Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

I know, I know.

I should really just change the title….

Favorite Purchase

Paradise Mine Low Rise Denim in Potassium Wash.

I was so head over Valentinos with the dark version that I had to have the lighter wash as well. The fit is perfect in every which way, the denim is soft yet skintight, and the washes are perfect to pair with anything. Oh, and because the smallest part of me happens to be my shins, it’s difficult to find denim, even denim claiming to be “skinny.” I mean, my demands that my circulation be cut off are a little farfetched – I get that but don’t claim to be a skinny jean unless you’re actually skinny. I believe that this pair is pretty close to what I’m looking for…J Brands are probably the best for choking your shins, but these are a close second.


Favorite Beauty Product

YSL Rouge Volupte SPF Lipstick in Opera Rose.

I was trolloping around in Sephora last weekend and started browsing for lipsticks I didn’t need. Fortunately I came across one that I felt I couldn’t go even 10 seconds without. The shade is so pretty, the texture is unlike any other I’ve ever tried, it’s almost juicy? The shine is incredible and I actually can’t believe I made a purchase on a lipstick that isn’t matte (my go to). Heaven. Definitely worth the higher price.


Favorite Scent

Elizabeth & James Nirvana – White.

I’m fairly picky when it comes to perfume, I don’t like anything that smells too generic. Philosophy everything, certain Jo Malone concoctions, and Diptyque are definitely among my favorites but I’m really liking this one right here. I believe it came out a few months ago, in both Black & White. The white version has peony, muget, and musk for a nice modern but soft blend. The Black version is a warmer scent, with violet, sandlewood and vanilla. Sephora has the White rollerball for it’s 100 pt reward right now, which is how I’m trying it out. I really like it, but would probably purchase the Black because I love a darker scent. White is nice and fresh for the summer months though…make sure you take a sniff.


Favorite Look

Relaxed blazer/Denim shorts.

Denim is my everything right now. I like it on anything. Which leads me to wonder why no one has yet thought of denim pajamas…I mean, until now that is. Anyway, here’s the ideal way to style “boyfriend” denim. Actually, scratch that. I’m not calling it “boyfriend” denim anymore. Do I wear men’s pants? No. Am I so desperate for clothing that I have to borrow a dude’s? No. Do I even have a boyfriend? No. From now on they’re called baggy denim. Which is what they f*cking are. For chrissake. If you have a disputed point then please do bring it up, and show me one female who actually wears her boyfriends jeans. Sit down. Right, so, a blazer nicely streamlines any type of baggier denim, whether it’s a skirt, cutoffs, or jeans. And it’s a perfect topper for short-alls too. Heels or flats. You have options. Rant. Over.


Favorite Decor


I love lillies and hydrangeas, but peonies are honestly one of my favorite flowers. Aside from the fact that they last as long as Kim’s last wedding (oh god, I couldn’t help it), they’re still the perfect flower to add some class to any space.


Favorite Face

Natural Classic.

I love a “I woke up like this” look from time to time. One that took approximately 45 minutes to style I mean. The hair, the natural eyes and the creamsicle cheek color is perfect for Summer.


Happy Weekend



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