Beauty 101: Contour Like A Kardashian

Well not exactly like a Kardashian…unless you have an army of make up artists at your disposal, and wake at 4am just to draw in cheekbones. I mean, fine, I take a significant amount of time putting my face on, but there’s no way I have the time or patience to perform a strategic color by numbers style makeup application job on my face before 7am.


I swear by a few different products to both give and accentuate my faux, underweight model approved cheekbones. I honestly believe that you don’t need 20 different makeup concoctions to create this look. Unless you’re trying to impersonate Lily Ghalichi on the regular, a nice defined glow is better suited for the remaining 98%

My version is a little more low maintenance, easier to apply with a slight hand, and a tried and true addition to my daily routine…and if you find you don’t end up with Kim’s definition, J Lo’s highlighted contours, or Lily’s razor sharp cheeks, then you can go ahead and watch a 15 minute long YouTube tutorial and call me an insipid bitch while yawning and trying to keep your eyes open long enough to distinguish between 4 different brushes, 3 concealers, 2 kinds of foundation, and 6 highlighters. I challenge you.

Take a seat. Do this.

You need:

A contoured powder brush like Stila’s #24 Double Sided Illuminating Powder Brush


A matte brown bronzer. I use Smashbox’s  Hint of Bronze blush.


A shimmery bronze-y pressed powder style blush or bronzer. I have a few different choices when it comes to this product. One of my favorites is Too Faced Beach Bunny Custom Blend Bronzer. 


A highlighter, either liquid or powder. Again, I have a bit of an obscene obsession with highlighters. The one I have been using as part of my routine is Laura Mercier’s Matte Radiance Baked Powder compact in Highlight 01 – golden nude.


That’s it. One tool and 3 products. Easier than trying not to accidentally “like” a an Instapic posted by your worst frenemy.

Oh, and I got you covered with the various types of product you can select these 3 from. I have a few of each that I absolutely love, and switch up from time to time. After the step by step process, you can check out the multitude of options you have to choose from.

Before attempting any of these steps please ensure, for your own safety, that you are 90% awake. Any more than 10% sleepiness will result in you looking like a you got punched in the face. After you got flour bombed. Prudence is your best friend.

Pre – Application

Prep your skin with moisturizer, BB cream, foundation, or whatever it is you use as a base.

I use Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar (which I have raved about in earlier posts)


and Kat Von D’s Lock It Tattoo Foundation 


Step 1

Swirl your powder brush into your matte brown bronzer. The matte tone is perfect for contouring because it lacks shimmer, isn’t too orange/red based, and is the most natural shading for your skin because of the flat color.

Step-1 (1)

Start the application where your cheekbone meets your ear. Drag the brush forward and along your hibernating cheekbone in somewhat of a C shape motion. Avoid going back and fourth in a straight motion, this’ll make it streaky and it’s the best way to fall into the trap of being overpowered by color. Finish shading halfway under where your iris meets your cheek. Any more length and you’ll draw in unnatural color fit only for MAC makeup Queens and those taking part in transgender beauty contests.

Step 2

Dip your brush in your shimmery pressed powder.


Apply this bronzer on the apples of your cheeks so that they pick up a nice shimmer and get some more color. You can smile when you’re applying or hollow them out. Up to you. You can either apply in an X style motion (on the rounds of your cheeks) or if you’re pretty legit when it comes to bronzer application, use whatever tactic you feel suitable.

Step 3

Dip a smaller brush into your highlighter powder, or if you’re using a liquid shimmer use the accompanying brush to dot the liquid on top (and I mean above) your cheekbones.


Apply a few strokes of the dotting, or tap on the powder highlighter you’re using. I find that tapping, instead of brushing on the powder highlighter creates a more natural sheen.  Focus on concentrating the highlighter towards the hairline rather than towards the front. Although you’re applying it everywhere, this’ll create a softer look.

Post – Application

Once you’ve completed the steps, feel free to blend the products together with a fluffy brush, especially if you’re a rookie. You won’t be faced with unnecessary streaking and you won’t look like you needed to refer to a step by step guide while applying your makeup. That’s our secret.

Now that you’re well versed in what kind of products you need to re-create this look, I’ll hook you up with my favorite combinations…

Powder Brushes…

Sephora Collection Pro Round Powder Brush #60/ sale from $58  -> $29


Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Light Powder Brush #50/$40 (I use this one)


Makeup Forever 128 Precision Powder Brush/$55


Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush/$20


Matte Brown Bronzing Powders...

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Light/Medium Matte Bronzer/$30


Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer/$32


Smashbox Bronze Lights in Sunkissed Matte/$30


Stila Sun Bronzing Powder/$32


Shimmery Bronzers…

Laura Mercier Baked Body Bronzer/$60


Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer/$30


Too Faced Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer/$34


SmashBox Fusion Soft Lights/$32 (One of my favorite shimmer bronzers)



Benefit Watts Up/$32

(Cream to powder solid – smooth application with a champagne-y glow)


Make Up Forever Compact Shine On/$35


Stila All Over Liquid Luminizer in Kitten/$22


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light/$45


These are just a few products that I have tried and loved or have been rewarded the highest ratings…you can obviously also use drugstore brands, I’m just not into peasant makeup. HA HA. Kidding…those will do fine as dupes.

This Step by Step mini tutorial is something new I’m trying out…let me know if you think I should produce more of these posts or if you were puttering through life just fine without it.




7 thoughts on “Beauty 101: Contour Like A Kardashian

      • I’ve used the hourglass setting powder and their number 28 primer, but I’ve never used their highlighter! The Kevin aucoin sculpting powder and highlighter is amazing if you’ve never tried that 💛x

  1. Look at you recommending my fave Hourglass powder :). Loves it.

    My goal in life is to have a live-in makeup artist who will draw on my cheekbones at 4am and to marry/adopt into the Kardashian clan. Fingers crossed I get in. Once I do, I’ll sneak you in too.

    • Yassss girl. You inspired me. I haven’t yet made the purchase, as I feel like I’ll be cheating on Laura, but am planning to sooner than later. Cheat/purchase. I’m sure you can get cheap butt implants in Mexico? It’s our in!

      • Girl… I don’t need those! HA. Baby got back already. Have you seen that video of the chick with the freaky butt implants that she can flip?!?!?! WTF. Botched.

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