Purchased: Aritzia Specialty Candles

I know I’m a couple weeks late on posting about this insanely attractive offer but…I don’t really care.


As you all should be aware, Aritzia has been having their annual pre-sale for the last month. I am panting with joy because this is an official sale. Not the “lowly and derelict sale rack in the back of the store where people don’t want to get caught” sale. A legitimate sale. Where 90 % of the store’s product is being offered at a lower price. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve somehow persuaded Diptyque to actually hand craft them especially for their exclusive sale . (Like there’s any other way). Their pre sale is for VIP customers, and is by invite only. You may feel free to act like a boss once you’re at the cash counter.

Oh, and the regular sale commences on July 26th…which will probably include further discounted product so us suckers who shopped the pre sale end up looking like, well, suckers.

Hey, at least you had it first right?

There are 4 different candles offered:

Sakura, Fig, Santal, & Paradis

I’ve managed to secure 3 of the coveted 4. I have failed to get my greedy hands on Sakura (which is one of the most popular scents which sold out pretty quick).


I am an avid collecter of high quality candles, and a complimentary candle as a gift-with-purchase turns me on to a gross extent. Especially because they’re custom made by Diptyque (my favorite candle-making elves).

Shall I clarify? The candles are offered to those who received the Private Sale invite. Once you’ve bought half the store, a name and an email is all you need to provide. I feel I deserve the 3 candles I secured. I dropped bills  like I was French Montana The Game at a family BBQ.


Natural wax base, Perfume and Cotton Wick.

So simple, yet so emotionally satisfying.

Hope you got yours…



2 thoughts on “Purchased: Aritzia Specialty Candles

    • Indeed they are! I was pretty floored when I heard that myself. I have confirmation from the girls at Aritzia…Santal is also an original Diptyque scent that they’ve done for Aritzia…definite score! xo

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