Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

A little pathetic that I’ve been pulled away from consistently blogging (I swear it’s not solely due to me binge watching Bloodline), but I have a ton of items I’ve claimed as my favourites this week.


Favorite Scent

Lush American Cream

So I’ve been trying to stay away from Lush because every time I’m in there I act like a douchey kid whose parents let him run amok in places populated by highly annoyed patrons. But when you’re shopping with someone and they need to pop in, you soldier up and pop in with her. I mean, this doesn’t necessarily apply to shops you don’t want to waste time in – just the ones that benefit you as well. Obviously. Anyway, I left with this delectable smelling American Cream conditioner. One hard whiff and I want to go back and trade it in for a bigger size. It’s like vanilla musk mixed in with a light strawberry scent. I actually can’t smell strawberry but it invokes these cozy feelings that I seem to have become obsessed with. You’re going to have to smell it for yourself to pick up what I’m putting down. The best.


Favorite Beauty Product

Laura Mercier Cavier Eye Stick Color

Just when I thought there was nothing comparable to my beloved Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop this little thing meets my eye. While it doesn’t have the same cool touch as the Twinkle Pop (I mean, not everybody can jet out to the Swiss Alps for makeup ingredients) it’s smooth and creamy and glides on just as easy. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and my favourite quality about the shade selection is that they’re so many wearable ones – day or night. 7 neutrals and like, 3 or 4 shades to really enhance the look. I’m going to need every single one. Any less is blasphemy.

Get it here


Favorite Outfit

Indio Fashion Week 

I’ve already compiled my outfits for Vegas in a couple weeks and shame on you if you think they include body con and/or sequins. I’ll be at Rock and Rio so trust me when I tell you I’m full on dressing like it’s Coachella Weekend One. A f*cking selfie stick, frayed denim, boho blouses, crochet and statement strands, with fringe splattered on everything. And I’m only slightly exaggerating. This look was one of my favourites. Stay tuned for my re-creation.


Favorite Purchase

Matiko Fringe Booties

So I pre-ordered this fringed perfection last month thinking they wouldn’t ship until the end of May. Clearly they wouldn’t cut it as my birthday shoe because of the large date discrepancy – but I had to have them in my life so I settled for them coming in a little late. Anyways, the shoe Gods clearly recognize all my support and investment throughout the years so they’ve come together with Revolve and shipped them to me early. I’ve never owned a pair of Matiko shoes so I’ll give details once I prance around in them. I’m loving the sandy grey suede and the fringed cuff.


Favorite Photo

Wildfox/Shabby Chic

Just when I thought that I had created quite the snuggly little sleeping space for myself – I come across this gilded cotton candy land masterpiece. If you scratch the pillows they smell like Strawberry Shortcake. I just know it.

You can check out the rest of the spread (in agony) here.


Favorite Food

Turned Up Rabbit Food

I want to say I’ve been on a diet for the past month but since I’m planning on adopting this lifestyle I don’t want to quite call it that. I could say that I’ve been contemplating just eating delicacies and embracing what Americans call a “curvy” body type (AKA 300+ lbs) but it’s just not in my DNA. I’ve been into health and fitness for the better part of the past 10 years and while I love an occasional treat (think churros and Menchies with a smattering of pancakes) I‘m usually eating clean. I’ve taken it to the extreme this past month for my upcoming trip (and because I like looking good in general) and because I’m seeing results like never before – I’m sticking to it. Next week has me seeing my naturopath (AKA the rude d*ck  whose going to limit pretty much all my food intake – clean or dirty) because I have some intolerances so I’ve been keenly preparing myself for it. Anyway, before this becomes a post about #fitfam #cleaneating #iposteverymealeventhoughallithasisapieceofchickenandaproteinshake I just want to shut up and share my favourite rabbit food.




2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

    • Thanks girl! Right?? If you love those – check out the new shadow sticks from Bobbi Brown. I just picked up 4 I was so obsessed. They’re a little more matte but are just as pretty. And believe I’m going to review them once my package arrives. xo

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