Wear Me: 5 Fall Essentials

I didn’t want to do a Fall post in fear that I wouldn’t be able to control the urge to throw on my over the knee boots in 83 degree weather but alas, I couldn’t help myself. Urges are to be fulfilled anyway.

So – instead of dictating exactly what you should place in your Fall wardrobe come September, I’ve instead resolved to ease you into it by pronouncing 5 items you need to (NEED to) have. After all, the newsstands have set forth their Fall issues, stores have delegated their Summer wear to the *shudder* back, and fashionistas have set up their countdowns.

These select items should makeup the base of your wardrobe and because they’re common Fal/Autumn staples they in high demand. Make sure you pick them up before you’re forced to dig around for them out of a Size 5 & 11 only bin.

The Boot

You are straight up lying if you claim to not need boots until Winter. You’re not Santa Clause. Suit up early.

Donald J Pilner Danti Boot/$350/Nordstrom.com

The right amount of bad ass and feminine. Skinny jeans and oversized sweaters, airy layered dresses and grandpa cardigans are perfect pairings.



Valentino Rockstud Rain Boot/$450/Nordstrom.com

Hunters are by far acceptable means for foot protection during downpours, but why not take it up a notch? I like these because you won’t look like crossdressing lumberjack on your way into work or dinner. So verstatile.



Loeffler Randall Ella Stacked Hell Bootie/$395/loefflerrandall.com

A short bootie is classic for skinny pants, stockings, and dresses. Insanely versatile and I like that you get some height by still keeping it casual.



Alexander Wang Sigrid Tall Boots/$1150/shopbop.com

If you plan to invest in a long lasting staple piece this Fall, ensure it’s a tall boot. They’ve been going strong for years now and I can’t see the trend fading anytime soon. They’re sexy, easy to wear, timeless, and still protect you from the elements. Whether it’s a tall riding boot, an over the knee stacked heel, or thigh high stiletto boots – make the purchase.

main.original.585x0 (1)


The Coat

Coats are essential for the colder months. Duh. Actually, not duh, because sometimes I layer like a homeless person and end up running out of body. Besides that, they’re perfect toppers and can really act as a legitimate accessory to an otherwise simple outfit.

Topshop Faux Leopard print coat/$178/topshop.com

Animal print is still pretty active this season – in small, stylish doses of course. I have a sleek little number from Zara, like the one below. Pair it with leather pants and some red booties and you’re a freaking runway model. I like to think so.

main.original.585x0 (2)


Sunday Best Ovid Vest/$120/artizia.com

Oh yasss. My love for layering has climaxed. (Sorry for the visuals). I just purchased this oversized hooded faux vest. I have a couple others that I worked into pretty much every single outfit last year so I am definitely stocking up on my choices this time around. I love the hood and the oversized style of this one. I’m practically drooling right now. If it was real I’d be crying and punching myself in the face for the mere thought of wanting it.



Zara Wool Coat/$129/zara.com

I like the relaxed style of this one. Eveyone should own at least 1 structured coat but this piece is great when you want to be a little more low key and less buttoned up.

main.original.585x0 (3)


Burberry Oversize Pea Coat/$1250/burberry.com

Again, if you’re looking to invest your funds, Burberry is prime for coats with longevity and timeless style. Instead of going for the traditional check trappings, opt for a more muted shade that’ll last you the next 5-10 years. The collar on this one is leather underneath. Swoon.

main.original.585x0 (4)



The thought of leather right now, as I sit underneath my ceiling fan with a pitcher of ice water, with a sheen of sweat coating my body – makes me want to strangle myself. The thought of leather come Fall? Makes me want to sell my soul.

Madewell Leather Tour Vest/$395/madewell.com

Oh yes this is the one. If doling out for a leather jacket seems too daunting for you or if you’re rather ease into the trend (where have you been for the last couple years??) then a vest is the perfect choice. It’s easy to style, easy to wear with pretty much everything, are so flattering on just about any silhouette. I am definitely making the purchase.

main.original.585x0 (5)


Anine Bing Stretch Leather Biker Pants/$799/shopbop.com

Another splurge idea – Anine Bing. She’s like the Jennifer Lopez of Leather. Her pieces will pretty much last a lifetime. There’s tons of more affordable versions as well…



Astr Faux Leather Pleat Front Skirt/$60/nordstrom.com

Astr clothing is one of my favorite Nordstrom exclusives. Their pieces are on par with Topshop if you’re trying to get an idea…oh, and they’re affordable. Like insanely affordable. So you can buy 4 or 5 skirts at once, not 1 a month.  I love this burnt orange-y camel shade for Fall. The pleats are a must too, very schoolgirl but still wearable if you’ve been out of school for 10 plus years…



Muubaa Saon Midi Skirt/$325/revolveclothing.com

The midi skirt is huge this upcoming season. I’m a mini maven so I find this style a little harder for me to get into, as it’s a bit more buttoned up and rigid in comparison, but a zippered style like this one is the perfect transition piece. Subtle yet sexy. I can dig it.



MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux leather leggings/$100/Nordstrom.com

These are the epitome of essential. You have so many styles and designers to choose from, there is no way you should be without a pair of faux leather leggings this Fall. Forget Fall, I’ve been wearing them all Summer. What’s a little sweat droplet?



The Statement Sweatshirt

Yeah, this is still happening. Much to my wardrobe pleasure. I can live in these all season. Embellished, graphic, printed, whatever. Done deal.

Can we say this is what started it all? The iconic Kenzo prints are imitated everywhere/$317/matchesfashion.com

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Madewell Jardin sweatshirt/$70/madewell.com

French is the new English, according to statement sweatshirts. I say Espanol would look cuter but that’s just me…

main.original.585x0 (8)


MOTHER The Square Sweatshirt/$145/shopbop.com

I like the graphic sweatshirts better than anything. Cheeky.



Benedita Crystal Sweatshirt/$210/revolveclothing.com

Embellished collars are great for classing up a cas outfit. I find that this makes a bigger statement than the typical Vegas style mini for nights out. Um, and those matching shorts? Dying.



Embellished shorts:

Sorry I’m Bad sweatshirt/$40/zara.com

I’d wear something like this with leather leggings or skinnes. With heels. Always with heels. Otherwise you look like a hipster teen who didn’t think twice thought about their outfit 13 times before leaving the house.



Beaded sweatshirt/$60/zara.com

This is so 80’s. I have to have it. I should probably dig thorough boxes of my Mom’s old sweatshirts first though. Save me $60…



Wildfox Couture x Revolve Letterman V Neck Sweater/$110/revolveclothing.com

How can I leave out my absolutely favorite brand for cheeky sweatshirts? (Baggy Beach Jumpers to be exact) These are by far the softest, most vintage feeling materials I have ever worn. A must.



The Handbag

A tote-able, daytime bag is an absolute must for Fall. Sure a clutch will do on dinner outings or nights out, but a larger more structured, easy to carry day bag is necessary for pretty much everything else.

Zac Zac Posen Eartha Soft Top Handle Bag/$500/revolveclothing.com

I love the combination of structure and femininity on this bag. It’s a day bag yet you can transition it to evening as well…



Alexander Wang Rockie Small Crossbody Satchel/$825/nordstrom.com

This bag makes each and every single one of my lists. The size is enviable, it’s large enough to hold your basics, and it’s a nice neutral shade so that it goes with everything. Oh, and the pebbled leather and the iconic studs make it stand out from the rest.



Saint Laurent Suede Moujik Medium Bag/2650/forwardforward.com

This season’s most coveted bag. The military look is so chic. Definitely a good investment piece as the colors are neutral and elegant enough for years to come.

main.original.585x0 (9)

Six Eleven Mini Mc Duffle Bag/$375/aritzia.com

Six Eleven, Aritzia’s new custom bag line is just in time for Fall.  Premium leather, an exposed zipper and a chic structure…



That’s it. For now. I need to stop before I leave the house in a blanket.



Put It In The Bag: Part I

So, I have succumbed to the obligatory fashion blogger post – the “what’s in my bag?”
I can relate to the intrigue and suspicion that women have with other women’s belongings whether they’re wearing them, keeping them hidden in their purses, or putting on a fashion show in their closets and then emerging with quick glances to the left and right in fear of have been peeped. I, for one, am one of these curious females. I love stuff. Very simple, I don’t care if it’s my stuff, your stuff, Nordstrom’s stuff – I love it and I want you to share it with me so that we can love stuff together. (Hey, I never said my writing was exemplary).
Anyway, the necessities I keep close at hand are displayed below. What’s missing? Oh I dunno, tampons, receipts from Nordstrom and weekly Jamba Juice visits, oh and stray strands of my dog Jackson’s fur. It always seems to leave home with me. True love right?
Not fully described in excruciating detail – the Tide stick (I’m a clumsy buffoon and will spill food/drink on my clothes even when covered in napkins and eating like a normal human being) with normal human utensils), band aids (see the latter), Advil (I seem to forget when I will be experiencing the worst cramps of my life therefore I have an illegal amount of liquid Advil ready at my disposal, oh and Vaseline lotion (a mini), that shit is the bomb. I’m a slave to Philosophy but Vaseline lotion is very necessary.

Put It In The Bag

Rebecca minkoff shoulder bag – I got this baby from Nords last month. It’s the perfect size as I’m used to carrying huge duffle sized Balenciagas (no I’m not bragging I’m just being thorough) and this bag is the best size for carrying a significant number of beauty products, tech devices and a wallet. Oh and I never have to rummage. I absolutely DESPISE rummaging – it gives me anxiety and makes me sweat. Both of which I hate as well. Anyway, I’m currently in the midst of building a family. I would call this the Baby Daddy, my white perforated one the Baby Mama and my two Mini MAC’s the wee little ones. I choose Baby Daddy and Baby Mama because there will be more emerging from the woodwork. More than Maury Povich can fit onto his one hour shit show I’ll tell you that much.

Kate Spade wallet – In Tiffany blue. has a ton of compartments, lots of room for credit cards. Good news for credit cards, shitty news for my bank account.

APPLE iPad 2 WiFi 16 Go noir – Again, to be specific it’s my ipad Mini. Fits into my Minkoff MAC Clutch with AH-mazing ease. They’ve become close pals.

Wildfox Couture mod sunglasses – My FAV summer purchase. Sometimes I glance in the rear view mirror and feel like Elton John but it’s okay. They’re Wildfox.

H M elastic hair tie – They’re Goody ones actually. Snag free. I have like 3 just in case. In case I need 3 ponytails I guess.

MAC Cosmetics tattoo concealer – Mine’s the typical Studio Fix pot concealer. Do you really want to know? It’s NC35 and it’s the best concealer I’ve ever used. This would be an item I want to have when deserted on an island, or yeah, pretty much every other single situation in life.

MAKE UP FOR EVER lip gloss makeup – This, I have in No 34. Or is it 36? Anyway I’ll get back to you on that. Same deal with the one below, really nice texture though and a nice shade for daily wear.

Mac cosmetics lipstick – In Please Me – my everyday shade. I like it because it’s a color you can just slick on no matter what time of day. I’m the girl who wears lipstick at 8am. Don’t hate.

Jo Malone perfume fragrance – I have a mini version of both this and the Rose scent. They last all day long and in case the Rose gets too intense (I’ve been told it provokes memories of public restroom sanitizer,) I spray on some of the Pear & Freesia to balance it out.

Fresh lip treatment – I use this before any lipstick application as I prefer more matte colors and MAC matte shades are dry as shit. Oh yes, I also keep a clean mascara wand to rub this stuff on. Quel handy.

Bath body product – My miracle product. Dime sized amount leaves my hair tangle free and super shiny for hours.

Philosophy body cleanser – Smaller size, I have Christmas scents on hand. I love the smell of Candy Cane at any given time during the year. Don’t judge, at least I’ve shamelessly admitted it.

Cath Kidston beauty accessory – Again. similar item. It’s a compact, one end magnifies so I can look at my stray eyebrow hairs, panic that I don’t have a set of tweezers close by which causes me to sweat, which then causes me to pop open the compact yet again to properly blot away said sweat. It’s a vicious cycle and I know it happens to you too.

The Body Shop round hair brush – I don’t have the same brush, but a similar version. Mine also has a shit ton of hair intertwined in the bristles.
I’ll do this for each of the bags I carry. Only because I’m sure everyone is dying to know, not due to the pathetic fact that I clearly have too much time on my hands.
You’re welcome.