Purchased & Reviewed: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

Honestly I felt like nothing could dismay me more than my review of the NARS retractable lip liner from months ago but I was wrong. Dead wrong! Dramatic? No. This is why.

I really f*cking like Kat Von D’s line. Her Tattoo Foundation gives me major face (and major cake in the summer but that’s when you switch in a more weightless product), her concealer pencil is sent from the heavens, her eye palettes are vivid as sh*t and I’m currently awaiting the arrival of my Shade & Light contour palette. I like it. I liked the lipstick when I tried it on too – after previous moisturizing emollients from whatever I was using to clean off samples that is. When I smeared it (sorry – tried to smear it) on I realized I had Sephora goggles on during our first run in. Like beer goggles but instead of having to make a shameful getaway – at least I can return the lipstick.



Packaging: Black on black – with studs. A typical lipstick but a heavier feel to the tube. Her insignia on the lipstick itself is impressive and keeps in line with her tattoo artist background. It’s like a seductive studded little tool for making you feel like a bad ass even though you’re wearing it to work on a Tuesday and you’re PMS-ing.

Wearability:  Awesome – if you plan to wear it for a 30 second selfie. I had to scrape it off when all attempts to salvage it had been disappointingly exhausted.

Formula: Here’s where your dreams of being able to work with a super matte like this one go to shit. It’s all in the formula. It says its infused with Vitamin A, E, & C- antioxidants which are supposed to leave your lips soft and moisturized. The Creme Brûlée’ scent is supposed to enhance the application process. It definitely lives up to the latter – because the application process is f*cking terrible. The fact that my lips smelled like Creme Brûlée after being scraped was a nice parting gift. I think Sephora needs to reconsider their online description – so much that I’m thinking of writing a scathing letter although come to think of it – they’re probably in denial like the rest of us who’ve tried it. It’s also formulated with Color Cushion Technology which is supposed to combine lasting wear, one touch application, and a velvety touch. That last one?  Have you ever rubbed velvet backwards? And sideways? And again in crazy directions all over the place? That’s how it feels. But worse.

Price: Typical and reasonable for her line. I didn’t mind paying $26 for such a vibrant, long wearing tube. After my ill fated discovery? I still think the price is right – it’s the formula I’m mad at.

Verdict: As heartbreaking as it is – don’t do it. You can exfoliate and use a winner of a balm to prep your lips but the feeling will only last so long. If you plan to use it to enhance a base color, or to use for a gradient effect then go for it but if you want a matte lipstick you can wear day to day (or night) it’ll cause you more frustration than anything else. The colours are freaking gorgeous, the hope it instills is inevitable, but the formula really doesn’t live up to the claims. I know others who have tried it and the only compliant is that it’s too dry. Dry is how you feel after showing from a workout. This lipstick isn’t dry. It’s like you’ve prepped your lips with a glue stick and then covered them in crafts paint. I know, I still can’t handle the truth.

Thoughts? Shared Experiences? Painful memories?

Let me hear it.

Sending my condolences.



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