peachy coral-y shade was pretty much made for summer. I’m definitely picking up some bronzer and self tan because it would enhance the shit out of a glowy summer hue. It has warmer undertones and more of a satin finish than Charlotte. I love this with a very light peach blush and major strobing. #strobing #contouringissolastweek


This is one of the most unique “reds” I’ve encountered. I am ready to cash in the remaining summer months so that I can 24/7 murder this lipstick. It has yellow undertones – for anyone who likes to differentiate their reds according to appropriateness for skin tone. It’s more of a medium dark red – think wine but without the over indulgence and self loathing you feel when you realized you’ve polished off a whole bottle plus the dust covered boxes of chocolates from Christmas. Wait what? That’s gross. Get a grip. Anyway. This stuff is devastating to any other red you own. Ruby Woo has been a favourite of mine for a while now and Charlotte here has made her pucker up with jealousy.

Packaging: I love that MAC went in a different direction with this collab. The telltale tube and the matching color inside is dead on – plus the matte finish is consistent with the theme. I know they’ve switched up their tubes with past collections but this swatch packaging is really crafty.

Formula: Compared to the retro matte formula – these mattes are creamier and easier to wear but with the same color payoff. I find retro mattes to really drag during application and eventually cake and flake when you go in for a touch up or removal so it was a relief to discover that these ones have a smoother application and more of an opaque finish. I haven’t worn these for a full day yet but the consensus is that they last 5-6 hours.

Color range: There’s a shade in this collaboration for every skin tone and preference. Bianca B is a frosty pink (which I don’t think is flattering on anyone other than an albino but that’s just my own graceless opinion). Eugenie is a dark cherry, a deep purple that would slay a more daring look. Tats is a hot pink fuchsia with a satin – matte finish – one of those shades that leave behind a natural looking stain and Charlotte and Margherita are as described above. Each shade results in a huge color payoff and long lasting wear.

Verdict: Ugh. Go get you some. I’m such a victim when it comes to designer collaborations it’s disgusting BUT I can honestly say that these shades are must haves. There are colors you can find that are similar but I’ve examined a few of mine for comparison and nothing I own has come close to the shades I chose. Mattes are my favourite because of the durability and intense colors – so if you obsess over a good matte that isn’t too drying – you’re going to need these. Fine maybe not “need” but you’re going to regret not trying them for yourself.


*Update : As I was creating this post I noticed the shades are all sold out online. Call. Email. Text your MAC hookup. Do whatever. Call in the National Guard. Nothing gets in the way of a makeup hoarder on a mission. 

*PS- That’s not my arm and those aren’t my swatches.

Keep trying here




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