Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Happy Weekend 


Favorite Product

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner 


Before I go and purchase Benefit’s They’re Real liquid liner and rave/rant, I wanted to pledge my allegiance to this one here. I swear by it. Simply the best, easiest to use, fool proof liquid liner I have ever used. No crusty drying, no smudging, no feathering. None of that irritating nonsense. It practically glides on with one stroke and lasts until you decide to remove it on your own terms. Absolutely love. It’s a prize winner for a reason.

Favorite Purchase


If you go back a few posts you’ll read about my love/hate relationship with Aritzia. It’s now blossomed into full on love – and it’s not just because their annual sale is on. The last 10 wardrobe additions I’ve made have been greedily plucked from there. I actually can’t choose what’s been my favorite find so far but if it came down to it – the Wilfred silk shorts have to be it. I got them in a rosy red and black and white super feminine poka dot. They’re nice and light, insanely easy to style, and are perfect when you want to dress up your summer lounge style. Huge success.

IMG_7728 IMG_7942

Favorite Scent

LaVanilla Coconut & Vanilla


I was browsing in a drug store to kill some time before an appointment and came across this doozy. Lavanilla Coconut & Vanilla fragrance. I had to shake myself out of the reverie I had fallen into because honestly – it took me poolside with a daiquiri in hand. The combo of coconut with vanilla is one of my favorites. There are a ton of vanilla scented lotions and perfumes that I can’t stand, and I know there are a bunch of vanilla haters out there. There are definitely appropriate times for vanilla scented goods. I delegate them to Christmas-time when you can disguise your layers of fat with layers of clothes. Anyway, I love this stuff. I just purchased the roller-ball because I didn’t think I’d need a full bottle, considering the scent is insanely strong – a little goes a long way. It’s also easy to get queasy from if you shower in it, Axe style. I advise to use it sparingly, because the visions of you poolisde with a delicious blended drink can switch to visions of you making out with a toilet seat faster pretty quick.

Favorite Treat

Cartems Donuts


I’d like to reiterate that I only indulge on cheat day. I feel that the amount of dessert photos I post on Instagram are giving off the idea that I am borderline bulimic. I assure you – this is not the case. I just starve all week and then indulge on a Saturday. With that being said, my indulgences are obviously held with the highest regard. Behold – Cartems Donuts.

Can I first say that a carefully chosen Instagram filter will make any piece of shit food look good. No name noodles? You’re about to be Photoshopped into a 5 star delicacy.  Anyway, don’t let the looks fool you, not all of them were worth drooling over. Well, all but one. You see that maple walnutty looking thing? Yeah. That piece of work should be ashamed to be called a gourmet donut. That is a concoction fit for a hipster, not a real person with real needs, real feelings, and real problems. A real problem, for example, is travelling a significant distance for a donut, only to be met with a sub par selection of which you have to choose 6 extremely crucial donut flavors. It’s cheat day. Caloric, fat and sugar configurations simply cannot be wasted on inedible garbage. This so called maple walnut donut tasted like someone had tried to choke me death with firewood. In a woodland setting. In the middle of Winter. I had to stuff an entire donut into my mouth to rid the repugnant taste. I mean, I was going to do that either way, but still. I like to savor my desserts. Just the act of re-living that horrific moment is loathsome.

The rest were amazing?

Favorite Photo

Mojito Sno Cones


Light mixed drinks, cool down treats and sunny days are pretty much here for the next couple months. Nothing explains summer better. A mojito infused sno cone probably does.

Favorite Outfit

Plaid & Denim


I love a good plaid button down. Paired with denim is probably my favorite way to wear it too. Chambray and a skirt. Plaid and cutoffs. A crisp white one with denim…As long as it’s not stiff and starched I’ll wear it. This look here is on the list for one of my most repeated outfits. It’s always on trend and it’s easy to throw on for pretty much any outing. Dressing it down is probably a little easier than dressing it up, but a pair of simplistic ankle strap heels are all you need to take it from chill to chic.

Favorite Look

Kylie Jenner


I am truly in love with my face, but it’s always nice to see what others have going on. And by others I obviously mean the Kardashians. Kylie Jenner is giving me a bit of a green undertone these days, and it’s mostly because of what she’s wearing on her lips. Whether they’re hers or not is up for debate. The creamy nude-y, taupe-y, almost chola chic color is turning on the entire makeup blogger universe right now. There’s been ramblings that she’s either wearing Yash or Brave from MAC, paired with a darker liner like Whirl.  Either way, I love the shade. I don’t care if it’s on a Kardashian, a passerby, or a donkey. It’s gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

  1. I’m quite liking Kylie’s “90’s” lip as well. It’s gorgeous on her, but I feel SO DAMN OLD when I’ve been rocking that color lip. Blah, those Kardahsians (or half Kardashians) are so flippin perfect. Look at her rocking that tie-dye LIKE A PRO. Thank goodness she got rid of the blue, though…

    • You are so right when it comes to feeling like a bit of a haggard drag. And by drag, I obviously mean Queen. The blue was pretty rachet, and they are nowhere near perfect. They have a little army of perfect make up artists, wardrobe stylists (I mean Kanye) and perfectly stacked 100 dollar bills. Sigh. Such a hater.

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