Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Favorite Purchase

Along with the rest of the fashion obsessed world – I’m in love with the mini bag. The nano. The tiny tote. Whatever. I want to pinch it’s leathery cheeks and kiss it’s little handles. I recently added to this collection of little midget bags with a Balenciaga Giant 12 Red Mini City bag. Or Lil Red, as I like to call it. Hand stitched handles, a removable strap, top zip closure with gold metal hardware. This is my favorite style Balenciaga handbag – the leather is durable and insanely soft but it still retains its shape because of the firm outer frame. And it’s red. I didn’t match it to the season whatsoever.


Favorite Product

I recently went browsing for a good leave – in conditioner type styling product. Sideways rain, misty rain, fat droplets of rain…neither are welcome but they invite themselves up anyway. The girls @ Obadiah Salon in Bellevue have instilled in me, a love for Oribe’. This leave-in conditioner is luxe (for the price and the brand – I’d expect nothing less). It’s light and moisturizing yet dissolves quickly – almost like a serum. I find that creams feel a little heavier but this stuff is airy and smooth. It really tamed my dry curls and although I’m a little stingy on the application, a little is all you need to make it happen. The added heat protection, and glossy shine is awesome so I can now justify the price. I went with the smaller tube as a trial but will definitely upgrade to a larger size now that I know the benefits are legit.


Favorite Scent

Jo Malone’s Mimosa & Cardamom is a little cloud of mimosa, spicy, warm cardamom, sandalwood, and Damask rose. Really, there’s not one Jo Malone fragrance that I have turned away from, so I’m not surprised at my love affair with this new scent. It actually reminds me of talcum powder, it’s a soft scent – perfect for the winter months.


Favorite Read

The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson – this book actually left me perplexed but it didn’t keep me from putting it down. It follows the parallel life of a young Denver woman in 1960’s who co-owns a bookshop with her girlfriend. While she’s a simple, single, independent girl in one life, she’s a glam housewife in the other – caring for her husband and triplets. It goes back and forth between each world until she comes to a realization as to which world she actually inhabits. It infiltrated my sleep so it will yours.


Favorite Photo

Anyone who has a relationship with their bed linens can appreciate this photo by Alyssa Monks. Paintings to be exact. The perfect rumple, the creases in fresh linen, silly sheets and a light, fluffy down duvet. zzzzz.


Favorite Look

My style muse Maja Wyh is yet to fail me. Even the most ridiculous looking pieces look perfectly paired on this little sprite. Full fauxs, layers, and a Kate Moss/Jagger edge.

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Here are the links to the products/purchases:



Jo Malone

Happy Weekend



Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

This favourites post is like, months behind therefore the most substantial of them all. I’ve failed at the no shopping attempt – miserably yet I don’t feel humiliation nor do I feel disappointment in my weakness. I’m the one on top with a bunch of awesome sh*t so really financial goals? Whose the real loser here?

That’s what I thought. Bye.

Anyway, I’m trying to do this more often now because I love talking about things I’m obsessing over.


Favorite Essential Purchase 2016 Yearly Planner


IMG_3594 IMG_3597

I’ve always made reminders and notes in my phone like most people with a smart phone at their disposal. Hello – writing is so flip phone era. Not. It is not. I love my phone and I love the option of typing things out but writing is legit – especially if you’re a note taker. It’s classic and it helps you remember things – I assume because of the extra effort it takes – to be honest, when I’m typing into my phone, or typing in general I’m like, driving a car, eating a sandwich, and painting my nails. But not really.

Now that I’ve admitted I’m into this whole planner/agenda craze – I want to stipulate that I’m not spending hours making my own stickers or intricately designing each page. These are the kinds of time consuming tasks I’d like done for me. Enter My sister grabbed this for herself and I closely followed suit after seeing all the cheeky stickers, designs, anecdotes, and other girly add ons. I got mine from Chapters but I belive you can purchase them at their online site as well here. (It’s like a girlie girl, a stay at home mom and a Pinterest obsessed decor freak holed up for weeks without showering but the result was an abundance of awesome sh*t you don’t really need instead of body odour, emotional trauma and bitch slapping).

I like how it gives you the month as a whole, a substantial writing area for each day, and a notes section for each month where you can jot down to do lists and plan out your monthly purchases and outfits. People do that right?

It was $25 – acceptable for all the little touches and the authors/contributors idiosyncrasies. I’m currently checking out where I can get more stickers. I’ve crossed over and I as well go HAM with it.

Favorite Beauty Product

Sephora Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume Mascara


I tried this mascara as a mini travel size and was so into it that I purchased the full tube not long after. As a user of Benefit’s “They’re Real” and Too Faced’s “Better than Sex,” and Dior’s “Diorshow,” – I have to let you in on a little secret. This right here is the business. It’s a fraction of the price (1/2 ish if you want to get fancy) and it transforms your lashes into doll like things that flutter like a butterfly that flew into a cloud of smoke. I can’t. There’s no other way to explain it. It’s like wearing false lashes (which I don’t even pull out for Vegas anymore). I don’t know about you but I like the bombshell lash without the annoyance of applying falsies. It can clump if you’re heavy handed so that wiggle technique needs to be perfected. Overall – huge volume, length, and drama. Get it here.

Favorite Wardrobe Purchases

Aritzia Fall Transition Pieces

I scored each of my Aritzia purchases this past July as part of their annual summer sale. And being the craftly minx that I am – I picked each item with a nod, fist bump, and knowing smirk to the upcoming Fall. I like that they included pretty much everything and not just summer items which are practically useless in August in my opinion. Dreams of Highlands in new jewel toned shades, 70’s flowing fabrics, flared bottoms and bomber jackets are taking up pretty much all the space in my head. Really. I’m over the sun. I actually swore at it the other day. Like overstay your welcome why don’t you? Rude. Anyway, here’s what I got:

Wilfred Beaudry Blouse 

I love this shirt. My sister has it in black with floral detailing and the fit was so flattering I had to purchase my own. It’s light and airy and although it’s a bit of a fit n flare look it’s not too oversized where it would end up dwarfing your body as some tops like this do. The color ( I got Chinook  – a reddish salmon) is perfect for all year round (love having pieces that can sit with the rest of my wardrobe and not feel like they’re being given the side eye the whole time). The shirt retails for $135 which is a little pretentious but let’s face it – Aritizia is an asshole and so are the people who shop there. Well dressed assholes but assholes nonetheless. I got it on sale for $99 – thrifty asshole. Get it here.


Wilfred Richepin Sweater

Light yarn made in Italy (oh you’re soooo fancy) with an oversized fit and classic cut. It’s lightweight so it’s ideal for layering (which I love to do in the Fall/Winter seasons) and the subtle high/lo hem adds a little trend to the otherwise classic look.  Get it here. (I got mine in Bluette)


Wilfred Free Callie Dress

(Currently sold out)

Oh a little bit of intentional crinkle didn’t offend nobody. My favourite part is being able to throw this on for work in the mornings I’m running a little late (read: spent extra time on hair and makeup). It’s again, lightweight – as it debuted for the warmer months, oversized – but not sack like, and has button and a placket down the front that gives it a bit of detail. I’d definitely wear this over jeans in the Fall and go bare for the rest of Summer. I’m already dusting off my Stuart Weitzman’s and faux vests for September. Those boots on the model would be perfect right?


Talula Princely Dress

(Currently sold out)

This jersey dress is so slinky and silky smooth I feel that they could have raised the price point – but not really. Another piece awesome for layering or leaving as is for when it’s warmer. It’s trapeze silhouette with the rounded neck is really feminine and forgiving. I’ve worn this with both a boyfriend style cardigan and a slimmer fit and both are flattering because the dress underneath doesn’t bulk up. The swingy style is my favourite. Perfect excuse for another pair of tall boots.


Wilfred Moulin Dress

I chose this slip dress because of it’s versatility – especially when it comes to layering. The scalloped neckline, intricate lace trim and drapey fabric is so luxe. I chose it in a dusty beige because it’s easy to work into the wardrobe (especially if I’ll be incorporating it into my work attire). Check out the other colors – they’re just as light and pretty. I’d probably throw a boyfriend cardigan or a blazer on top but my favourite vision is with a chunkier sweater and ankle boots or strappy minimalist heels. Can’t wait to test it out. #ootd #hayyy Get it here.


Favorite Shoe

TopShop ‘Leather Kingdon’ Ghillie Flats

IMG_3666 IMG_3665

The lace up flat trend is definitely going to transition into Fall so I figured investing in a pair or two a little later in the game couldn’t hurt. I loved this style by Topshop.  I got mine from Nordstrom – duh. They come in snake print and silver metallic too – I just wore them and can vouch for the comfort, the craftsmanship, and the amazing color. The red is to die – especially for the Fall. Pretty pleased with myself for scoring these before they sold out again. The price is totally appropriate ($95) for Aquazzura dupes I say. I didn’t want to go out and spluge on the designer brand because there are so many carbon copies it would be pointless – there’s nothing I dislike more than someone coming up to me and asking if I got my Rockstuds from Forever 21 or Bebe. No. Bye. (What?) Anyway, you can get them here.

Favorite Scent

Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille


I was sniffing around Nordstrom and picked this out at the Tom Ford counter after it smacked me in the face and then kissed me. Wow. For those of you who like warmer, muskier scents this is mind blowing. The tobacco adds a hint of smokiness and the vanilla isn’t your typical run of the mill scent reminiscent of Bath and Body works body spray. It’s evocative of a sophisticated wine bar filled with the spicy undertones of men’s cologne.  – the tobacco flower, aromatic spice, and sweet wood is dramatic yet still subtle. I’m infatuated. The bottle is pricey as sh*t and I have yet to make the purchase but this will definitely be my first. Try it here.

Favorite Book


I finished this a couple weeks ago – part of my summer reading list that was brought to my attention by Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram (which she blew up with it might I add). I use Tuebl to download all my iBooks – it’s the best website since Nasty Gal. I won’t be a d*ck and ruin it for you but it’s dark like Gone Girl but with a younger vibe. Lots of switching tenses – which I absolutely love (in my shows too might I add). Definitely worth adding to your book list. Plus – the author is this cool girl and totally humble – she’s on Instagram if you want to check her out. Do.

Favorite Unnecessary Beauty Product

Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm



I honestly wanted this for the packaging – no bullsh*t – I’m calling it for what it is. But – once I actually tried it out I can say it was worth it. I love the smell of rose and this has a subtle yet noticeable aroma. The consistency is very solid (think solid perfume) and allows for it to live like 9 lives. Bonus. I don’t know if it has an actual plumping effect like it boasts but I like how smooth it feels on the lips. It’s not sticky, doesn’t leave behind any unsightly residue and it does leave the lips nice and soft after each application. Sold – on not just the packaging but on its soul too. Get it here.

Favorite Nail Polish Shade

Dior Tra La La



My sister and I have compiled quite the impressive collection of these polishes after finding out that they last forever, have the most perfectly shaped brush for one swipe application and come in a nice classic range of colors. I also like how they look on a dressing table, the crow that I am. This is my favorite shade so far – a ballet slipper pink with just a hint of light peach. Year round wearability and it flatters any skin tone. Love. Get it here.

(I included the stock photo because I’ve obviously filtered the first photo a tiny bit – I do feel that it’s more reminiscent of the actual shade when its applied though).

Favorite Photo

We All Scream After Ice Cream


I don’t indulge during the week but once Saturday hits – I’m heading to the nearest frozen yogurt spot or gelato dispensary. And let’s be honest – I’m not above ice cream in Winter either.

Happy Weekend


Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

I’m spending my Sunday editing some new purchase posts, only getting out of bed to work out, and giggling with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Hope your’s is just as Hashtag #lazysunday

Favorite Item

Mirrored Tray



My sister got me this tray for Christmas. I was looking for a mirrored tray for my perfumes and vanity decor and she went a step farther by having it monogrammed. Amazing. It looks super high brow and I’m not ashamed. The size is perfect for holding what I wanted to display…

You can shop a similar one here – Mirrored Dresser Top Trays

Favorite Look



I haven’t used my Sultra wand since this summer and I can’t seem to comprehend why I retired it for so long. I was getting a little tired of my hairstyle – I almost always curl it at the ends for fullness – so I decided to switch it up. So pleased. Beach waves never go out of style, especially when you don’t want to look too overdone. I already have a full of face of makeup so keeping the hair a little more casual is a nice balance. The wand looks intimidating at first but it’s become second nature to me. I usually wrap my hair around a couple times and then leave the ends so that I don’t end up looking like Curly Sue (Google her).

You can try it here – Sultra Waving Wand 

Favorite Beauty Product

Sephora Collection Flatter Yourself Contouring Brush Set


I ordered this brush set a couple weeks ago and was going to do a full review but haven’t had enough time to really get up close and personal. It was an exclusive and I’m a sucker for an exclusive – mainly because I get anxiety over the fact that there is a product out there that if not purchased, will be out of reach forever. These are the types of regrets I simply cannot live with. Anyway, the bristles are remarkably soft and high quality and the set of 3 is complimentary and nice for creating a basic contour (as well as buffing and blending liquid makeup). Not to mention, they come with blotting papers, a sleek little pouch and a contour guide. Overall, it contains a stippling brush, a buffing brush, and and angled blush brush. I’m getting used to using the stippling brush because I’ve never used one before, but the buffing and blush brushes I can work with like a freaking pro. Love.

You can shop it here – Sephora Collection Flatter Yourself Contouring Brush Set

Favorite Purchase

Wildfox Onesie


No you shut YOUR mouth. Yeah. I got a onesie with cat ears on the hood. What startingly amazing thing have you done recently?

Favorite Food



I, along with most of the female population, have vowed to get back into my healthy eating habits for the new year. I’m not into resolutions but I figured now was as good a time as any to detox by body after I indulged the sh*t out of Christmas. I started feeling a little Chipmunk like after hoarding every treat placed in front of me. Ya feel me? So – in addition to upping my workouts and monitoring my food intake, I’ve started hitting up loose tea. In no way am I ridiculous enough to believe that this is a food replacement (refer to: Favorite Food) but I didn’t feel like tweaking the title.  I picked up a fancy little holiday set right before Christmas and am actually shocked at how much they satisfy my sweet tooth. The set embraces the scents and tastes of the holiday season, and you can’t beat pumpkin spice and peppermint in one setting. Specifically, it contains 4 holiday teas which consist of Pumpkin Spice Brûlée, White Chocolate Peppermint, Chococaramel Sea Salt, and Spiced Apple Cider. I haven’t tried them all but so far I love the white chocolate peppermint and chococaramel sea salt. Probably because they’re the most indulgent sounding. Pathetic.

I don’t believe that this set is still available but you can get a ton of similar ones here –

Favorite Pastime

Voraciously Reading


I’ve been trying to catch up on all the books sitting in my iBookshelf. I download them like they’re going to vanish within seconds – big up to purchase anxiety, yet again. Although I love reading on my iPad, there are some books I feel are worth buying in physical form. Coffee table books and books having to do with style and fashion are a must have tangible good. They look pretty and class up the joint, plus you can mark off and go back to them without having to scroll through hundreds of pages. I’d been wanting to read Sophia Amoroso’s #girlboss for months now. I’ve been a loyal Nasty Gal investor (read – shopper) and am always open to a little inspiration and advice, especially from such a powerhouse. I’m halfway in and am marking off pages worthy of anecdotes that need to be drilled into my head. Her uhf*ckwithable attitude is infectious, I’ll make sure to do a book report review when I’m done. I also purchased The Glitter Plan, which is Pam Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor’s rise to infamy with Juicy Couture. Since Juicy is now fading into the outlet abyss and they’ve recently launched their new, more high endline – Pam & Gela, I was interested in reading their memoir. Yes Please is another can’t miss read. I am crushing hard on Amy Poehler. She is genuinely funny and offers up some really deep musings that you have to read a couple times to ensure she isn’t just f*cking with you. Idol status. Those are the 3 books I’ve started reading so far. I’ve also just purchased Serena by Ron Rash , Dead Stars by Bruce Wagner, and Paper Towns by John Green. There isn’t enough time in the day…

Here’s a list of book adaptations hitting the big screen this year (and as everyone knows – the book is always better than the movie).  21 Books to Read Before They Hit The Big Screen in 2015

Favorite Outfit

Ripped Denim


Excuse the shitty photo quality. I was just getting home from work and realized I didn’t take advantage of the cloudless day for a superior outfit pic. These black skinnies are from Zara (I believe I purchased them back in October). They’re not as skinny in the shin area, and I find that a lot of denim fails me in this area because I have smaller shins. Other than J Brand which fit like second skin, a lot of denim I’ve tried and even purchased falls short here. Anyway, the wash and the strategic shreds are great. I actually DIY expanded the knee rips (with my own two hands and all) so that they’re a little more edgy and not as clean looking. Paired them with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell lace up flats (mimicked off Aquazurra) and had a bit of Kurt Cobain meets Olivia Palermo.

Happy Weekend


2014 Favorites

 I had just begun working on my must haves for January 2015 when I realized these last few days of December are the perfect chance to reflect on what I obsessed over this past year.

Beauty and fashion. A little bit of everything. I would be lying if I wasn’t taking these products/items into 2015 with me. Not to be dramatic or anything. I don’t place much emphasis on the new year – I firmly believe that every new day is a chance to reinvent, re-organize and replenish your life or your surroundings but this is as good a time as any.


Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop

This newfound obsession which originated this past September has now come almost full circle. I am not ashamed to say that I own 4 of the 9 different shades. My sisters are starting their own collections and one has actually sworn off ever purchasing a regular powder shadow altogether. Not sure if it’s the having the feeling of the cool Swiss Alps on my eyelids or the vibrant shades blended together garnering almost an obscene amount of compliments but I am hooked. This was definitely my product of the year.


Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact in Highlight 01

The best highlighter I have ever swept onto my cheekbones. After trying a few others (that are contenders but not fit for the throne) I can firmly say this is my favourite highlighter right now. Not too matte and with the perfect amount of shimmer. On days where I had less than 7 hours of sleep this brightener has been a God send.


YSL Lipstick

I fell in lust with this formula at first try. It gives off a wet look without sticking to your hair like a gloss and it manages to stay on your lips all day, hydrating the sh*t out of them. The colours are intense and the packaging is luxe. Need I say more?


Lush Lip Scrub

I can’t go to bed without applying my lip scrub. It’s more about how my lips will feel in the morning before I slather them with lipstick than an OCD thing but the more I think about this certain quip combined with my 8 minute bed prep routine it is starting to lean towards OCD. Anyway, I use the Bubblegum flavour because it smells like Snow Fairy which is my fav Lush scent – many would agree. It’s nice to sloughing away dry skin and leaving your lips free of any nastiness in the AM. Plus you can eat any wayward grains. This month I think it’s the only type of sugar I’ll be ingesting.


Lush Ocean Salt Scrub/Cleanser

I had a newfound relationship with Lush this past year as you can tell. I tried this Ocean Salt scrub as a sample and was so gobsmacked (not only by the fact that it smells like margarita) that I went and got the biggest, baddest tub I could find. The scrub is amazing for everyday use, it gets rid of dry skin and ultimately acne and blackheads and leaves my skin feeling so moisturized that I don’t need to use anything else afterwards. Whaaat. Yeah. The minerals in the sea salt, avocado and coconut oil and lime and vodka make for the perfect combination for both drinks and this life changing scrub.


Dior Nail Lacquer

I posted about this polish a month or so ago and still stand behind my gushing. The formula is practically unbeatable (see below). The gel like shine, the chip resistant power and the colours are worth shelling out a little more for. My sister is ready to throw her Essie polishes in the trash. A little rash but I had to put it in there for emphasis.


Marc Jacobs Hi Shine Enamored Nail Lacquer

For a more detailed and romantic review see my most recent review. I’ll mention that besides the Dior, this formula is unlike any other. I type all over town and my nails are still so fresh and so clean clean. The stealthy, sleek packaging is worth writing home about too.


CHI Silk Infusion

I’ve been using this product for years and have never done a review. I am clearly an asshole. I love this stuff, and haven’t come across anything that feels like it. It’s a build up free serum that goes on silky and leaves your hair feeling the same. I hate sticky or oily when it comes to hair product because the grease effect isn’t something I’m into, whether in terms of hair, food or people. Enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins. This sh*t is amazing.


L’Occitane Almande Oil

I tried this as a sample from Sephora and then went and purchased another for safekeeping and hoarding reasons. The smell is divine and the qualities are quite practical but effective. I use it in spots on my face and body that tend to get drier during winter months. Elbows, knees, around the nose and eyes etc etc. I would slather it absolutely everywhere if I wasn’t so stingy.


Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eye Shadow

Oh yes. I was so head over heels with the Marc Jacobs Twinklepop that I failed to do a review on my new shade of Chanel Illusion D’Ombre. Now is as good a time as any. I purchased my first this past Fall and picked up another last month. Besides the luxe packaging (which gets me every time) the formula is highly innovative. It’s shimmery and pigmented with a gel like texture that’s both spongey and cushiony enough to go on with ease. Nice because the brush allows you to wear it like a liner as well. I love the plush texture, and the colours are amazing. I have Convoitise which is a rice paper, champagne like shimmer, and the limited edition Envol which is a medium pink like I have never seen before.


Naked Basics 2 Palette

I just got this for Christmas and although I haven’t used it yet, I had to include it in my favorite, must have shadow arsenal. I ran out with the Naked Basics way back and have to say that it’s the first palette I have actually ran dry. The colors are ideal for everyday use and you can make use of every single shade. I hate when you spend money on a palette for a few colors and tell yourself that you really will try to use it all, when you’re really just purchasing for a few key colors. The Naked Basics palettes have it all – hugely popular and it’s because you can actually wear it all.


Seche Vite Clear Top Coat

This gel coat has been a huge player in my nail game. The thickness and glass like quality is mind boggling. I’m still in awe when I apply it and find it a little mesmerizing to watch it coat everything. It’s nice for when you want a glass like effect and it protects your colour by hardening your nail and further extending your mani.


Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

Very rarely do I come across a fragrance that I am floored by. I did many years ago and I’ve since made it my signature scent. That’s Philosophy’s Pure Grace by the way. So when I happened to take a whiff of this particular Jo Malone potion I had to have it. Intoxicating in the softest, most subtle-y masculine way. Like sitting in front of a wood fire fresh from a shower and sprayed in light fragrance. Best explanation ever. Go smell it for yourself. I am so taking this into 2015…


Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

Lush describes it as a hugely popular cult favourite but I don’t like being labelled so I’m going to go ahead and say it’s been my second favourite cleanser of the year (I swear by Philosophy’s Purity). It contains essentials oil, honey and beeswax that gets rid of pretty much everything that shouldn’t be on your face. The rosewater (which I can’t smell) and iris flower extract leaves your skin feeling like you just slathered it in moisturizer. But you didn’t. You just washed it was a tiny smudge of cleanser. It’s that good. I love the fact that it can do both jobs – cleanse and moisturize. Saves time and any less time spent on your feet means more time spent laying in bed, I say.


Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara

I’ve been using this mascara for the better part of the last year. I’m pretty picky with mascara – I don’t usually like it when it’s brand new and fresh because I feel the product isn’t gritty enough to have a significant impact on my lashes but this one has proven my theory wrong. It lengthens, curls, blacks out and separates. Not usually a fan of the stiff brush but again, this particular one I can work with. It’s the blackest black, doesn’t dry out, and the brush is molded with dense bristles on one side that coat the lashes, while the other longer, firmer side lengthens and separates. It’s a triple threat so definitely a good investment for those who want lengthening, separating and curling in one swipe.


NARS Audacious Lipstick

Oh yasss. Last but most definitely not least. The new NARS Audacious lipstick collection that emerged this Summer was nothing short of mind blowing, lip enhancing huge. The matte shades have just the right hint of shine and moisture and more than enough  satiny emollients to ensure an even non drying application. And I’m not getting paid to say that. So far I only have 2 shades but that’s only because I have no room left in my lipstick holder. (Pictured -Jane)



Over The Knee Boots

I first fell in love with over the knee boots when I laid greedy little eyes on the Stuart Weitzman Highland boot in the winter of 2013. Yes. I have a detailed memory of my first encounter but long story short – I now own them. In black. Duh. They are the quintessential boot for fashion types. Makes wearing a shirt as a dress and a mini in the dead of winter completely practical. I like wearing them with bare legs – elongates them enough to compete with a VS model I swear. Recently I’ve been throwing them over leggings, skinnies and tights. Anything goes. They’re an instant vixen factor for any outfit, plus they keep you warm but that’s an afterthought.


Blanket Scarves

Nothing excites me more than being able to practically wrap myself in a blanket and call it a valid fashion statement. The blanket scarf allows you to do just that. It was huge this Fall and I have a feeling that it hasn’t been outdone just yet. At least long enough for me to be able to invest in the Burberry monogrammed poncho.



Athletic sneakers, plimsoles, slip ons – embellished, printed, pony haired, faxed – anything. The sneaker was the best way to top off an outfit whether casual or draped in an evening dress. Well – I wouldn’t go that far but you get the point. They make getting around less messy, your walk more attractive and your outfits trendier. Definite carry into this year…

Photographed: Dolce Vita metallic slip ons prancing around in Disneyland.



Definition – Clothing characterized by unpretentious, average looking clothing. Indeed. But fashion types can attest that to pull off this lived in, ain’t ironed my clothes all week, was too busy building my empire look you have to put some thought into it. I mean, pretending you don’t care is different than actually not giving a sh*t you know. Think Cher’s mechanical wardrobe in Clueless. THAT kind of effort. In all honesty though, I like the fact that basics are at the forefront. They’re the bare bones of an outfit. Your face, your hair, your shoes and your gleaming personality are your accessories. Basics have always been my go to, then you can plan which trend your feeling, which lipstick shade you want to wear to take it up a notch, or what perfume is going to make your black V neck turn up that much more.



I’ve been making the most of my basics and hobo chic wardrobe choices by capping them off with a bit of glam – in the form of faux. You could be wearing a ragged t shirt (strategic of course), motorcycle boots and boyfriend jeans but as long as you got your faux on you’re worthy of sitting beside Anna Wintour. I like throwing on a faux vest with denim or plaid button downs, a scarf or stole over a t shirt or basic v neck and a jacket with layered t shirts. As long as you don’t throw it over your pajamas from 8 Christmases ago during a run to Walmart – you can consider it a perfectly acceptable fashion choice.


Off the top of my coiffed little head, that’s what I could come up with. I’ll definitely be hoarding these products/trends and taking them into 2015 with me.

Anything I’ve missed?