Friday Favorites

Can’t comprehend. I’m actually doing a Friday Favorites post on a Friday. I, 1 – Have no life and 2 – am efficient as sh*t.




Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip MAC Clutch in Dusty Rose

This bad boy (or shall I say dainty little girl) is a week or so away from the start of our love affair. Baby pink is huge for Spring, and this MAC couldn’t have been introduced at a better time. I have the Bombe in white, the MAC in black and a few minis. You can say I’m obsessed, but I know what I like. Oh, and the 5  zip is one I don’t have in the larger size so it’s totally justified.



Tulips are the prettiest and easiest to find flower. So abundant, so thrifty, and so many shades. I picked some up this past Monday and I’m making another trip tomorrow for some Easter shades like the ones below. They only last about a week but I don’t mind switching them up for a fresh look.



Sweaters & Skirts

Oh heyyy. Excuse the sh*tty iPhone quality and instead focus on the over-sized sweater, faux leather mini and tall boot combo. It’s barely Spring right now so I found the sweater and knee high boots balance out the mini. Less Pretty Woman, more Pretty Woman whose a little cold.



NARS Final Cut exclusive collection in Sex Fantasy

I’m in love with this shade right now. First of all, clearly they name it after me. Second, the color is light and doll – like, yet still shows up on my skin. I may have to pick up another before the collection sells out. PS – Available at the mothership – Nordstrom. Duh.



Diptyque Patchouli 

I’ve been warming this every single evening and rainy day for the past 2 weeks. Not just for the hippies, I mean hipsters incense-ual types. It’s absolute Heaven. The scent is warm, woodsy, and musky yet still has a little something different to it – as all Diptyque scents do. So amazing, definitely makes me start counting down until Christmas. (Because I hadn’t started that already.) (Also because I didn’t already have an app on my phone). Just saying.



Qoola Frozen Yogurt

Don’t judge me, it was cheat day. I find I’m happiest on cheat day. Partly because I get to indulge in one of my favorite treats, and party because I’m not starving for food in general. Ha ha, kidding. Maybe. Anyway, fro yo > ice cream, because I like the tart, fresh taste and I like to spend a good 8 minutes concocting a culinary masterpiece like the one below. And they say I can’t do work with food. Fro yo is food. Take a seat. (Notice the lack of “fruit” – shameless).



Tulle Everything

I can’t wait to expand my collection of full skirts, whether tulle, organza, or a similar ballerina-y, cotton candy-y fabric. I have yet to wear my Unif Chloe dress – which has a gorgeous tulle skirt. Paired with a fitted sweater, turtleneck, or basic tee – wearable, trendy, and oh so feminine. I dare someone to rain on my tulle parade. I might resemble a ballerina but I will Black Swan you.



Amelie Pichard

I love everything about this. Shades of pink, neon lights, Keds, and a shaggy coat. I would wear this to Trader Joes if it came down to it.



YSL Classic Small Monogramme Tassel Satchel in Black Leather

The styling options for this bag are endless. My head is spinning. I’m definitely splurging on a luxe handbag and pair of shoes for my birthday this year and I feel that this one is a nice classic. I like the size, I love how sleek it is, and the tassel with the gold detailing is so chic. So worth not going on a trip instead. I say.


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