Purchased and Reviewed: So Much Lip

If there’s one beauty product I honest to God can’t live without it’s lipstick. Like, legit lipstick. Intense, matte, pigmented like no one’s business lipstick.

I have a nice collection so far (I’m constantly falling in love with new shades and brands). Speaking of brands, I don’t discriminate, as long as they’re high quality. Sorry I’m not sorry but unless I come across a shade that really stands out, or a texture that meets my standards, drugstore brands don’t always make the cut. I know that sounds pretentious. It is.

I recently added these 3…


Each shade is so completely different from the next, that’s what really does it for me. I’m not a huge fan of wasting money on colors that are a twin match to ones I already have, unless it’s an exclusive limited edition product or one that’s out of stock. I firmly believe that lipstick can transform a look without having to chop off, add on, or switch up the style of your hair or spend hoards on a new wardrobe. If you’re looking to save money, or more realistically, save up for a pair of Valentinos and still need to satisfy your shopping craving – get lipstick. Add a white tee and a pair of skinnies, transfer $50 to my Paypal account for this enlightening little tidbit and you’re a whole new person. You’re most welcome.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Plum Rose


One of the prettiest pink shades ever. This is a newcomer to Sephora, I usually get my Bobbi Brown from Nordstrom (duh), so I was pleasantly surprised with the appropriately nicknamed “lipstick whisperer” at Nordstrom Alderwood in Lynwood, WA (shout out hayyy) suggested it. I love the texture, very smooth. Plus it has a nice lightweight finish and is so moisturizing unlike other semi – mattes.

Make Up Forever Rouge Artiste Intense in Matte Flesh


I love this brand. The most highly pigmented and long lasting shades I swear. This one’s pretty dry going on but it lasts all day and is one of the most amazing nudes I’ve ever worn. I especially like the fact that it doesn’t make my skin looked washed out or make my lips look cake-y in that drug addict type of way. (You know the look right?)  I sometimes like to add a little bit of color to the center of the lip sometimes, so an sorbet shade like NARS in Torres Del Paine (one of my favorties from the Final Cut collection) really accentuates the nude. I’ve used a couple other shades of Make Up Forever and they’re all so easy to wear, intense colors, and at $20 a tube, you can’t hate it.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Favorite


This is my first Chanel lip color. I actually came across it during an online bout of power shopping at Nordstrom and the vibrant color is what drew me in. Um, the most obscenely amazing shade. I can’t even explain. A bit of orange, a bit of red and a bit of pink. All in one lip color. Are you kidding?? I love the texture – so velvety – definitely lives up to it’s name. The color lasted all day but I did find that because it’s texture is soft and pillowy, it did get into the creases of the lips a bit. The next time I wore it, I exfoliated my lips with a scrub and added lip balm 10 minutes or so before applying – creases were practically diminished. I am in love, and can’t wait to get another one.

You can get all shades at either Sephora or Nordstrom.





9 thoughts on “Purchased and Reviewed: So Much Lip

  1. Hey Lipstick Snob,
    I love them all. Especially that Bobbi Brown pink 🙂
    Makeup Snob
    (My mom called me this last week when asking about what brands I like and I promptly replied, “Thank you.” Ha.)

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